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BMX Team Report 02-07-05

Feb 7 2005 / Monday

Mike Escamilla cruised by the etnies HQ last week to confirm some recent rumors before heading up to Northern California. Yes, Mike, as well as good friends Dustin Guenther and Rich Hirsch signed a two year deal with Redline bikes. Mike is going to be a hard-working, huge part of overhauling the freestyle program. On Super Bowl Sunday, Mike drove down to hang out with his brother in San Francisco and help him on a chopper that he’s building, which is a great way to pass the time while his bruised ass heals from last weeks rectal impalement at Skate Street in Ventura. Mike’s etnies pro model, the Rooftop 3, is in stores now!

Taj Mihelich just drove back from snowy Michigan where he hung out with his family and took a break from his bike for a bit. Now that he’s home, he’s has been doing a lot of drawing for T1 and a possible etnies shirt. He’s also been catching up on T1 business while planning some South by Southwest stuff. Taj rode the T1 ramp with all the out-of-towners who make T1 a must-ride hot spot and has been feeling a lot more comfortable without the back brake and learning more stuff to do with the front brake. The weather has been pretty crappy as of late, so Taj has been chilling around the office and with his lady at home. Taj’s third etnies shoe, the Roscoe, is in stores now

Ruben Alcantara spent a good forty-plus hours flying to New Zealand from Malaga, Spain and is glad it’s over for sure. He has been hanging out at a backpacker’s hostel in Raglan where a skatepark is just minutes away. According to Ruben, the bowl there is hella fun so I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of crazy stuff coming out of there when the Fly Bikes video is finally released. Since the beach is also close, obviously Ruben is not going to pass up the opportunity to go surf in between riding, going to the movies and sightseeing. The Fly Bikes crew will be in town in a few days and they’ll all jump in a couple of RV’s and tour the island for the next three weeks to film and shoot photos for Fly. Ruben’s etnies Terranea shoe will be available in June 2005

Jamie Bestwick has been enjoying the slightly warmer weather and making the most of it. The whole week was spent taking care of business, riding at camp Woodward and looking after his pregnant wife Kerry. Sunday was spent checking out the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam that he rode in. Jamie has also been looking waiting for his riding buddy, Alistair Whitton, to get back from New Zealand so he has someone to sesh with.

Joe Rich spent the week on the road heading out to California--stopping in New Mexico, Vegas and various other hot spots along the way to ride and film for the next Fit video as well as to get plenty of riding for himself. Joe just jetted off to Hawaii for a week to hang out, ride and film some more Van Homan.

Dave Freimuth is getting ready to head out to Texas and has been riding quite a bit in preparation for the trip. He’s also been skateboarding and finds it quite refreshing; claiming it opens up doors to what is possible on a bike. Dave’s ride is currently in pieces ready to get reassembled and shipped to Texas. He and Brian Kachinsky will be heading to Puerto Rico in late February to finish shooting photos for Dave’s upcoming RIDE UK interview that has been a long time in the making. Sunday was spent watching the Super Bowl

John Heaton has been playing hockey as usual. He’s also had to get a some work done on his car lately and was kinda stuck at home for a bit, but once that was resolved he was back to traveling and back in the skateparks. This past week he rode X Wheels and St. Thomas skateparks. Some ramps have been added to X Wheels, making John a happy camper. Sunday John spent the day watching the Super Bowl like every other redneck out there.

Josh Stricker is in Austin, and, according to all the locals, he’s been killing it! Sandy Carson says, “Just wait for the next issue of DIG!” Josh has been hanging out in Austin with Wiz and Scerbo and is heading out on the Dead Memory trip with his bud Keith Terra that will be covered by RIDE UK mag. The crew headed down to Houston and almost got arrested for riding at a spot down there. On the way back to Austin the van broke down. How’s that for a crappy trip. Check out the Josh Stricker cover and interview in the current issue of RIDE UK.

Sergio Layos is home in Madrid chillin’ with his brother and family—riding locally and filming for the upcoming Fly Bikes video due out this summer.

Sandy Carson removed the front brake and peg setup and is back to his usual bike. He also fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams this past week by going street riding with Dave Parrick around Austin. Last week he also rode the Skatepark of Austin and a bunch of street with Josh Stricker, taking some epic shots of Stricker for an upcoming issue of DIG. Sandy also rode T1 a bunch with Joe and Taj and shot photos of Kevin Porter and Bob Scerbo there. Sandy has been working on his own personal website, which he claims is one of the most tedious things ever! The Federal video is out so go get it and check Sandy’s part.

Garrett Byrnes flew to New Zealand a week and a half ago to hang out with his girl Crystal and buddy JB for a few months. Garrett has been, and will continue to, be surfing as well as riding plenty of old but fun cement parks. He took his camera and will be documenting his trip. We can’t wait to see the results.

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