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Meet Brooke, the First etnies Girl of the Month!

Jul 1 2004 / Thursday

Let's cut to the chase. Brooke Pedersen is one cool chick. The 24-year-old Salt Lake City native is exactly the kind of girl we were thinking of when we decided to have an etnies Girl of the Month. She's creative, funny, cute, stylish, athletic, artistic...the list goes on. Brooke, who currently lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., has worked for etnies for the past four years—first entering promo orders in the showroom and answering phones, and now coordinating international marketing. We sat down with our first etnies Girl of the Month to discuss where she finds inspiration, what she was like in high school and how she got into action sports.

etnies Girl: So what do you like most about etnies Girl?
Brooke: It's all about having fun and being creative. Plus, etnies has been around forever and supported skateboarding from day one. You can't beat a company that's owned by a former pro skater.

etnies Girl: Why are you an etnies Girl?
Brooke: I guess because I try to add my own flavor to everything. Even when I was a little girl, I was on my own program. I just feel like life has so many new things to learn and try. I'm always moving!

etnies Girl: Where do you find inspiration?
Brooke: Sometimes when I'm doing my run on the pier, I hear drum beats in my head; or when I'm practicing drums, I think about new stuff I want to sew; or when I'm sitting in design class, I'll think about skating to get myself amped up. I think once you're involved in learning lots of new stuff, your brain is just more in tune with the stuff going on around you, and it's always generating new ideas. Of course, books, music and nature always inspire me too. I got most of the ideas for the apparel line I designed for school from the book "The Little Prince."

etnies Girl: What were you like in high school?
Brooke: I went to high school in Salt Lake City where kids were pretty conservative for the most part. So when I'd come in wearing the crazy gear I mixed together, people thought I was crazy. I was outgoing, and had some great girlfriends. Although I had lots of friends around me, I never really felt like I fit in—looking back, I think that's how everyone feels. If I could say anything to my high school self, I would tell her not to worry so much about being different and to remember that everyone in high school is scared and insecure, so there's no point in paying attention to what they think about you.

etnies Girl: What do you look for in a crush, and who do you have a crush on now?
Brooke: My dream boy would be Richie Tenenbaum from "The Royal Tenenbaums." All of it—the clothes, the personality and of course the beard! I like boys who don't take themselves too seriously but still think about important things and care about being a good person. It's very important that my crushes are secure and won't smother me. At any given time, I have a million crushes. I'm boy crazy! Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with James Mercer from the Shins.

etnies Girl: How did you get involved in action sports?
Brooke: When I was 14, I started working at my dad's sporting goods store building bikes and putting skate and snowboards together. Over the next five years, I worked there doing all kinds of different stuff and I really fell in love with action sports. I made so many great friends in the industry at tradeshows and through work, and I knew I wanted to work with people who were so enthusiastic and creative.

Brooke's Favorite Things

Place: "The house my grandma lived in while I was growing up. It was a split level, but long and every room had a theme."
Animal: Dove
Color: Blue
Food: "I don't panic, as long as it's organic!"
Hangout: The Harajuku Laforet corner in Tokyo
Book: "Franny and Zooey," by JD Salinger
Movie: "'Rushmore.' It's so sweet and funny, but not sappy."
TV Show: "'The O.C.,' and my guilty crush would be Seth Cohen!"
Sport: Skateboarding
Candy: Junior Mints
Smell: "Babies, aaaahhhhhh!"
Hobby: Drums, skating, sewing, running, knitting, reading...
Guilty Pleasure: "Teen movies. Hillary Duff, the Olsen twins...I can't lay off them."
Athlete: Elissa Steamer
etnies shoe: "The Lo-Qwan-Do. They massage your feet when you walk!"

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