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BMX Team Report 07-08-04

Jul 9 2004 / Friday

Mike Escamilla has had a long and busy month. After getting 6th place at the 3 Degrees event in Cardiff, Wales, he came home to the U.S. for a few days and did some STI Lab testing at the etnies skatepark with all kinds of electronic equipment hooked up to his body. He then headed right back to Europe for the Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Mike rode awesomely on the mini--qualifying with a line that even he was surprised to lay down--including a fufanu, a massive flair, a 540 and then he got lost from being so surprised at pulling all of that in a row. Mike qualified for the Mini-Ramp Finals, but hurt his wrist while practicing for Street, so he was done for the remainder of the weekend. He flew home to get some well-deserved rest with his family. Then he went straight back to work, as usual, shooting a video clip at the Primo ramps for bmxonline, and also filming Ryan Nyquist doing ninie-foot high flairs on the seven-foot tall mini-ramp. This past weekend, Mike went to Reno to visit his family in Reno with his wife Jodi and daughter Haley. The Rooftop 3 is currently in stores, so go buy it! Also, be sure to check out Mike's bike feature in the current 100th collectors issue of Ride BMX.
Taj Mihelich almost killed himself at the WorldҒs in Cologne. He made the Finals, but his run went awry when, during a wall tap on a tree six feet from the side of the ramp, his wheel slipped and his feet got caught up in his bike, sending him flipping him onto his back. After a hospital visit, Taj got the green light, but has taken the last two weeks off in Austin to recuperate. Although he's having a hard time sitting down without some serious pain, Taj has been back at T1, working hard and catching up on unfinished business with the help of some pain killers. Keep an eye out for the etnies Taj 3 shoe in 2005. It rocks !
Ruben Alcantara paid a visit to Fox racing up in Nor Cal before coming down to So Cal to hang out at etnies to work on his shoe, which has been fully revised and updated. Ruben also did some STI Lab testing like Rooftop a few days prior, but this time it was on street. etnies BMX shoes will be on a whole new level soon, now that this kind of technology is involved. Ruben entered the Worlds in Cologne, Germany and made the Mini-Ramp Finals, much to his surprise. He rode in almost pitch black because the Qualifying rounds took longer than expected. Ruben just cruised around, so he was a little confused when he did qualify. He didnҒt ride in the Finals by choice, to be fair to the riders who deserved to be in there. Ruben then headed home to Malaga for a few weeks. During his layover on the way there, he stopped at an undisclosed spot that he's been wanting to visit for a long time. Keep an out for future photos. Ruben is currently surfing, skating, riding, chilling and taking care of a sore knee at home in Spain. He will be back out in sunny Southern California on July 20 to see how his etnies shoe is going.
In case you haven't noticed, Jamie Bestwick is the newest member of the etnies team, and news about him is coming fast and furious. Okay, where do I start? Jamie recently hosted a TV show for the upcoming Gravity Games and shot photos for an upcoming etnies ad. He has been asked to do some sort of weird jet ski race from Long Beach, California to Catalina Island for Maxim magazine with Bob Burnquist, Mike Metzger and a couple of other X Games athletes. On the contest front, Jamie has been destroying all the competition in his path. He won the Soul Bowl in England about a month ago, beating out Mirra, no problem. He also got the opportunity to go backstage to see the likes of Slayer and Metallica at a concert that they were playing in the same venue. To say the crowd was huge for the comp is an understatement. Jamie also won the CFB at Woodward West, no problem. He missed the Worlds and the Vans Triple Crown due to a prior demo commitment with Danny Way, but went on to win the MSS contest this past weekend in Washington DC. While at home, Jamie has been spending quality time with his wife Kerry and has been digging and riding trails. He has also been riding some of Nate Wessel's wild new creations at Woodward East. Keep an eye out for Jamie at the X Games and Gravity Games. Be sure to check out his bio and interview right here on His birthday was July 8. Happy birthday, Jamie!
Prior to going to the Worlds in Cologne, Germany, Joe Rich was hard at work on the upcoming Terrible 1 video that will be hitting any time now. At the WorldҒs, Joe rode awesome in Mini Qualifying, enough to make the Finals, but he ended up taking himself out in Street Qualifying when he stepped out of a wall tap. Joe didnt even fall, but something felt weird in his knee. He couldnҒt quite straighten it, so it swelled over the next day, and he took a flight home to Austin to visit the doctor. Sure enough, he had a minor tear in the cartilage in his knee. A couple of days later, Joe went under the knife and will be back up and running (so to speak) in two to three weeks.
