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BMX Team Report of the Week

Jun 29 2005 / Wednesday

Morgan's face wreck!

Mike Escamilla rapped things up on the Disney movie he was doing stunt work for this past week and walked away, for the most part, unscathed. He also put a new bike together and watched the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam at the Anaheim pond on Friday night.

Mike's shoe the Rooftop 3 is in stores now

Taj Mihelich is still nursing a hurt thumb that he sustained in England at the Download Festival a couple of weeks ago, which has left him time to watch plenty of movies and hang with his girl. Taj also worked with T1 co-owner Joe Rich on revamping their bikes and drew up some new dropouts for the frames. He also got to do some reading and played his bass quite a bit.

Check out Taj's shoe the Roscoe

Ruben Alcantara is enjoying some down time at home in the sweltering heat of Malaga where he has been hanging with his family, riding a little with friends and surfing. He has actually been trying to get an MRI on his back after having some serious back problems for the last couple of years which have been slowing him down.

Ruben's first pro shoe the Terranea is in stores.

Jamie Bestwick has been home quite a bit which is to be expected now that he is a dad, son Samuel was born a couple of weeks ago and is doing great according to Jamie. Jamie has been riding as much as possible (whenever Samuel is asleep I think) getting ready for the Gravity Games vert contest that is coming to Woodward Camp. Gravity will also be a great warm up for the second leg of the Mountain Dew Action Sports series in Denver on July 7-10. Jamie missed the first stop in Louisville so he could attend the birth of his son.

Sergio Layos is home in Madrid hanging with his mom and brother and enjoying some time with his girl. He went to watch her race quads a few days ago only to get the scare of his life when he had to witness her eat shit and have the quad land on top of her. A doctor’s visit to check out her neck confirmed that she was fine, but the thing that helped her most was the dirt being nice and soft beneath her, not to mention ample safety gear…. Pheeewww! Sergio must have too much time and money on his hands because he decided it would be a good idea to buy a remote control helicopter only to later find out that he sucks at flying it! That’s money well spent. Besides all that, Sergio has been shooting pictures and developing negatives.

Joe Rich has been home in Austin enjoying hanging with his parents after being gone for the last two months in Europe. He has been catching up on work at the office and working on revamping the T1 frames with co-owner Taj Mihelich. Joe will be heading to their manufacturer in a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling on the frames. It’s hot as hell right now in Austin so sessions are confined to evenings and Joe has been killing the newly renovated T1 ramp, but during the hotter part of the day he has been developing negatives as well as shooting plenty of photos.

Josh Stricker spent the whole of last week on the Red Bull “Mean Streets” competition where he was on team Philadelphia. The team didn’t win but Josh won best trick at one of the stops for doing one of the biggest gaps of his life and scored himself about $2500 when it was all said and done, he is stoked! Currently Josh is chilling at home in Austin and getting some footage together for an etnies commercial for Props video magazine. Be sure to check out Josh’s interview in a future issue of RIDE BMX.

Morgan Wade has been healing up fine after the Louisville Dew series stop where he bruised his kidney. Morgan got back on the horse so to speak last week and headed up to Allen Texas to check out a new cement skatepark with Joe Simon, Joel Moody and a bunch of other friends. For some reason Morgan decided it might be a good idea to hang up on a quarter pipe and smash his face into the ground splitting the living crap out of his mouth, knocking himself and receiving a massive concussion. A quick trip to the hospital, 20+ stitches later and some heavy meds, Morgan was heading home to do some more healing. Saturday Morgan helped clean, organize and judge a small local contest at the 5 hip ditch in Austin Texas. Check out Morgan’s interview in issue 56 of Props video magazine.

Check out this interview with Morgan on FAT BMX.

John Heaton went to the first Dew series stop in Louisville where he had a very un-fun time. He spent last week at Jellystone hanging with his friends doing demos and also hanging out with Dave Freimuth who was up there just chilling. John is getting ready to head out to Ottawa this coming week to do shows for Canada Day, from there he will be heading over to France for the Fise contest in a couple of weeks. Once he returns home to Canada he will be packing up his belongings and heading out to Vancouver where his fiancé will be attending school and John will probably have plenty more to ride and more people to ride with.... Did we mention John is engaged?!

Dave Freimuth was at the Jellystone Park last week with MacNeil Bikes and etnies teammate John Heaton hanging out and having a fun time. Dave has been trying to ride but has been having back problems as of late. Dave also plays on a softball team and was stoked to announce that his team won both games in a double header. More news later from Wisconsin.

Garrett Byrnes is home in New Jersey after returning from the Download Festival in Donington England where he rode a bowl contest and got to witness Sabbath play. He has been working on and riding trails a bunch as well as staying busy with his new job.

Sandy Carson is on his European vacation but has been having a chain of bad luck. First up, he had some of his camera equipment stolen from a hotel in Italy, luckily he kept a lot of his photos and other equipment separate from the rest so whoever took it only got some of his stuff. It sounded like an inside job, but being in a foreign country it would have been hard to prove it, hopefully insurance will help pay for the lost property. He has been using a borrowed camera in the meantime. Next up, Sandy was out riding and took it hard on a handrail in Cologne and hurt his ribs, he’s not sure if they are broke but right now he is chilling and hanging out with the Federal team and will be heading to Berlin for the Rebel jam in a week before heading home to Austin.

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