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BMX Team Report 06-07-04

Jun 7 2004 / Monday

Mike Escamilla spent the week in Southern California hanging with family and taking care of business. He was involved in a small fender bender, but fortunately, no one was hurt. The other person's car got wedged under Mike's truck, which was barely scratched. Mike went up to Woodward camp on Wednesday to help out as a visiting pro, hanging with the kids and doing some teaching. Following the Woodward visit, Mike got a stomach flu that took him out for a day or so. He also worked on some colorways for his new etnies shoe, the Rooftop 3. Mike is getting ready to head out to Cardiff, Wales in the UK for the Red Bull Three Degrees event this coming weekend, June 12-13.
Taj Mihelich's third etnies shoe is looking bad ass! Taj has been back from the East Coast, where he and Terrible One attended the Subdivision BMX trade show at East Coast Terminal with a bunch of other dirty BMXers. Hes been spending a little more time out of the office at home and riding some with his friends.
Ruben Alcantara is wandering the U.S. with the guys from Fly Bikes. They went to Woodward East a couple of weeks ago to get some riding in. Who knows where they are now? Ruben has revised and upgraded his upcoming first etnies shoe, which is back on the fast track to prototypes. Keep your eyes peeled.
Joe Rich has been working a bunch at T1 this past week, since company co-owner and etnies teammate Taj Mihelich took the week off to get some rest. But Joe has had some time do other things, like pulling late-night shifts working on the Terrible One video (not only editing, but also riding for it). Joe has obviously also been riding the ramp out back of T1 with his friends. He crashed pretty good the other day on the vert wall section of the ramp and claims he bounced a few times before coming to rest on the flat bottom, which for some reason or another he found funny. Joe rode his dirt bike on Sunday, which left him pretty sore.
Dave Freimuth had planned on entering a tricycle race that his grandfather put him up for this past Saturday. Seems Gramps thought that because Joe is good on a bike, he can ride just about anything (which he probably can). Since Dave had to attend a wedding the same day, however, he had to miss the race. The wedding was on a riverboat heading around a chain of lakes in Waupaca, Wisconsin. DaveҒs been riding a bunch with good friend and etnies flow rider Brian Kachinski at the Area 51 Skatepark. He also shot a couple of things for an upcoming interview in Dig BMX magazine that should be coming out soon, and sent some photos to Ride UK for a story hes writing about the trip to Japan he and fellow MacNeil riders went on. Also, Dave wanted to mention an amazing skatepark set-up in Warren, Wisconsin on a campground, in which you get to camp, go fishing, BBQ, hit-up a water park and even some miniature golf. Oh, and the whole place is free. Check it out. DaveҒs getting ready to go to the Three Degrees event this coming weekend in Cardiff, Wales UK.
John Heaton got back from some shows he did with fellow etnies / MacNeil team rider Dave Freimuth about a week or so ago. While at home, hes been riding some local parks. Former etnies team rider Dustin Guenther was in town taking care of his repping duties for Ten Pack Distribution, so John had a friendly face to hang and ride with. One of their evenings was spent almost getting into a fight with some people who were mad that John and Dustin were trying to crawl under their car. DonҒt ask. On Saturday, John went to his girl Andreas sister's wedding, where he had fun partying. John is getting ready to head to the Red Bull Three Degrees event this coming weekend in Cardiff, Wales.
Nate Wessel has been building non-stop out at Woodward East, so who knows what kind of crazy contraptions heҒs going to come up with? I guess youll just have to go to camp to find out. Nate has obviously been riding the camp quite a bit and getting ready to head out to Cologne, Germany for the Worlds near the end of June with the rest of the etnies team.
Garrett Byrnes has been home in New Jersey for a while now after attending the Subdivision BMX trade show in Binghamton, New York about a week-and-a-half ago. While there, he went riding at some nearby trails with some of the locals. Garrett will be heading out to the UK this Thursday to attend the Red Bull Three Degrees contest in Cardiff, Wales.
Brian Terada has been home from his Euro We the People trip for a couple of weeks now and has definitely been enjoying his home time. Riding has been going really well, and he has been wrapping up final footage for the We the People video due out any time now. BrianҒs been riding plenty, whether its at Skate Street skatepark or numerous street spots by his house. He and his friends have also found a new pool to session not too far away.
Sandy Carson has been extremely busy taking photos and printing them in his home darkroom for issues of Dig BMX. He rode a bunch last weekend in the 95 degree Austin weather at a new ditch they found a few weeks back. Sandy also did some swimming because of the heat, and hung out with his girl. This Summer is going to be hectic as hell for Sandy, with keeping up with Dig deadlines and heading out to the UK in a few weeks to visit family, attend the Worlds in Cologne, as well as a music festival in Roskilde, Denmark. Later on in the Summer, Sandy will be going to Africa to do demos with a few other etnies riders, including Ruben, Joe and Sergio Layos. Before things get too out of hand, Sandy has to get ready to move, too. The editing of SandyҒs part for the Federal video is in its final stages. Sandy turned twenty-one years old again recently. Happy Birthday, Sandy!
Josh Stricker just got back from a road trip out to the West Coast with some friends. He flew home a little early since hes leaving again very soon to go on Road Fools 13 with B-team rider Mike Tag. Josh mailed his bike home from the trip, so he enjoyed a few good days of rest before it showed up on Friday. Josh rode this past weekend in Philly, shot some photos with Rob Dolecki and has been working on his Ride UK interview that will be in an upcoming issue. Keep your eyes peeled.

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