Dave Freimuth rode the Red Bull 3 Degrees contest in Cardiff, Wales at the beginning of June. He didnt quite make the Finals, but sure made his mark on the rest of the competitors. Following that, Dave stayed over in Europe to do a road trip around the old land before going to the WorldҒs in Cologne, Germany. He competed in both Mini and Street, but didnt make the Finals in either. Maybe it was due to the late nights and later mornings? Dave headed home to Appleton, Wisconsin to chill for a while and sleep in his own bed. HeҒs been home for almost a week-and-a-half now, hanging out with street legend Van Homan and his girl, who were in town on their way to the West Coast for vacation. Dave rode Area 51 with Van one night, and also went camping at Jellystone campground. While there, he got in a session on their new wooden bowl, as well as the miniature golf and wave pool. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Dig interview with Dave.
John Heaton rode the 3 Degrees event in Cardiff, Wales and killed it, placing 4th with one of the moves of the weekend, an alley-oop 360 across a gap from one box jump to another. After that, John stayed over in Europe and tooled around with his MacNeil / etnies teammate Dave Freimuth and good friend, Dave Osato. They visited all kinds of cool spots and rode with some Euro bad-asses. They worked their way to the Worlds in Cologne, Germany, where John placed 2nd in Street, making him the second best street rider in the world. Congrats, John! Check's in the mail. After returning home to Ontario, John jumped right back into keeping himself busy on his bike by doing shows for Canada Day in Ottawa with his friend's show team. Check out Johns current etnies ad in the 100th collectorҒs edition of Ride BMX.
Sandy Carson already had his ticket to the World's, but just prior to leaving for Germany, he hurt his back and was unable to ride in the comp. It was killing him, to say the least, not being able to join his friends having fun. The one thing Sandy doesnt do, though, is waste an opportunity. Germany has plenty to see, so he and his girl did the couples thing and went sightseeing, taking pictures--as a magazine photographer normally would anyway--and just enjoying the sites. After that, Sandy and his girl stayed in Europe, backpacking around visiting cool places like Denmark, Sweden, etc. and hitting-up a few music festivals here and there. Sandy heads back to Scotland on July 8 to visit family and friends and also get his back checked out before heading home to Austin on July 25.
Nate Wessel has been keeping himself more than busy building lots of new stuff out at Woodward in Pennsylvania--not only building it, but also riding it. Nate had fun competing in dirt at the World's, and came really close to pulling the elusive bike flip (an end-over-end bike rotation, landing back on the pedals). This past weekend, Nate was out in Washington DC to judge an MSS vert contest (that Bestwick won). Can you say easy money? Following that, Nate hung around the Northeast to do a site survey for some ramps that Red Bull want to set up for a mountain bike contest in the next few weeks.
Josh Stricker was keeping himself good and busy while most of the team were away in the UK for the Red Bull 3 Degrees event. He stuck with a bunch of kooks on the next installment of Road Fools. I think itҒs like Road Fools 65, but Im not sure. Josh has also been really busy continually filming for the upcoming S&M video that is due out sometime around Interbike in October. HeҒs currently on a West Coast road trip to film for the video, as well as take pictures for an upcoming Ride BMX UK interview. After he gets done with the California S&M trip, hell have a little down time before heading out on the East Coast S&M leg to shoot more video. JoshҒs Birthday is on July 18. Happy birthday, Josh!
Garrett Byrnes pretty much touched the sky at the 3 Degrees event in Cardiff, Wales, going higher over a box jump than should be allowed. The consequence of this, though, was re-injuring a hurt wrist, and, to add pain to misery, he tweaked his knee a little, too. But, at least he got 8th place. Garrett has finally conceded that he is going to need surgery on his wrist, which will be coming up at the end of July. In the meantime, Garrett went to the World's in Cologne, Germany, where he gave it his best shot to hit the ramps and the jumps, but there was just too much pain involved. Garrett is home in New Jersey chilling with his girl and family.
Brian Terada returned home from his Italy / Euro trip with We the People, where he filmed as much as possible for their video, due out any time now. He quit his job at the Camarillo bike factory to concentrate on riding more. Brian also headed back to Cologne to try his luck at the Worlds, but he wasnҒt really feeling the street course and it was harder than hell to get in any kind of practice on the mini-ramp. So, he didn't place very well. (He did enjoy the nightlife, though).

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