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The BMX Report

Nov 16 2005 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla spent half of his week chillin’ and the other half slamming while trying to wrap up his section for RIDE BMX’s new video. He bruised his heel, both hips and hit his head good enough to have to make a trip to the hospital…no damage done…well, at least none more than usual! Mike ended the week riding Tony Hawk’s backyard cement park with good friend Gary Young. If you missed it or you just didn’t know, Mike was on TV last week in an NBC TV show called the “E Ring” in which he played a Columbian drug lord body guard….He got shot and killed.

Taj Mihelich rode trails a bunch last week and also worked on them some after a good downpour. He also went filming with Stew and got some good crashes. Taj also did a little road/field trip down to San Antonio with some Austin locals to hit trails down there. According to Taj, the trails were very reminiscent of East Coast trails…a good time was had by all. Taj especially enjoyed one run called the “Beer Run”. Lucero played in town last week, so Taj was sure not to miss that show. He has also been doodling in his sketch book as well as playing guitar and working new shoe designs for his new shoe with etnies. Roscoe has been learning some new dog tricks. Taj’s shoe, the Roscoe is in stores now!

Joe Rich claims he hasn’t been up to much lately, but he’s been working at T1 bunch on all kinds of cool shit. He’s also been working hard on putting together an art show at camp fig called “fifteen percent discocunt” with etnies teammate Sandy Carson…the “Sparks” will be flowing freely. Joe’s also been riding the ramp some and enjoying time at home.

Ruben Alcantara has been MIA in South Africa for the last couple of weeks doing some demos as well as riding in a contest down there. Who knows when he gets back? But as soon as he does we’ll forward the news. Rubens shoe the Terranea is in stores, go get some.

Jamie Bestwick just got back to the US from England with his wife and son, Samuel. While over there Jamie was mostly getting his well deserved R&R, hanging at his new house over in the UK and visiting friends and family while riding a little. He’s back to his usual shredding at camp and working on his house in State College.

Morgan Wade has been home after his hectic summer of traveling, and is enjoying time with friends and family. Morgan made a trip up to Allen, Texas where they have an awesome skatepark that allows bikes. He hung there for a few days with some friends including etnies’ Nina Buitrago.

Sergio Layos is out in Japan doing demos for Red Bull and should be home in Madrid in the next couple of weeks. He will then resume working on getting his mom’s new restaurant up and running, as well as some riding.

Josh Stricker has been chilling in Hastings, riding with the Seventies crew and having a blast. He’s playing around with the idea of going up to Glasgow, Scotland for a jam, but right now he booked tickets to go to Malaga for next Monday until Thursday. There is also a jam in Leeds, UK next week that he wanted to go to. So all-in-all Josh is a pretty busy dude but is on full England overload right now and is stoked to come back home soon. Check out Josh’s amazing Cover shot and interview in the new January 06 RIDE BMX.

John Heaton has been working his usual couple of days a week at 3RIDE. He has been riding some, but the weather has been kinda crappy so sessions are a little limited right now. But he has been playing hockey some, so that’s keeping John active along with his new gym membership…John’s going to get all “yoked up” for the coming season! More hockey, more beer and some more indoor sessions went down at Dave Osato’s Igloo ramp set up. John got screwed on money for his stolen car by his insurance company so he’s been really pissed about that and is still trying to get a new car…or at least one that runs and isn’t sitting in Osato’s garage.

Dave Freimuth had his 21st birthday again last week on November 9. Happy Birthday! He celebrated accordingly by going bowling and hopping bars until he couldn’t see anymore. Saturday Dave and wife Patie were supposed to go see a Packers game but failed to get tickets, so they sat home crying watching the game on TV. Dave also found out the building that Area 51 is in has been sold and could be closing down any time…maybe next week, maybe next year, we’ll have to wait and see…stay tuned. Dave is filming a part for a friend’s video called Midwest BMX which should be available this Spring.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in New Jersey for the last few weeks after returning from Backyard where he received a nice shiner from a collision with a photographer’s lens. He’s been working and getting some final surf sessions in before the crappy weather sets in. Last week he went to a friends wedding where he did a little break dancing. This Saturday Garrett rode street in perfect 70 degree weather, followed by going out with a few friends Saturday night. Sunday there was a serious dirt session with Jon Jennings and Monday he rode a bit at Sayreville.

Sandy Carson has been working on a spread for a new book coming out in Italy and Spain called Art vs. Prohibition. He’s also been working on getting the art show that he and etnies teammate Joe Rich are involved with called Fifteen Percent Discount, being put on at Camp Fig ( As well as the usual DIG stuff, Sandy has been riding a bunch at 9th Street and T1, plus a trip down to San Antonio last week with some friends, including Taj. Sandy just got a new Apple G4 computer last week after his previous one, as Sandy puts it "took a shit”.

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