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BMX Team Report 07-20-04

Jul 21 2004 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been chilling at home in Long Beach with his wife and daughter. He finally got X-rays of his wrist that he injured at the Worlds in Cologne a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, itҒs broken and will take about four to five weeks to heal. Mike's not really been doing too much since then. Give it some time and hell be back up and running again. Mike has been housesitting for some friends, as well as going swimming. His etnies Rooftop 3 shoe is in stores now. What are you waiting for? Go buy a pair!
Taj Mihelich has been really trying to take things easy as far as riding goes, because of the back injury that he sustained at the WorldҒs. He has been going to a massage therapist daily and getting ultra-sound relief. Tajs back is getting better and heҒs been cruising to work at T1 on his, well, cruiser. Besides not riding BMX, Taj has been working way too much and building a new Terrible One booth for the upcoming Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. He is also getting ready to move into his new apartment and planning to sell his ever-faithful and reliable mini-van (who knows why?). Tajs new etnies shoe is coming soon. Look for it in 2005.
Ruben Alcantara is home in Malaga, Spain, giving his ailing knee some long overdue rest. He has also been surfing and getting some riding in here and there. Ruben flies out to California on July 20 to do a little work on his upcoming etnies signature shoe and do some more surfing. He also plans to shoot photos and work on a TransWorld BMX article about the making of his etnies shoe. Check out RubenҒs TransWorld BMX cover (September 2004), where he wall rides over the face of a pipe. Amazing!
Jamie Bestwick is home in State College, Pennsylvania and had last weekend off from contests. He has been shooting photos for an etnies poster, as well as shooting video for an upcoming etnies Props video magazine commercial. Keep an eye out for a limited-edition etnies Bestwick sticker that he will be handing out at the X Games and Gravity Games. Jamie got 1st at the T-Mobile Core Tour this past weekend, beating Mirra again. Congrats, Jamie! Check out Jamies double inside cover of the September 2004 issue of TransWorld BMX.
Joe Rich is home in Austin working at T1. He hasnҒt been riding that much so his torn meniscus (that he had operated on about a week or so ago) will heal. Joe should be all better in about two weeks or more. In the middle of the night, Joe was walking to the kitchen in the dark when he stepped on something. Although it didnt really hurt, he turned on the light, and much to his surprise, he had stepped on a piece of broken glass. It sunk deep and must have hit an artery, because there was literally a stream of blood shooting from the sole of his foot. All Joe could do was laugh as he stuck his finger in the hole and went to the hospital. A few stitches later, he was as good as new. Stay in one piece, Joe, please? Lately, as he has been healing and feeling better, Joe's been riding his motorcycle, as well as attending BBQҒs to raise money to benefit a friend who needs surgery after being hit by an uninsured motorist. Needless to say, Joe has had plenty of time to catch up on T1 duties. He will be heading down to South Africa with some etnies teammates at the beginning of August to do some demos for a distributor down there. Check out Joe's double page spread in the latest Dig BMX.
Dave Freimuth is still shooting and working on his Dig BMX magazine interview that has been in the works for way too long, and in the planning stages of getting the Northeast Baco tour going. Other than generally hanging out at home with his wife Pattie, Dave has been riding Area 51, a skatepark in Oshkosh, with Kevin Porter and newly-acquired etnies rail killer Brian Kachinski (watch for Kachinskis upcoming Ride UK interview) and working on the house. He also recently went camping at Jellystone with Kachinski and surrogate son, Kevin Porter (just kidding, Dave), where they went swimming and rode the water park. Dave also hung out, signed autographs and shot pictures with the kids at a local festival in Wisconsin, where the fireman raffled off donated bikes to kids. As if all that weren't enough, Dave has also been shooting photos with Steve Buddendeck for TransWorld BMX.
Nate Wessel has been out on the East Coast, riding, building ramps and enjoying life. He was in Washington DC a week ago to judge an MSS vert contest, then he did a site survey for Red Bull for the upcoming Bike Battle mountain bike contest. Nate is stoked on the design of the course he came up with and wants to build the same thing for BMX. Besides that, he has been riding at Woodward East and shooting for an upcoming Woodward video. Nate has been invited out to Travis PastranaҒs house to be involved in some kind of wild stunt show, which involves coming up with the craziest stunt possible on any kind of vehicle: bike, motorcycle, car, boat, etc. The prize is a couple of grand.

Josh Stricker enjoyed his birthday at home in Philly. Happy birthday, Josh! Other than that, he went to get some X rays of his back since it swelled up after a curved wall ride gone bad. Nothings broken, but heҒs going to get a second opinion. Lately, Josh has been on a West Coast road trip from LA up to San Francisco with S&M bikes to shoot for an upcoming TransWorld BMX article, as well as the long overdue S&M video. Josh also came by etnies recently to hang out and pick up some goodies.
Since coming back from the Worlds, where he placed a well-deserved 2nd in the park contest, John Heaton has been home in Toronto enjoying the beautiful weather and keeping himself out of trouble riding all the local spots hanging with his friends. He went down to Binghamton, New York and rode with FBM BikesҒ Kerry Sayre at the East Coast Terminal skatepark. John has also been doing shows in Ottawa with friends. He was stoked, to say the least, because the shows were at a beach volleyball tournament where there were way too many cute, half naked girls. Besides all this cool stuff, John has been hanging out with his girl and putting new seats in his bad-ass diesel VW.

Sandy Carson stayed after the Worlds in Cologne to tour around Europe, visit places he has always wanted to go, and shoot photos. He had his girl in tow so she could experience the world with him. Sandy is currently at home in Scotland, hanging with family, visiting friends and taking more pictures. Sandy claims he is the first etnies rider to climb Ben Nevis (Scotland's tallest mountain).He'll hear no argument there. He also toured the underworld of Edinburgh, snapping photos and basically enjoying Summertime in Scotland. He even got in a session at ScotlandҒs most famous riding spot, Livingston Skatepark, as well as some other local terrain. Currently, Sandy is at Dig BMX headquarters working on the next issue. He comes back to the U.S. on July 25.
Garrett Byrnes is home in New Jersey, getting ready for wrist surgery coming up at the end of July. He has sworn off bikes. I guess he had to since he sold his at the Worlds in Cologne. Garrett has also been surfing a bunch, playing around on his skateboard and hanging out with his girl, Crystal.

Brian Terada returned form Cologne, where he stealthily competed at the WorldҒs. He has been riding some secret pools up in the Valley, as well as hitting the streets since he quit his bike store job to focus more on riding. Other than that, Brian has been hanging with his girl.

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