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Contest Report: Tampa Pro 2004

Mar 22 2004 / Monday

Skatepark of Tampa
Tampa, Florida
March 12-14, 2004

Three solid days of fun in the sun, er, sweatbox warehouse, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the realest, rawest skatepark contest of them all: Tampa Pro (the only one to include "Nightlife" on their official printed contest schedule)!

Friday, March 12
Team Manager / Industry VIP Contest
The second annual Team Manager / Industry VIP contest went down on the street course at 10:00 a.m. What? 10:00 a.m.? Who do they expect to show-up at that hour? At least seventeen dudes did, believe it or not. The top place was claimed by SpoT's own General Manager Ryan Clements, who matched that achievement with the Blackest Socks and Greyest Hair awards. Way to go, old-timer!

Team Manager / Industry VIP Contest Final Results
1. Ryan Clements 2. Gabe Clement 3. Scott Koerner 4. BC 5. Jason Rothmeyer 6. Jim Thiebaud 7. Josh Friedberg 8. Al Partanen 9. Kevin Marks 10. Justin Williams 11. Mark Oblow 12. Dave Smith 13. Rob Meronek 14. Joey Picciolo 15. Ewan Bowman 16. Craig Glover 17. Ryan DeWitt Friday

Street Qualifiers

The official Street Qualifiers started at 1:00 p.m. Two fifty-second runs, best counts, 1st place qualifier goes directly to Finals, 2nd-16th go to Semi-Finals. Billy Marks stepped up and dominated, kickflipping into any and everything, as usual, to qualify 1st.

Friday Street Qualifiers Results
1. Billy Marks 2. Caine Gayle 3. Peter Ramondetta 4. Austin Seaholm 5. Daisuke Mochizuki 6. Ronnie Creager 7. Chris Senn 8. Frank Hirata 9. Corey Duffel 10. Chad Bartie 11. Pat Channita 12. Danny Morrin 13. Ed Selego 14. Emeric Pratt 15. Chris Dobstaff 16. Stefan Janoski (etnies) 17. Jarrett Berry 18. Joey Pulsifer 19. Tato Feliciano 20. Pete Eldridge 21. Chany Jeanquenin 22. Roger Bruinma 23. Kevin Taylor 24. Andre Tomaz 25. Ricardo Carvalho 26. Aaron Suski 27. Darrell Stanton 28. Ronald Whaley 29. Fabrizio Santos (etnies) 30. Garold Vallie 31. Tim Johnson 32. Joey Pepper 33. Tim O'Connor 34. Pat Rakestraw 35. Ibon Marino 36. Richard Brito 37. Kareem Campbell 38. Richard Angelides

After that, Cliché
's Bon Appetit! video had a "premiere" in the bowl warehouse to a small but sprightly crowd, who were also treated to their own private little product toss--how cute.

Saturday, March 13
Saturday Street Qualifiers
When you were little, you could usually be found eating a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Now that youre all grown-up, you're way more into checking out the Street Qualifiers at Tampa Pro. Two fifty-second runs, best counts, top qualifier goes straight to Finals, 2nd-16th go to Semi-Finals. Chris Cole blew many minds with his uncanny board control abilities, landing him in the top qualifying position, with etnies' own Bastien Salabanzi right behind in 2nd.

Saturday Street Qualifiers Results
1. Chris Cole 2. Bastien Salabanzi (etnies) 3. Daniel Viera 4. Dennis Busenitz 5. Zered Bassett (etnies) 6. Willy Santos 7. Greg Lutzka 8. Reese Forbes 9. Rodney Jones 10. Justin Strubing 11. Jeremy Wray 12. Patrick Melcher 13. Guilherme Zollin 14. Billy Rohan 15. Wolnei Dos Santos 16. Rick McCrank 17. Ricardo Oliveira 18. Jon Allie 19.
Chris Kendall 20. Steve Nesser 21. Billy Lane 22. Kevin "Spanky" Long 23. Kris Foley 24. Jim Gagne 25. Malcom Watson 26. Chet Childress 27. Rodrigo TX. 28. Ryan Fabry 29. Mike Peterson 30. Colt Cannon 31. Stacy Lowery 32. John Buchanan 33. Felix Arguelles 34. Mike Mancini 35. Christophe Sampaio 36. Mike Maldonado 37. Jahmal Williams 38. Neil Mims 39. Forrest Kirby 40. Matt Milligan 41. Nate Jones 42. Elissa Steamer (etnies)

Moat Race

Another hot Tampa Pro tradition is the Moat Race through the murky, canal o' sludge that sits stewing in front of the park. A bunch of kids basically climb all over each other, splishing and splashing in the yucky concoction (through two tunnels, even!) for a chance at winning a big stack of decks, shirts and other equipment. It's definitely an eyeful for the spectators, and a pantful (of sludge) for the entrants. A good time was had by all (except the losers).

Vert Finals

Later in the afternoon, the Vert contest went down under a rapidly setting sun. Fifteen of today's top crop of perpendicular pundits fired off radical routines of tech manual wizardry atop the big-ass trannies of SpoT's big kahuna. It was a tough call, but in the end, tech won out over hot air, with Montreal's Pierre Luc Gagnon peppering his solid, consistent runs with some very difficult tricks, like backside nollie heelflip Indys and tail grab 540s, to claim 1st place spoils.

Vert Final Results
1. Pierre Luc Gagnon 2. Anthony Furlong 3. Neal Hendrix 4. Sandro Dias 5. Jake Brown 6. Lincoln Ueda (etnies) 7. Paul Zitzer 8. Danny Mayer 9. Mike Crum 10. Phil Hajal 11. Brian
Howard 12. Darren Navarette 13. Jesse Fritsch 14. Rodney Meade 15. Ty Cabaya

Vert Best Trick
The Vert Best Trick contest stretched out for a half hour into dusk as a handful of vert dawgs threw down their best bodacious banger attempts for the halfpipe-lovin' crowd. Some crazy action went down as some of the best ramp riders in the world flicked, flipped and flapped their way high into the air and down upon the singing metal coping of SpoT's big ol' U thingy. Check the list below for the lowdown.

