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BMX Team Report 08-31-04

Aug 31 2004 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla has been back on his bike for the last couple of weeks, getting plenty of riding in at the secret training facility in Temple City, which helped him acquire 10th place at the MSS contest in Sacramento last weekend. This past week, Mike has been back in training for the Metro Jam in coming up in Vancouver over Memorial Day weekend. Mikes etnies Rooftop 3 shoe is now in stores, so go buy a pair.
Taj Mihelich has been home in Austin working at T1 and getting himself healthy after a string of slightly bad luck with injuries. He will be heading up to Vancouver on Memorial Day weekend to compete in the Metro Jam. Taj is currently riding the third and final sample of his etnies signature shoe, appropriately named the Roscoe, which will be available in January 2005.
Ruben Alcantara is back home in Spain enjoying some serious rest and relaxation after returning home from an awesome trip to South Africa with good friends and etnies teammates Joe Rich, Sandy Carson and Sergio Layos. Ruben placed 2nd in a contest and the crew also did some demos. Ruben is currently stoked to be riding in samples of his etnies signature shoe.
Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College, Pennsylvania since returning from the X Games. This past week, he shot a lot of photos with French photography phenom Manu Sanz for an upcoming article in Cream magazine. Jamie has also been riding trails quite a bit. He went to the Minersville trails mid-week to ride with some friends. Jamie will be defending his LG Championships title in a couple of weeks at Pomona Fairgrounds in California.
Joe Rich has been home less than a week from South Africa and has already jumped head-first back into editing the long awaited Terrible 1 video that should be done by October. This past weekend, Joe rode the 9th Street trails in Austin. Seems he caught the trail bug in South Africa, where he and etnies teammates Ruben Alcantara, Sandy Carson and Sergio Layos rode some awesome jumps with the locals. Joe also hung out with his brother, who has been in town, and also did some dirt bike riding.
Dave Freimuth has been riding a bunch. This past week, Manu Sanz of Cream magazine was in town to do an article about Appleton, Wisconsin and Dave decided it would be a good idea to throw himself down a set of 20 steps to his elbow. So, his elbow is a little screwed, but he hopes to be in good shape for the Metro Jam coming up this Memorial Day weekend. Dave has also been working hard on the Halloween Baco Jam at Area 51 in Appleton.
John Heaton has been doing demos up in Toronto with some friends for the State Fair.
Sandy Carson just got back from South Africa, where he got 6th place in a contest and also did some demos with etnies teammates Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich and Sergio Layos. He thinks he may have caught a flu on the 33-hour plane ride home. On Sunday, Sandy went riding, and while trying to film a final clip, decided it might be a good idea to crash the crap out of himself to take his mind off of the flu. A trip to the hospital turned up staph infection in some road rash. Sandy is off to Vancouver to attend the Metro Jam and also check out the Federal Bikes video premiere.
Josh Stricker has been home for the last couple of weeks, kinda taking things easy and chilling before taking off again to do the East Coast portion of the S&M road trip video shooting fiasco. The guys are going to stay somewhat local in NYC, NJ and DC and just basically ride in states surrounding Pennsylvania, instead of wasting their time driving to Canada, as previously planned. Josh is going to be helping out with the artwork for the video cover, which he is quite excited about. He is also going to have an interview coming up in Ride UK. Also keep an eye out for an upcoming etnies ad featuring Josh. ItҒs a banger!

Nate Wessel has been back at Woodward East, riding and cutting wood for some ramp renovations. Hes being doing lots of drawings for skatepark designs that are in the works. Nate may be going to Greece to build a park. He also has one in Erie that he had to drive to a meeting for. Texas is also in the works, so saying Nate is going to be one busy little beaver in the coming months is an understatement. Nate has been filming and hanging with all the kids at camp.
Garrett Byrnes has been home itching to ride his bike. He can almost taste it now. It only seems like yesterday that he had surgery, but itҒs actually been almost six weeks now. Hes been riding his beach cruiser around, hanging with his girlfriend Crystal, and just enjoying his lazy life, as any bike rider should. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Garrett Byrnes etnies ad, featuring a shot from Helsinki from the T1 World Tour.

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