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BMX Report: EBYJ etc...

Nov 1 2005 / Tuesday

This is a long one....

Check Rooftop's record backflip sequence on the etniesbmx homepage. If you don't see it at first keep hitting "Refresh".

Mike Escamilla has been hard at work filming for RIDE BMX’s new video “Livin’ In Exile”. He should be done with that pretty soon because he’s been filming so damn much lately. And when one is riding so much, it is expected that one will get a few bumps and bruises along the way, Mike is no exception. Mike hurt his ankle a little and has been nursing that while still riding and getting the job done. Mike also did a small “bit part” in a TV show featuring Dennis Hopper, where he played a Columbian terrorist body guard and looked every bit the part with a machine gun and the unshaven facial shag going on.

Mike headed over to England for the etnies Backyard Jam but didn’t ride due some small injuries and not feeling the course. Kids were stoked to see him regardless, and he signed some autographs and entertained in the usual “Rooftop” way. Mike put together a new bike after returning home from the Backyard Jam.

Taj Mihelich headed out to Cincinnati for the Red Bull Backyard Build-Off after returning home from Interbike. Taj placed around tenth at the build off (he couldn’t remember exactly). Following Cincinnati, Taj headed up to work on fixing up his moped before shooting over to jolly old England for the etnies Backyard Jam in Brighton. Taj rode practice but was feeling the affects of jetlag and didn’t compete; he did go visit his relatives though in Bristol. Taj is home right now and working on a little filming with Stew Johnson. He is also hard at work researching the internet for anything that will help is moped go above 25 miles an hour. Taj, a little tip…lube those piston return springs, top off the blinker fluid, and make sure to rotate the air in the tires. It should give you about 500 more HP.

The Roscoe is in stores now, I know you want some.

Jamie destroys LG

Jamie Bestwick has had a stellar year, top to bottom. Let’s recap: He had wins at Gravity Games, X Games and the athlete of the X Games (which won him a new car), won 4 out of 5 Dew Tour stops and the year end Dew Cup (winning a new truck), and finally won the LG Championships in Manchester UK last weekend. In addition he’s also enjoyed and embraced fatherhood after his son Samuel was born 4 months ago. An amazing year! Congrats Jamie!

Jamie hung out at Backyard Jam prior to the Manchester LG event last weekend. Now he is currently enjoying time at home with his wife and family in England while getting some well deserved R&R before he returns to State College PA.

Ruben Alcantara headed up to Vancouver following Interbike and from all accounts tore that place a new one! Ruben came down to Cali to film a move he’s been salivating over for a while. We can’t tell you what it is, but when you get to see it you’ll be blown away! Unfortunately, Ruben came up a little short on the move and 50/50’d his foot on a curb and bruised the living crap out of the sole of his foot, so going to Backyard was pretty much already a write-off before he even got there. Ruben hung out for the weekend, signed some shit, hung with the kids, got pissed cuz he couldn’t ride, and ate lots of chips before heading home to Malaga. There he got to hang with family and some friends who were visiting. Ruben is currently on his way to South Africa to do a contest.

Ruben's shoe the Terranea is in stores now! Stock up on 10 pairs!

Morgan Wade has been on a non-stop wurl-wind, cross-country, bike-riding-frenzy the last few months! Recently Morgan was at Interbike in Vegas where he rode the vans contest in both dirt and park. He spent most of the time on the floor in the park contest and, to be honest, it’s a miracle he is still standing. He also won NORA CUP Ramp Rider of the Year and NORA CUP Video Part of the Year. He headed home for a few days to spend time with his family in Tyler, Texas.

Morgan was in Cincinnati where he judged and competed in the Red Bull Backyard Build-Off at the Failure compound. He won the riding portion of the comp and had a real fun time. From Cincinnati Morgan flew home for 1 day before heading to Orlando where he competed in the Dew Tour and placed a respectable fourth place in Park. Morgan made his way over the pond to England for his first etnies Backyard Jam and besides being freaked out by driving on the other side of the road and the crappy food, Morgan had a blast! And what’s more, he placed second at the Jam and shared first place in the high air contest with Sebastian Keep, at 14 ft. Morgan headed straight back to Florida again to hang out at the Baco Jam put on by etnies teammate Dave Freimuth and Dave’s good friend, Chad Degroot. Morgan didn’t compete because he felt it would be a good idea to go wakeboarding beforehand. Wakeboarding wasn’t the problem really, the problem was that he isn’t very good at wakeboarding! He caught an edge and flipped hard into the water resulting in the board cracking him in the head and giving him a gash worthy of 12 staples….Stick to bike riding, Morgan.