Vert Best Trick Final Results
1. Danny Mayer--Kickflip 540 ($1000) 2. Paul Zitzer--Frontside heelflip (no grab) ($800) 3. Pierre Luc Gagnon--Nollie heelflip Indy 360 ($600) 4. Sandro Diaz--Double kick judo 540 ($400) 5. Anthony Furlong--Nose grind pop-out off the extension ($200)

Vert Best Trick No Cigars
Jake Brown attempted a frontside 720 about a thousand times and came really close, but no cigar. etnies' own Lincoln Ueda enhanced his mega air show with some valiant attempts at an alley-oop kickflip grab back-and-forth-hand-flippy kind of thing
(about eight feet out and traveling twelve feet, of course).

Saturday Nightlife
As the annual St. Patrick's day parade raged Mardi-Gras style just outside (complete with loud, gaudy floats filled with all sorts of themed characters throwing out beads to drunken revelers), Foundation's That's Life video premiered with three free kegs at the Masquerade club in the Ybor City district of Tampa. Mike V & The Rats and Operatic (Jesse Fritsch's band) then took to the stage and played to a sparse but appreciative crowd. Later that night, it was rumored that a certain individual caused some major mayhem back at his hotel, earning himself a free night in the slammer.

Sunday, March 14
Street Semi-Finals
The Street Semi-Finals got underway at noon, right after everyone arrived from church (lol). Two sixty-second runs, best counts, top ten go to Finals. All previous Tampa Pro winners are
automatically entered in the Semi-Finals.

Street Semi-Finals Results
1. Bastien Salabanzi (etnies) 2. Rick McCrank 3. Danny Morrin 4. Daniel Viera 5. Kerry Getz 6. Peter Ramondetta 7. Kyle Berard 8. Caine Gayle 9. Jeremy Wray 10. Dennis Busenitz 11. Tony Trujillo 12. Patrick Melcher 13. Pat Channita 14. Greg Lutzka 15. Austin Seaholm 16. Zered Bassett (etnies) 17. Rodney Jones 18. Chris Dobstaff 19. Stefan Janoski (etnies) 20. Ronnie Creager 21. Willy Santos 22. Frank Hirata 23. Daisuke Mochizuki 24. Gershon Mosley 25. Reese Forbes 26. Chris Senn 27. Billy Rohan 28. Wolnei Dos Santos 29. Ryan Gee 30. Eric Koston 31. Mike Vallely (etnies) 32. Chad Bartie 33. Justin Strubing 34. Corey Duffel 35. Emeric Pratt 36. Ed Selego

Street Finals

The Street Finals at the 10th Annual Tampa Pro brought down the house as twelve top contenders threw down some mighty tough tricks, each vying for the $10,000 smackeroos up on the table. Chris Cole employed the "do whatever you want҅and just make it" technique to crowd-pleasing result, throwing all kinds of super-difficult tricks
all over the Tampa street course as if it were child's play. Rick McCrank was his usual consistent self, effectively mixing old and new, simple and tech in several of his inspired final runs.

None of these guys could hold a candle to etnies' own Bastien Salabanzi, whose technical wizardry, combined with his smooth and effortless style, was nothing less than incredible, leaving judges and spectators alike in awe. Kickflip frontside boardslides to fakie down the fun box rail, backside flips and Cab flips over the huge pyramid, 360 flips up the gap, as well as switch heelflips down it, were just a few of the difficult moves Bastien pulled consistently throughout his runs. The crowd and judges roared in approval as Bastien easily stomped his way into the top spot.

Street Final Results
1. Bastien Salabanzi (etnies) 2. Rick McCrank 3. Kyle Berard 4. Chris Cole 5. Kerry Getz 6. Danny Morrin 7. Caine Gayle 8. Daniel Viera 9. Peter Ramondetta 10. Dennis Busenitz 11. Billy Marks 12. Jeremy Wray

Street Best Trick
Right after the Street Finals came Street Best Trick, in which a bunch of dudes hammered away at the step-up rail and big rail for exactly thirty minutes, trying to show everyone what they know. While last year's Best Trick at Tampa Pro was rather lackluster, this year's turned
out spectacular as Chris Cole, Greg Lutzka, Rodney Jones, Malcom Watson, Billy Marks and others threw some crazy-ass stunts up and down 'dem rails. Just scope the trick list below.

Street Best Trick Final Results
1. Chris Cole--Kickflip backside nose blunt slide, 270 lipslide, big inward heelflip to flat, backside tailslide big spin out ($1,000) 2. Greg Lutzka--Kickflip frontside nosegrind, kickflip frontside noseslide, 270 switch front boardslide ($800) 3. Billy Marks--360 flip
lipslide to fakie, many more ($600) 4. Rodney Jones--Switch flip boardslide on the step-up rail ($400) 5. Malcom Watson--360 flip nose slide down the step-up rail ($200)

Sunday Nightlife
As SpoT said to anyone who still wanted to party at the end of the weekend: "Give your liver a high-five". Quite a little crew of committed revelers did just that at the official Tampa Pro afterparty at the Green Room in Ybor City for one last, albeit low-key, night of drunken fun. Once again, we here at etnies would like to thank the Skatepark of Tampa for having us back to the funnest contest of the circuit. We'd also like to wish SpoT another ten years of great skateboarding contests, as well as congratulate Bastien Salabanzi for an incredible contest win!

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