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BMX Team Report 01-19-05

Jan 19 2005 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla was recently seen scoping out an abandoned missile base in the hills where he grew up to shoot some photos, etc. It was night, there were about 20 giant bulls near some silos, and Mike thought that he had scared them all away. But, when he came up over this one small hill, there stood one massive bull about 15 feet away, ready to charge. Mike turned and started to run down the hill, but he slipped and pulled his quad muscle pretty bad. He managed to get himself out of there in one piece, but could barely walk for a few days. Dang cows! Besides this fiasco, Mike is also still recovering from a slam he sustained at Woodward West. Go buy a pair of his etnies Rooftop 3 shoes to make him feel better.

Taj Mihelich has been chilling with a bunch of visitors in Austin. Taj has also been riding regular sessions on the T1 ramp and at the Skatepark of Austin, as well as working hard over at T1 on the new format 'zine that they are doing. His new etnies Roscoe shoe is now available at finer BMX shops near you. Go buy a pair.

Ruben Alcantara is spending time with his family at home in Spain, enjoying the fabulous weather. He’s been riding his bike a bunch in Malaga, and is currently hanging with the Fly Bikes crew, who are in town to do some filming for their upcoming video. Ruben rode his dirt bike last week and has been having lots of fun doing that. He is currently wearing the final samples of his etnies Terranea shoe, which will be available in June 2005.

Jamie Bestwick spent the whole week in Phoenix rehearsing for Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam. The first stop took place at the Glendale Arena in Phoenix, and it was awesome! Jamie then headed home to State College, Pennsylvania for some very well-deserved rest, relaxation and quality time with his wife, Kerry.

Joe Rich is bitching because it’s a little cold in Austin right now, which has put a damper on some of the outdoor sessions that he had planned. He did get to ride with the amazing Adam Baker this past week when he was in town on a break from school in Arizona. Joe also got to ride with T1 / etnies rider Garrett Byrnes, who was in town passing through on his way to Cali then on to Australia. Joe has also been working on the new perfect bound T1 'zine that is a little more like a real book. That project has kept Joe super-busy digging through black and white photos for content. Other than that, he has been doing the usual T1 routine of answering emails, packing shipments, etc.

Sergio Layos has pretty much been chilling this week (no pun intended). He and his brother Angel went snowboarding at an indoor snowboard park in Madrid. Sergio has also spent many hours in the photo lab developing pictures that he has been taking, as well as riding a bunch of stuff around Madrid and hanging out with his family. Sergio did go down to Malaga to hang with etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara and film some footage for the upcoming Fly Bikes video, which is due out some time or another. Check out Sergio's brand-new bio right here on the etnies site.

Dave Freimuth has pretty much been a lazy man lately, chilling at home with his newly-pregnant wife, Pattie. What? Pregnant? Who knows how that could have happened? He’s been getting ready to head down to Florida to jump aboard the next Props Mega Tour as part of the We The People team. The tour should be starting up in Florida any day now. Dave also just bought the first season of the Ali G show and claims it’s the best DVD ever!

John Heaton spent the week up in Vancouver, BC working on MacNeil stuff and riding with the ever-0amazing Dave Osato at all the local concrete parks and the very private Igloo Ramp Complex that Dave owns.

Josh Stricker finally made it to nicer weather. He is currently bumming around in Austin, Texas with the rest of the slackers down there, and making plans to stay as long as possible. Cold beer, pretty girls--it's safe to say that Josh is in Heaven. He is currently working on collecting footage for an etnies commercial.

Garrett Byrnes finally got out of the crappy weather in New Jersey and headed South for Austin, where he hung out with the T1 crew and all the other freaks down there, as well as etnies' own Josh Stricker. Garrett actually drove down with Stricker and a couple of other guys. On the way, the crew rode street in some of the Southern states, and while in Austin, they rode the T1 ramp and the Skatepark of Austin. Garrett then headed out to California for a week to shoot photos with the magazines and etnies, as well as log some footage for future use. Now he's going to Australia for two months. It’s a hard life!

Sandy Carson has been riding a crapload of street and shooting Dig photos of all the local talent, as well as some of the current visitors who spend their Winters in Austin. He’s also been shooting photos of etnies riders Garrett Byrnes and Josh Stricker, who recently road-tripped down to Austin. Sandy’s girl’s brother has been in town, so they have been doing the tourist thing. They went to the Alamo in San Antonio one day last week. Besides this, Sandy also rode a newly-discovered abandoned pool that cost him a quick $160, due to the fact his car got towed while they were sessioning. According to Sandy, “Those photos better be reeeeeally good!”

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