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BMX Team Report 03-11-04

Mar 11 2004 / Thursday

Mike Escamilla
has actually been riding a whole bunch this past week at various So Cal spots and BMX-illegal skateparks, the Volume bikes warehouse, as well as Woodward West, where he was able to get some dirt jumping in. Mike also went snowboarding this past week, and after all the rain Southern California has been having ,the snow was awesome!

Taj Mihelich
actually pulled himself away from the office long enough to do a little one-day road trip with T1
co-owner and etnies teammate Joe Rich. The two went up to Abilene, Texas to ride the concrete park there, but it rained the whole way, so that session got shut down. Then they headed to the Eisenberg Skatepark. Taj said it sucked, so they left after about a half hour. All in all, they drove for about fifteen hours for thirty minutes of riding--one more reason for Taj to stay home. Taj shot a couple of pictures for an etnies ad this week with etnies teammate Sandy Carson. Besides all this stuff, Taj still cant pull himself away from his computer. He's also been playing music and getting ready for South by Southwest. Taj quit longtime parts sponsor Primo this week.

Ruben Alcantara
headed out on a Fly Bikes road trip this past week that will take him away from home for around twenty days. They're going to the Canary Islands, as well as many other Mediterranean hot spots. Ruben's etnies pro model shoe is in the works and looking awesome!

Joe Rich
went on a small road trip with T1 co-owner, etnies teammate and good friend Taj Mihelich, which took them nowhere with very little riding, but plenty of driving. Joe has been riding at home on the T1 ramp, as well as the Skatepark of Austin. He's also been logging footage and scanning lots of pictures. Joe takes off for New Zealand this coming Wednesday to go visit friends and get some rest and relaxtion in. Joe also quit longtime parts sponsor Primo this week

Sandy Carson
is getting a story wrapped-up on the trip he and etnies teammate Joe Rich went on a couple of weeks ago for Dig BMX, as well as finishing up the next issue. Sandy is preparing
for the Props Mega Tour that rolls into town this coming week. Sandy has been riding a bunch of street with some friends that are currently in town.

Josh Stricker
spent last week at home in New York riding with friends. On Thursday, he drove up to Toronto for the annual Metro Jam, entered, rode awesome, but didnҒt make the finals.

Brian Terada
has been working at the bike store quite a bit and riding some pools by his house up in the Valley. He headed up to Toronto this past Thursday to enter the Toronto Metro Jam. Brian
rode well, but just not good enough to make the finals, which is very unusual for him.

Garrett Byrnes
had previously been scheduled to head out for the upcoming Mega Tour that is going to hit Texas, but he decided hed rather not be the designated driver for a bunch of drunks on the road. Garrett has been surfing a little (even though itҒs been pretty cold), hanging with his girlfriend and getting some riding in at local concrete parks and indoor parks.

Edwin De La Rosa
moved into his new
apartment with his buddy and has been furniture shopping at Ikea. He's planning on heading out to California to shoot for an upcoming Tip Distribution video.

Dave Freimuth
has been chilling and not riding since smashing his face last week. He went up to Toronto to attend the Metro Jam, which he had previously planned on entering, but he scratched that idea due to the injury.

Nate Wessel
has been super-stoked driving his big old monster truck with the 37s on it. He went up to Toronto for the Metro Jam and entered, but didnt make the finals. He sure did do some bad-ass stuff, though. Nate left from Toronto Sunday and headed back to Cleveland via Woodward.

John Heaton
has been home in Toronto preparing for the Metro Jam, where he made the finals and placed 9th with awesome moves like a jump over the whole driveway box to manual down the rail, which is at least a fourteen leap of faith. He pulled it clean and also repetitively tried a flip to fufanu, which he came pretty close to pulling, but no cigar.

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