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Conhuir's Mini Interview!

Dec 19 2005 / Monday

What are your top 5 favorite songs of the moment?

That's a hard one. Ummm, well here they are in no specific order:

The Smiths-Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Arcade Fire-Haiti
Ambulance Ltd.-Anecdote
Jack Johnson-Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Holiday season is approaching—do you like Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas or New Years the best and why? Or is their any special Holiday in
Ireland you’d like to educate us about?

Nah I like them all. We dont celebrate Thanksgiving over here, I'm not sure many people know what it is. But I really like Christmas and Halloween. Halloween because when I was a kid (like all of us) I would get up to so much shit egging houses and hastling people. It was great! As for Christmas I just like it because I get to chill with the family!

The etnies team has added some new talent, both am and pro, in the last
few months, how do you feel about the current lineup?

I think its amazing, the team now is so strong. We are all different in every way and yet we all click together its brilliant! I love it!

What’s the last trick you learned?

Wow its been a while. Haha. Backside flip fakie nose grind.

What’s the last trick you lost?

All of them. Haha.

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