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Meet Justine, the etnies Girl of the Month

Oct 31 2005 / Monday

Justine, the etnies Girl of the Month, thinks that there need to be more skaters without a Y chromosome in the world. When we spoke with the 18-year-old from Kamloops, BC, Canada, she stated her mission plainly: “I want to try and get as many girls as possible into skating because I’ve always skated with guys, which isn’t a problem, but I think there need to be more girl skaters.” Justine’s solution is simple—to teach one family member and friend at a time. So far, she’s gotten her younger sister and a friend involved, and something tells us that before she knows it, she’ll have an entire posse of girls skating around Kamloops.

etnies Girl: What are your interests?
Justine: Well of course skateboarding, but I also love snowboarding in the winter as much as I can. I found that it was easy to learn how to snowboard because I already knew how to skate. Plus, I’ve found that snowboarding has improved my skating a little bit.

etnies Girl: What are your talents?
Justine: I guess you could say that I’m artistic and athletic. I love anything and everything to do with art and sports!

etnies Girl: How did you get involved in skateboarding?
Justine: When was about nine or so my dad let me try his old skateboard that he made in his high school shop class—it was just one of those old banana boards without any griptape. It was fun just to ride around on at the time, but I really wanted to get into it, so I asked my parents if I could get my own skateboard for Christmas. That Christmas they bought me one and I’ve been in love with skateboarding ever since.

etnies Girl: What do you like about etnies Girl?
Justine: I love everything about it, especially the team and of course the shoes. It’s so awesome to see skaters like Elissa Steamer and Lauren Perkins skating like they do, which is insanely well. I think they’ve shown everybody that girls can skate and they can skate well.

etnies Girl: Why are you an etnies Girl?
Justine: I think that I am an etnies Girl because I just like to have fun and I try not to care about what people think about me. I’m my own person and I would never change the way I act or dress just to fit in with a certain group of people.

etnies Girl: What do you do for fun?
Justine: I always skate for fun, but I also like to hang out with my friends and watch movies or just hang out with them at the mall. I also like to build skate ramps and grind boxes and for the past few years I’ve been trying to make as many things as can to set up on my street. It’s great because with gas prices being so high here in Canada I find it hard to make it out to the skatepark, so I just set up all of the ramps and things in the street and have a blast in my own little makeshift skatepark

“With skateboarding, I can do whatever I want without people telling me what to do. It’s just me, my board, some music playing and I’m good to go.”

etnies Girl: Where do you find inspiration?
Justine: My friends, family and basically anyone I see who strives to do their best are the people who inspire me. I also find inspiration to go skate just by popping a skate video into my DVD player. I find that after every time I watch a skate video I have to go out and skate. They always motivate me to go out and skate hard.

etnies Girl: What’s your biggest accomplishment?
Justine: I think my biggest accomplishment was probably surviving high school. I did well in my studies throughout it, but it was just the stuff that went on there socially that was difficult—the peer pressure and trying to be myself and not worry about what other people thought about me. It was definitely a time in my life that molded me into the person I am today. Another big accomplishment was competing in my very first skateboarding competition this past summer and placing second. I almost chickened out because I get nervous when I skate in front of huge crowds, but I thought to myself, why not try and just see how you do? Plus, my mom kept telling me that I should just go out there and have fun and not care about what place I came in. I think that if she wasn’t there with me I would have backed out and headed on home!

etnies Girl: Why do you love skateboarding so much?
Justine: I love everything about it, but mainly because it’s not like the other traditional sports like soccer, basketball and so on. With skateboarding, I can do whatever I want without people telling me what to do. It’s just me, my board, some music playing and I’m good to go. Skateboarding never gets boring because there is always something new that you can try. Plus, it’s also a great stress reliever for me and a way for me to express myself. It’s a way for me to just get away.

etnies Girl: Have you gotten anyone else you know into skating?
Justine: I got my little sister into skating and she really enjoys it. I really like teaching her how to do stuff because she’s so eager to learn. She’s also a lot younger than me and we don’t usually spend time together, so skating with her gives me a chance to spend time with her. I also got my good friend Carmen into skating. Before high school ended we would make frequent trips over to the skatepark and just skate for hours. She just started skating a little while ago, so I’ve been teaching her all the basics and stuff. I want to try and get as many girls as possible into skating because I’ve always skated with guys, which isn’t a problem, but I think there need to be more girl skaters.

etnies Girl: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Justine: I think the best piece of advice that I’ve ever gotten was from my mom at the competition I competed in. She said to me, “Just go out there and have fun and not worry about the people watching you.” I was so nervous about the whole thing that I felt sick to my stomach, but I took her advice, went out there, skated hard and had a good time.

etnies Girl: What’s really important to you?
Justine: Right now, the most important things to me are my friends, family, doing well in school, focusing on it as best as I can, and just skating as much as possible when I’m not at school, studying or working.

etnies Girl: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
Justine: People always assume that I am really shy, which I can be at times, but once you get to know me I can be very outgoing and fun to be around.

Justine’s Favorite Things

Place: “Any good skate spot.”
Animal: Giraffes, dogs, clown fish, dolphins
Color: Pink, yellow, green
Hangout: “Any place as long as I’m with my friends.”
City: “Well considering I have never even left my country, let alone my own province, I’m going to have to say Vancouver, BC!”
Song: “Oh” by Ciara, “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, “Pon De Replay” by Rihanna, “We Be Burnin’” by Sean Paul, “When the Night Feels My Song” by Bedouin Soundclash and “Black Balloon” by the Goo Goo Dolls
Album: “Way too many to choose from!”
Band: Foo Fighters, Theory of a Deadman, Green Day, The Arcade Fire, Mötley Crüe, Our Lady Peace, Coldplay
Book: “I don’t read much, but I did like ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ by Ann Brashares.”
Movie: “Red Eye,” “Anchorman,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Encino Man,” “The Goonies,” “Mean Girls,” “Freaky Friday,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Stand By Me,” “The Longest Yard”
TV show: “‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien.’ That man is hilarious!”
Sport: “Skateboarding, of course, snowboarding and soccer.”
Game: “Tony Hawk’s Undergound 1 and 2, The Sims and computer Solitaire. I’m addicted to it!”
Food: Pizza, chicken, spaghetti
Candy: Skittles, Sour Patch Kids
Holiday: Christmas
Smell: “Gain Laundry Detergent. Man, that stuff smells good!”
Hobby: Photography, painting, building skate ramps
Guilty pleasure: “McDonald’s food—especially the cheeseburgers. I eat there way too much.”
Athlete: “Ryan Sheckler, because he’s got killer style, and Elissa Steamer, because she’s just an amazing skateboarder.”
Hero: “My mom, dad and all of my friends.”
etnies Girl shoe: Debut

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