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BMX Team Report - Rock On!

Dec 13 2005 / Tuesday

Hmmmm, I wonder who this could be???

Mike Escamilla was scheduled to head to Bora Bora this week but the trip got postponed, so instead he and good friend Heath Pinter headed to Whistler to get some snowboarding in. Earlier in the week former etnies bad-ass Jason Enns was in town so Mike and him rode and hung out some. They also went to a hockey game and witnessed the not-so Mighty Ducks get their asses handed to them, royally!

Taj Mihelich has not been digging the freezing ass cold weather that Austin has been dishing out. He has been spending as much time as possible indoors, and when he did go outside he and etnies shredder Danny Hickerson shot photos with Sandy Carson as well as filmed a bit with Stew Johnson. Sandy and Taj also rode at some BMX/Skate jump box jam thing this past weekend where some bands were also playing. Taj checked out a couple of bands last week also--Tia Carrera and Honky were on the bill. Taj and his band The Snake Trap have been recording a lot lately for their upcoming EP. To sample go to their MySpace page. Check out the upcoming DIG BMX issue 50 for a full length Taj Mihelich interview.

Southern sea don't want 'em.

Taj’s shoe the Roscoe is available, go buy some or get decide.

Ruben Alcantara is still down in Australia have a good ol’ time riding, surfing, filming like crazy and hanging with friends. He rode a mini ramp comp last weekend. This week Ruben and Co. will be heading to Melbourne to hit the streets and hopefully get some footage.

Ruben's shoe the Terranea is available, so go buy some or feel his wrath.

Jamie Bestwick spent last week in Dubai doing X Games demos for ESPN, in which time he also saw a few camels and plenty of Sheiks driving big ol’ gas guzzling American cars, there were Land Rovers a-plenty too. He returned at the end of the week and regretted not getting to do any belly dancing unlike, fellow etnies teammate, skater Rune Glifberg. Jamie attended Woodward Camp’s Christmas party this past weekend and is currently enjoying some quiet time with his wife Kerry and son Samuel.

Morgan Wade has serious Strep Throat as well as a severe case of Mono and won’t be doing a damn thing for the next month other than a shit load of NOT riding.

Sergio Layos has been in Australia for a couple of weeks hanging with the Fly guys down there including etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara. He has been surfing a bunch and shredding the streets of Melbourne and, along with everyone else, visited and did some sightseeing at a famous spot called the “Twelve Apostles”. Sergio heads home to Madrid this week.

Joe Rich has been enjoying and learning all kinds of bad-ass lines at the new Austin cement skatepark. Work at T1 is a little slow right now, so some time off has definitely been taken advantage of lately for Joe… some heavy sessions on the ramp have been going down

Josh Stricker has been doing a whole lot of nothing. Since being back in Philly he has been doing the couch tour, which he is not too down with, and will be heading out to California this Tuesday to spend time with his family for Christmas.
John Heaton is home in Vancouver shredding and playing hockey as well as doing his couple of days a week at 3RIDE store. He’s also been enjoying his new GTI and plans on keeping his hands on this car.

Dave Freimuth is home in Appleton not enjoying the cold weather and liking less the fact that Area 51 skatepark will be closing down January 1, 2006. The Square One crew have been in town so at least he’s had some guys to ride with and he’s also been riding at a friends skatepark down the street.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in Jersey and working like a S.O.B. on the heavy machinery heading into Christmas and making bank like a Mofo! Ha Ha Ha. Luckily, prior to the bad weather hitting, Garrett has been managing to get plenty of trail riding in with his good friends Brian Foster and John Jennings. Garrett’s also been sessioning the Incline Club Skatepark late at night when the weather is not-so-nice.

Sandy Carson has been freezing his balls off in Austin this week and he's sick-t-boot! Austin has a shiny brand new cement park that Sandy and folks have been sessioning regularly in the mornings. Sandy and Taj also rode a BMX/Skate demo this pas weekend which was fun. Sandy also went out shooting photos for a renowned photographer…this time in front of the camera. He has also been working on a signature grip with PRIMO (PRIMO has a new web site). The past weekend was spent stressing about losing his and Jen’s cat which finally turned up safe and sound. Going filming with Stew this week.

Until next week....

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