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BMX Team Report 01-12-05

Jan 12 2005 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla had a fun but mellow Christmas and New Year's. He spent the beginning of last week up in San Francisco with his family, then headed down to Woodward West to ride with the likes of Glen P.P. Milligan, Mike Parenti, Corey Martinez, Edwin De La Rosa and Rich Hirsch, who are in town to do some kind of road trip for Tip Distribution. Mike crashed and hurt his neck and back while there, and has also been really bummed about the crappy, non-stop rain that SoCal has been receiving for the last few weeks. To cheer Mike up, go buy a pair of his Rooftop 3 shoes, available in stores now.

Taj Mihelich spent some well-deserved time off for Christmas and New Year's in Austin with friends. This past week, he hung out with the busiest-man-with-nothing-to-do in BMX, Dave Parrick, eating sushi and hanging out. Taj built a new bike and did some serious and much needed wheel maintenance. He also built a small sub / wall ride on the three-foot mini-ramp out in back of T1, which he and the crew shredded on both their bikes and skateboards. Taj watched an apartment opposite his go up in flames on New Year's Eve, apparently due to some fireworks gone awry. Other Taj time has been spent at the gym, playing his bass guitar and, as usual, keeping things running smoothly over at T1. Go buy a pair of his new etnies Roscoe shoe, available in stores now.

Ruben Alcantara spent Christmas with family in Malaga, Spain. He got an awesome telescope for his 6th floor penthouse suite apartment. Ruben and the Fly Bikes crew headed up to the mountains in the Fly RV for New Year's Eve celebrations, and also to shred the snow bike that they made. Ruben says it takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you can pull airs, jumps and pretty much everything you can do on your regular bike. According to Ruben, New Year's Eve was a small-but-cool affair in the RV. Besides this, he’s been shredding all of Malaga, finding new spots, shooting photos for both Fly and etnies, as well as video. Ruben has also been surfing and riding his motorcycle a bunch. Ruben's etnies Terranea shoe will be available in June 2005.

Jamie Bestwick threw a no-holds-barred party at his house in State College, Pennsylvania on New Year's Eve. Needless to say, some crazy stuff went down, like loud music, fireworks and plenty of mayhem. On January 2, Jamie flew out to San Diego to start a strict two-week rehearsal for the upcoming Boom Boom Huck Jam, which he will be featured in. The rehearsals took place at the Tony Hawk Foundation building behind closed doors. The first show at the Glendale Arena in Phoenix, Arizona on January 15 will be taped and shown during the Super Bowl. Jamie is going to be a father.

Joe Rich spent the holidays getting some Spring cleaning done at T1. It’s not that he wanted to do it, it’s just that the office needed it, plus the building next door went up in flames on Christmas Day, so there was a little water damage and a smokey smell in the carpets. Other than that, they lucked out. He also did a little painting here and there to spruce up the office. As always, Joe has also been riding quite bit when the weather breaks. He also, did some filming for an upcoming Empire BMX video that he, Sandy and Taj will be featured in. Joe put a new bike together and has been riding it on the T1 ramp, the Banana Farm ramp and a bunch of street, as well.

Christmas and New Year's was one big blur for Dave Freimuth. He’s not sure entirely what went down, but from what he can remember, it was really fun. However, he thinks he may be in deep trouble with the wife. Since recovering from the holiday season festivities, Dave has been riding at Area 51 with Brian Kachinsky (etnies flow rider), and getting ready to head out to Florida for the upcoming Props Mega Tour, in which he is hoping to sneak into the We the People crew. Dave and his beautiful wife Pattie found out this past week that they are going to be parents.

John Heaton has been keeping himself busy over the holiday season. First, he headed down to an indoor skatepark in Buffalo, New York and also had fun doing some snowboarding for the first time in a couple of years. As usual, John played some hockey and spent New Year's with friends and his girl, Andrea. This past week, John headed down to Rochester to ride the X Dreams skatepark and hang out with Max Vincent. He also played hockey and checked out a Hamilton Bulldogs game. On Monday, January 10, John headed over to Vancouver to do some riding and get some work done over at MacNeil bikes.

Josh Stricker spent the holidays out in Southern California, hanging with his family and friends. He built a new bike and figured on encountering nice weather in which to get some riding in, take some photos, shoot an etnies commercial. But much to his dismay, it rained nonstop, and still continues to do so. Josh went home only to find that his truck had been towed to the impound lot, where it has been chilling for the last few weeks. He feels that it’s just not worth getting it out now, seeing as how he is going down to Austin, and like last year, has no date planned to return to Philly. He’s just winging it, as usual.

Sandy Carson spent New Year's with food poisoning instead of a hangover. (It is very unusual for a Scotsman not to be hung over on New Year's Day.) Since the weather has been quite nice, Sandy has been riding all of Austin’s hot spots, like Jason Sunday’s trails, the T1 ramp and the Skatepark of Austin. There have been a million people in town, so he’s been trying to avoid traffic. Sandy also headed over to the Ramp Ranch and has been doing some digging at the 9th Street Trails. He’s also been filming for a new Empire BMX video, which is due out later this year. Besides all of this, Sandy has been shooting photos of everyone, including etnies / T1 riders Taj Mihelich and Joe Rich, with his new camera for an upcoming issue of Dig BMX. He’s also been working on his own web site,, which he claims is one of the most tedious, never-ending tasks ever. In some quieter times, Sandy has been playing music at a small studio downtown, as well as skateboarding quite a bit.

Garrett Byrnes has been quite stoked on the weirdly mild weather they have been having in New Jersey, which, much to his surprise, has allowed him to get some surfing in. Garrett also rode one of the final sessions at the Little Devil warehouse with Brian Wizmerski and Van Homan before they move and rebuild the ramps. New Year's was kinda mellow, as he just hung out with his girlfriend, Crystal.

Sergio Layos spent New Year's up in the mountains riding a snow bike with his friends from Fly Bikes. This past week, he rode in Bilbao, Santander and Burgos. Sergio also visited Fly Bikes and rode with his good friend Eduardo Terreros, who just recently broke his leg riding. Sergio will be heading down to Southern Spain to hang out with Ruben Alcantara in Malaga and shred all that the city has to offer.

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