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BMX Team Report 08-04-04

Aug 4 2004 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been up in Vancouver hanging out with Dave Osato and Jason Enns, filming for the next installment of the Samurai video series. While there, hes also been swimming and hiking. Mike has been wanting to play golf, but was unable to due to an injured wrist. His etnies Rooftop 3 pro shoes are in stores now. Go buy some!
Taj Mihelich has been taking things easy as far as riding goes, due to the back injury he sustained in Cologne at the WorldҒs a month ago. Hes been riding his beach cruiser to work to get some kind of exercise, seeing as how he canҒt ride his BMX bike. As usual, Taj has been working hard at T1. He will also be heading to Woodward West on August 4 to concentrate on the healing process of riding. Tajs etnies pro shoe, the Taj 3, is coming really soon.
Ruben Alcantara has been in Southern California for the past ten days, hanging out, surfing and riding a bunch. He put together the second sample of his signature Terrible 1 frames, and heҒs stoked! Ruben also shot photos with both TransWorld BMX and Ride BMX and entered the Soul Bowl contest this past weekend in Huntington Beach, much to the vert riders' surprise. He showed them all how to ride it truly like a bowl, which definitely opened some people's eyes to new things, simultaneously earning the respect of many vert jocks. Besides that, Ruben has been enjoying the mild So Cal weather before heading out to South Africa on August 4 with Joe Rich, Sandy Carson and Sergio Layos to some shows in Johannesburg, then on a road trip. Ruben's etnies pro shoe is looking good, and new samples should be here in the next couple of days. Check out Ruben on the cover of the September 2004 TransWorld BMX.
Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College. Pennsylvania, riding at Woodward Camp to prepare for the X Games coming up this week in Los Angeles. In fact, Jamie will be at the Ride BMX / TransWorld BMX booth outside at Staples Center from 11:15 to 12:45 this Saturday, August 7. Come by and get a signed etnies poster and stickers from him! Jamie also rode an MSS contest last weekend in Buffalo, New York and laid waste to the competition, once again. Check out Jamies new etnies ad in the October issue of Ride BMX and keep an eye out for his upcoming etnies commercial in Props video magazine.

Joe Rich has been home in Austin hanging out with his parents, who just recently moved there. HeҒs also been busting his ass at T1, helping company co-owner Taj Mihelich. Joes been getting some riding in while trying to beat the heat by going swimming. He left Monday for South Africa to do some shows and a mini-tour with etnies teammates Ruben Alcantara, Sandy Carson and Sergio Layos.
Dave Freimuth has been getting in plenty of riding outdoors at home in Appleton since they have been enjoying some amazing weather. HeҒs also been filling his husbandly duties by doing some yard work and landscaping his house. Dave shot photos at a friend's wedding this past weekend (his first). He said its much harder than you would think. Currently, Dave is in Minneapolis, hanging out with MacNeil rider Allistair Whitton and etnies flow rider Brian Kachinski.
I think John Heaton is home in Woodstock, Ontario riding.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in New Jersey, hanging with his girl. He just had wrist surgery this past Friday, and reports that everything went smoothly. He should be back up and running (so to speak) in about three months.
Josh Stricker is just about done with his interview for Ride BMX UK that should be running in the next issue. Apparently, Josh must be the flavor of the month, because Ride BMX U.S. called to see if he would like to do an interview for them, as well, so keep an eye out for that in the next few months. Josh also went to the doctors this week to check out a lump he had on his lower back. Apparently, it was some dried blood and has to be removed. Josh is going to get a second opinion.
Sandy Carson just got back from his Euro vacation and jumped straight back into work on upcoming issues of Dig BMX. In his off time, Sandy has been hanging with his BMX riding girlfriend and going swimming to avoid the heat in Austin. Sandy left with Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara and Sergio Layos to South Africa on Monday to do some shows and a mini-tour.
Nate Wessel has been hanging out in Maryland and staying by his good friend Colin Winkleman's side. Seems Colin experienced a horrific bike riding crash, breaking both ankles, a wrist and a vertebrae while filming for a stunt show at Travis Pastrana's house.

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