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Nor-Cal Road Trip '05!

Dec 21 2005 / Wednesday

The cooler after LA traffic.

Some of the etnies crew went on a road trip over the weekend! We started in San Clemente with no clear direction on where we were going. The only clear thing was that the coolers were full of beer and Ketel One, we had a 40’ Richardson's RV and a ...Lost trailer full of bikes, and a bus full of degenerates ready to party and ride dirt bikes for four days.

Carter and Trigger

We knew we wanted to go nor-cal but we weren’t quite sure where. Someone suggested Jeremy Carter’s house. Some of us had been up to Carter’s house in Coarsegold, CA before, but never rode the trails out there. So up to Carter’s it was with the whole San Clemente crew of Trigger Gumm (former/soon-to-be-again world distance record holder), Cameron Steele (TV dork), Big Daddy (Cameron’s Dad/RV driver), Derek Garland (etnies and Metal Mulisha FMX rider), Justin Smith (AKA Bean, etnies Global X rider and Baja1000 champ), Ox (last year’s winter X silver medalist), Fluffer (Mulisha rider/Osiris dork) and Cropley (your editor/photo nerd).

Don't tell the ladies back home

We made it about 30 miles out of town and we hit full-blown, dead stop L.A. traffuck! So instead of sitting around and not getting anywhere in a cramped RV, we waited out the traffic in a much friendlier, more scenic environment…the gentlemen’s club! We finally made it out of that dive and we were back on our way with open roads through L.A. and up the Grapevine.

Trigger on a single track through the forest.

Carter’s house is in the middle of nowhere in the mountains just outside of Yosemite. The weather was a little cold for us up in the mountains as we're used to a constant 70 degrees at sea level in San Clemente. Carter took the crew on a trail ride in the woods of Yosemite and through the tight mountain trails and hill climbs that it has to offer. We rode all day in some of the best dirt and the craziest, most technical trails there is. Everyone agreed that it was one of the best trail rides everrrrr.

Chillin' with the Trimble's

After the session in the forest we were planning on driving the Richardson's rig through the night to somewhere (still no plan), but instead we decided to stay another night in Coarsegold and ride Carter’s friend Trimble’s backyard track the next morning. That night we stayed in the RV and parked it in the parking lot of the local Indian reservation casino, which is probably not the best idea for five 21 year olds with ATM cards. I, being the poker master that I am, stole everyone’s money at the 2/4 hold’em table, but proceeded to loose most of it at blackjack. Ox was at least $500 down in less than 20 minutes. But later in the night it seemed like the Indians were just giving the money away like it was an old peace pipe. Ox came back up with over a G, I was out of there with 6 hundred, Bean with a couple hundred and Trigger had at least 5 hundy. Support your local Indian Casino!

Bean thinks he's fast.

The next morning we were greeted with a wake up call from parking lot security which was immediately followed by splitting headaches…but at least we had a little cash in hand for some Advil. We rode Trimble’s track part of the day, which is a pretty technical Supercross/Motocross style outdoor track in his backyard. Again the dirt was really good. We packed up and headed out to San Francisco to rage it for the night, and rage is just what we did!

After the good people at Tres Agaves took care of us with countless pitchers of hand-squeezed, fresh lime margaritas, we hit the town during a full downpour. This one bar, the name slips my mind, was run by some punks and had the best selection of albums in a juke box everrrrr...all old punk rock and metal. A couple gentlemen’s clubs may have been visited, but it’s really actually hard to say for sure.

Trigger, PAB, Garland

Big Daddy had us out of San Fran, about an hour South, and on the way home before anyone even woke up. Someone was even sleeping in the trailer behind the motor home, maybe Garland? About half way home, on California State Highway 46, we stopped at a little known riding spot called Lost Hills for one last session at dusk before heading home. You can just barely see the dirt mounds from the road, but when you get out there there are rolling hills and canyons which now act as a dump site for old cars and garbage for locals. But there are endless possibilities for cliff jumps, big doubles and little hippers. The 45 min. we had to ride there before dark was not nearly enough time to explore the possibilities, but was still a good time.

Trigg threadin' the needle through the Bay Bridge tolls.

Now days everyone is so damn busy doing their own thing that it was good to take a weekend off and finally get back to where it started for all of us…going on road trips with your bros, acting like jack asses, farting a whole lot, and riding dirt bikes. I suggest that if you have a chance to ditch work or school, you should go call up your friends, load up the bikes and just start driving. Don't worry about where you end up, you will find good places to ride and you will have the time of your life doing it. Hell yeah!

Check out the photo gallery, it probably tells a better story.

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