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BMX Team Report 4-19-30-04

Apr 29 2004 / Thursday

Mike Escamilla
has been super busy for the last few weeks. First, he was in England for the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, England. Mike didnt quite make the finals, but he definitely made an impression on everyone there. Following that, he went to Spain to get in touch with his heritage, as well as to shoot pictures and get some footage for etnies and the next Samurai video. While in Spain, Mike also filmed a scene report for an upcoming Props video magazine, so keep an eye out for that. When Mike got back from Spain, he took his wife and daughter out to Palm Springs to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Mike then joined etnies
teammate John Heaton up at Woodward West this week for a TV contest called P.I.G., which is kinda like a game of HORSE. Also, be sure to check out Rooftop on the cover of TransWorld BMX, featuring a shot from his trip to New Zealand.

Taj Mihelich
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he placed 10th and also did quite possibly the highest halfpipe air I have ever seen. Taj returned home to a crapload of work at T1. They are now doing their own distribution, which is an added headache, but it will hopefully work out to benefit them immensely.
He rode the 9th Street trails on some time off from the office and managed to get poison ivy on an undisclosed region of his body. Taj has also been getting ready to head out for a three-week road trip, including a stop at Woodward West, where he will team up with etnies teammate Garrett Byrnes for the game of P.I.G. Taj has been and will be filming for his part in the upcoming T1 video.

Ruben Alcantara
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he placed 18th. He rode better in qualifying, but still shredded in the finals in usual Ruben fashion. After the Jam, Ruben headed back to Spain to do a scene
report for Props video magazine. Keep an eye out for it, cuz youҒll see not only Ruben, but other etnies riders like Sergio Layos, Mike Escamilla and newly acquired etnies flow rider Javier Ortega, as well. The trip will include plenty of hot spots in Spain and parts of Portugal.

Joe Rich
headed out to England early to film etnies / T1 rider Scott Malyon for the T1 video. Joe attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he had the time of his life. He rode amazingly in practice until he fell on the first trick of his prelim run on a nose pick. He sprained the living crap out of his ankle, which swelled immediately to enormous proportions. Joe had planned a trip to Prague with some friends to get some filming done for the T1 video, but due to his ankle situation, he decided it would be better if he headed home to Austin to
continue editing it. Joe went to get his ankle checked out, thinking that there may be further trouble with it, but its all good. HeҒll be doing a T1 road trip to film for the video with most of the team. Joe has a feature in an upcoming issue of Dig BMX featuring a photographer called ShutterӔ.

John Heaton
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth and rode awesome, but didnt make the finals. He entered the Best Trick contest following the finals and was trying a gap to 90 degree rail, but decided it might be a good idea to hit his head and take an impromptu involuntary nap on the street course for about three minutes! John eventually came to and was back to his usual jovial self, cracking jokes and fooling around (even though he could barely walk under his own steam). After the Jam, John did a road trip around England and Scotland with
friends before heading home back to Toronto, where he was home for a total of three days before going to Woodward West to compete in the P.I.G. contest with etnies teammate Mike Escamilla.

Nate Wessel
has been on a ramp-building frenzy as of late. First off, he headed over to England to help out building some new and wild stuff for the etnies Backyard Jam. Nate also competed in the Jam and kicked some major ass, placing 6th with some amazing runs. He had quite possibly the trick of the event, a 360 pocket air to fakie. The gap was huge and basically looked impossible, but Nate pulled it in about four or five tries. Following England, Nate headed out to Woodward West to give the outdoor street course a face lift for the P.I.G event. He will also be
competing in P.I.G. with Todd Wick-a-Wack(Walkowiak)as the Square One team. Nate will be staying at Woodward West to further update the course for the upcoming CFB at the end of April.

Sandy Carson
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he had a fun time and rode really well, but didnҒt make the finals. Sandy headed to Prague following the Jam to get some final filming done for the Federal video. After Prague, he went to Scotland to visit family. He will also be heading out to Woodward West to compete in the P.I.G event with Cory Martinez as his FEDERAL bikes teammate. As usual, Sandy has been working hard on any and every upcoming issue of Dig BMX.

Following his trip to California, Jason Enns
is back home enjoying the improving weather up in Vancouver. He has been filming for the Volume Bikes video, which has now been changed into a regular-style filming schedule instead of the one week that had previously been planned. Jason is also making plans for a Ride UK interview. Keep an eye out for it, cuz if its anything like the Dig interview, itҒs going to be epic.

Dave Freimuth
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he rode awesome and placed 17th with his usual tech style and precision. After that, Dave
headed back home to hang with his wife, Pattie, and resumed his suburban life, plus riding and shooting photos with good friend Jim Rienstra. Dave was one of the judges for the Aspire video part contest that Jim puts on. Speaking of videos, he has also started filming for the new UGP flick. Dave will be out at Woodward West for the P.I.G contest, where he will be part of the MacNeil bikes team.

Edwin De La Rosa
was part of the TIP Distribution road trip around the Southwest, culminating at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest BMX Grand Opening. He went home for a while to New York, only to turn right around and come back out to Cali to hang out and enjoy the weather with good friends and ride some LA hot spots. Edwin is finally all settled into his new apartment with his buddy. He recently crashed and re-hurt his wrist, and probably has to get surgery this time. Check out Edwins interview in the newest Ride UK, itҒs a good one.

Josh Stricker
has been super busy at home in Philly (yes, he moved back there), filming for the upcoming S&M Bikes video, as well as the new TIP video that is in the works. Its been raining a bunch out East, so things have been kinda tough on Josh, but heҒs been getting the job done when
he gets the chance. He did manage to get a couple of sessions in on a new concrete park in New Jersey with a good friend from Cali now living there, Brian Foster, as well as riding plenty of street. Joshs hand has been bothering him quite a bit due to repeated slams.

Garrett Byrnes
attended the etnies Backyard Jam in Bournemouth, where he rode awesome and made the finals, placing 12th with fast lines and bad-ass transfers. Garrett is back home in New Jersey for the last week or so. Next, he will head out to Woodward West to compete in the P.I.G event as part of the T1 team with Taj Mihelich. Garrett will also be filming some final stuff for the T1 video before finally getting wrist surgery in the beginning of May.

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