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BMX Team Report 2-24-04

Feb 26 2004 / Thursday

Mike Escamilla
is one of the busiest BMXers out there. As usual, he's been doing all kinds of stuff and definitely keeps life interesting for himself. Mike just got back from New Zealand, where he competed in their version of the X Games called X Air. He made the finals in Street, but didnt
hang around long enough to see his final placing. As a slap in the face to the other competitors, this event was the first time Mike has been back on his bike since breaking his tailbone in December. While in New Zealand, Mike and a couple of the guys on the Samurai team did a road trip around the island, as well as plenty of extra-curricular activities like bungee jumping, white water river rafting and riding in some kind of plane called a ғshot-over jet that flies super-low through mountains and canyons at top speeds. Our boys also did some street luging down through mountain roads with jumps and turns, kinda like a BMX track. Mike also got back into dirt jumping a little while ԓdown under. The trip will be featured in an upcoming issue of TransWorld BMX. Mike has been home since Friday and has been logging in footage of the trip. His third etnies signature shoe, the Rooftop 3, will be available this coming April.

Taj Mihelich
has been working in Austin. Actually, as if he doesnԒt work enough, Taj has taken on another project by starting up a website that gives anyone an avenue to get their zines out there to the masses. As Taj put it, "Theres so much talent out there, it needs to be seenҔ. Go check it out at As time goes by, Taj is hoping to include more and more BMX-related books, magazines and just plain zines for your viewing pleasure. Its been raining a bunch in Austin lately (it actually snowed one night), so Taj has had a hard time riding outdoors, but he has been sessioning the Skatepark of Austin. He's so good there, he has to be seen to be believed. Taj had his mom and little brother in town for a week, so he was playing host while still trying to keep T1 running day-to-day. There was a T1 show a week or so ago at the Ritz featuring This 
Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. Taj has been playing some of his own music, as well, and he recently learned to play a David Bowie tune. Ask him to play it when you see him. TajҒs upcoming new etnies shoe is looking good, keep an eye out for it.

Ruben Alcantara
is home in Spain enjoying friends and family. He just wrapped-up shooting photos with Ride BMX's Jeff Zielinski in the Canary Islands for his upcoming interview, which is due out soon. Ruben has been doing plenty of riding in Malaga. In fact, etnies / Fly Bikes' own Sergio Layos was in town recently to shred with Ruben, who has also been getting some extra footage for the T1 video that will be coming out soon.

Joe Rich
and Sandy Carson
have been on the road for the last couple of weeks doing an etnies road trip from Texas to California, hitting some pretty heavy spots along the way. They rode some awesome places in Texas, as well as New Mexico, Arizona and California--culminating with a two-day session at the new Woodward
West up in the mountains above Tehachapi in a small place called Stallion Springs. Check out
. There will be clips from the trip in the upcoming T1 video, as well as the Federal Bikes video. There should be some coverage in an upcoming Dig BMX magazine, so keep an eye out for it. It should be a keeper.

Dave Freimuth
and company are done with the new Baco 10 video, and he has been shipping them out to stores and friends. Dave has been shredding the new and upgraded Area 51 Skatepark in Appleton, Wisconsin. He also went along for the ride on a C4 bike store / Animal Bikes road trip around the Milwaukee area to promote the new Animal video. Plenty of riding went down.

Brian Terada
is back behind the wheel of his Acura after having his license suspended for having a heavy-ass lead foot. He claims he has been pushing his luck a little too much again when driving and apparently hasnt learned his lesson. BrianҒs been riding a bunch now that he has been able to travel, and he has been getting video clips for the upcoming We The People video, as well as the soon-to-be Tip Distribution video, which he will be doing a road trip for soon. Brian has also
found some new pools up in the Valley to sesh. Besides all of the bike riding, Brian has been working a bunch at the bike store in Camarillo.

Edwin Delarosa
has been trying to keep away from the New York area as much as possible due to the crappy weather, so he's been on the road with friends, logging in footage for Fit Bikes and just for the hell of it. Edwin is currently heading home from a trip down to Florida with the crew from Animal Bikes, where they visited South Beach to take in the sights. They also went to Orlando and Maryland, as well as many other top secret spots that only those guys know of. Keep an eye out for the Edwin Delarosa interview in an upcoming Ride UK issue.

Nate Wessel
is at home in the Cleveland area working on some ramps at Chenga 2. Nate says its some of the best, most intricate stuff he's ever built. He has been riding a bunch at both Chengas 1 and 2. He also hung-out at a comp that Chenga 1 had this past weekend and road with the competitors (but didnҒt compete). Nate has been hanging with his mom and helping her
recover from an operation. He has also been snowboarding a bunch and got himself some nice, new Rims and thirty-seven-inch tires on his monster truck. Nate will be heading out to Woodward, Pennsylvania this coming week.

John Heaton
has been playing hockey waaaaay to much. He has also been getting over some minor injuries, as well as helping his sister choose a new car this past week. John went to go hit some golf balls at the driving range and also went to a Maple Leafs game with his mom for her birthday. The two of them were stoked because the Maple Leafs won 4-1. John celebrated by playing some more hockey.

Jason Enns
and friends finalized the building of the new top secret ramp facility in town that good friend Dave Osato threw down some cash for. The spot is affectionately named The Igloo due to the shape of the building. Everyone has been shredding there if its too wet outside. Jason has also been enjoying the domestic life now that he's a home owner.

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