Sergio Layos was in Vancouver for a week or so after Vegas riding with etnies teammate John Heaton and good friend Dave Osato. From there Sergio went home to Spain to spend time with his family, hangout, and also do some filming project for Red Bull that is going to end up being a TV show. Sergio headed over to England for the etnies Backyard Jam where he placed a well deserved eight place. Sergio is currently home in Spain but heads out again in a day or two.

Joe's ride with a new T1 Barcode.

Joe Rich returned home from the whole Interbike love fest that is Vegas, as well as his short yet very enjoyable Colorado road trip with Ruben, Garrett, Sandy and Stew Johnson. Joe entered the etnies Backyard Jam (which is a rarity for Joe as he isn’t too into contests) and qualified but didn’t ride the finals after the slight beating he took in qualifying. Joe did enter High Air though, even if it was on Taj’s bike. Luckily Taj’s bike survived the encounter to ride another day. Joe got back to Austin last Monday and gave his bike some TLC and has also been working overtime on a bunch of new T1 projects. Joe is currently enjoying Halloween (which just so happens to be his favorite holiday), and he got dressed up for the occasion, not sure what as, but it made sense to him. There was a Halloween jam at the trails complete with a 20’ skull to jump through. The new Austin cement park is 99% done so there are going to be some heavy sessions going down there. Joe also rode a pool this last weekend in some ghetto apartments that were still up and running, complete with kids throwing rocks at him while he was riding!

Josh Stricker finished up his RIDE BMX interview not too long ago, so keep an eye out for that. He also has a feature coming up in the newest DIG. More recently he has been over in England hanging with the Seventies crew and shredding Hastings. He did ride the etnies Backyard Jam last weekend but bike malfunctions worked against him and kept him from doing as well as he should have. Happy Hour clothing was in full affect and very well accepted by the drunken English community. Josh learned 360 footplants this week, something he’s been trying for at least four years now so he’s pretty stoked! Monday Josh and Ian Morris are heading over to Malaga Spain for a few days to hang out, but for the most part will be in England until early December, so wait for more stories of debauchery in upcoming news.

John Heaton has a full time job now at 3Ride in Vancouver, BC, so he’s working hard at that with good friend and former etnies rider Jason Enns. He did some riding with Sergio Layos and Ruben Alcantara while they were in town. John has been playing hockey some, but he’s a little bummed because Vancouver only has indoor hockey rinks and he prefers the outdoor type. John went to England for the etnies Backyard Jam and rode awesome! He rode well enough that a lot of people thought he should have qualified but for some reason he didn’t, which kinda sucked…whatever, comps ain’t everything. John headed to the Baco Jam in Orlando this weekend and enjoyed plenty of Halloween festivities.

Dave Freimuth has been completely consumed with his baby. He has been working on putting together the Baco Jam down in Orlando Florida in between feedings and diaper changes, but he did manage to break away this past weekend to Florida to help organize and compete in the Halloween Baco-A-Go-Go Jam at Mesh skatepark.

Garrett Byrnes has been working his nuts off in New Jersey but he has still been able to get some good trail sessions, some hits on the local cement parks, and some “killa surfing bra” before heading off to the etnies Backyard Jam. Garrett competed and didn’t fair to well, which was pretty much the case for the photographer he hit when he tried a ramp to ramp transfer. I’m not sure which one came out better off, but Garret had a nice fat black eye to show for the encounter. Garrett is back home in Jersey working like a slave

Sandy Carson did the whole Interbike/Vegas thing and then the Colorado trip thing, and from there Sandy flew over to England for the etnies Backyard Jam thing which, according to Sandy, “was F-ING NUTS!” You should be seeing some serious coverage in an upcoming DIG here pretty soon. From the Jam Sandy hung out in London for a couple of days before making the trek up to Edinburgh to see family and then onto Glasgow where DIG is based out of and worked on the mag some. Sandy attended a Halloween Jam at Unit 23 Skatepark in Dumbarton which had an amazing turnout and there was a costume party following the Jam for the BMX in Scotland awards, which also preceded an all night disco. After some serious flight f-ups Sandy is back in Austin, tired as F and back to work.

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