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BMX Team Report 12-29-04

Dec 29 2004 / Wednesday

In the last couple of weeks, Mike Escamilla has done the Tony Hawk radio show and shot some photos for an upcoming etnies ad, as well as some top secret photos for an upcoming Ride BMX issue with Jeff Zielinski. He also did some filming with Glen Milligan and has been riding with Gary Young quite a bit. Last week, Mike rode the Primo ramps with Gary and also did some riding over at Ben Snowdens backyard ramp facility, where he learned Superman seat grabs. During the remainder of the week, Mike spent time being a taxi driver for family members who were in town for Christmas. MikeҒs etnies Rooftop 3 shoe is available now in stores everywhere, so go buy a pair or two!

Taj Mihelich has been riding a bunch in freezing temperatures in Austin. Keith Mulligan from Ride magazine was in town to shoot Taj at the Skatepark of Austin, the Banana Farm Ramp and the T1 Ramp. Taj has also been playing music a bunch and working at T1, as usual. Check out the newest issue of Dig BMX to see his epic cover. Tajs etnies Roscoe shoe will be available in January 2005. Pick up a pair of those, also!

Ruben Alcantara is home in Spain, loving life and shredding the trails now that they have had a little rain. He's also been hitting the streets quite bit around Malaga and working on the Fly Bikes video. Ruben has been kicking ass on his motorcycle, so much so that he has been launching about 50 feet or so off a pretty good-sized hip that he and his friends built. The surf has been pretty good lately, so Ruben has gone out a little here and there. He spent Christmas just hanging out with his family. Ruben is currently riding the final samples of his etnies Terranea shoe, which will be available in June 2005.

Jamie Bestwick is home in State College, Pennsylvania, taking care of his pregnant wife, Kerry, freezing his ғbleeps off and shredding BMX 's happiest place on Earth, Woodward. Jamie is getting ready for the 2005 contest season, in which he will be competing in the new Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour, as well as the usual events like the X and Gravity Games--not to mention the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam tour that he was just recently invited on. It's going to be a busy year, for sure.

Joe Rich is home in Austin keeping himself very busy. He shot photos with Keith Mulligan a couple of weeks ago for Ride BMX at the T1 ramp, as well as at the Banana Farm Ramp for an upcoming etnies ad. Joe has also been on a street mission as of late. He's been planning on building a dark room in the back of Terrible One. Joe spent Christmas with his parents, who now live in Austin. Being the big kid that he is, he received some pretty cool toys from them.

Dave Freimuth started the week finishing up his last-minute Christmas shopping. He attended all kinds of family gatherings over the last three days. Apparently, Santa wasn't keeping a very good eye on Dave this year, as he somehow managed to sneak onto the "nice" list, receiving a digi camera, a practice putting green, a golfing glove, a book by Brett Favre, a mini DVD player, a pantload of gift certificates, and a gas grill. Dave's lovin' it! And to top it all off, the wifey was just glowin' after she put on the ring Dave gave her. Now, he just has to stake out the jewelry store to see if he can catch her trying to return it! Merry Christmas, Dave!

The week before Christmas, Dave had to shovel five inches of snow from his driveway--which he claims he loves doing--just to be able to pull his car out! He and Pattie also joined a winter volleyball league. Besides all this, Dave has been riding Area 51 a bunch, learning many barspin variations. He has a bet going with John Heaton to learn as many as possible.

Josh Stricker just got back from England, where he spent a lot of time hanging with the Seventies distribution crew. He came out to California to spend Christmas with his family and enjoy far better weather than they have to offer in Pennsylvania. Josh will be shooting with Ride BMX magazine and he also has an interview coming out in an upcoming Ride UK. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

John Heaton has been pretty much chillin' (pun intended) this holiday season. He spent the beginning of the week riding in St. Thomas playing hockey, and did some Christmas shopping (just like the rest of us). John kept Christmas eve and day mellow, hanging out with his girl AndreaԒs family and then heading down to his folks' place for Christmas dinner. John had planned to escape to nicer weather in Florida for Chad Degroot's jam at Mission Skatepark, but for one reason or another, plans changed. John is going to hang out in Ottawa with his lady instead and play some more hockey and also visit his friend, Rob Morgan.

Sandy Carson has been riding his ass of since finishing the last issue of Dig BMX (which is bi-monthly in the Winter). Hes been riding at Jason Sunday's new trails, which have been relocated since the last ones got plowed. Sandy has also been riding at the T1 Ramp and the Banana Farm Ramp, where he also shot photos of etnies teammate Joe Rich for an upcoming etnies ad. HeҒs also been shooting all the other Austin locals for upcoming issues of Dig. Sandy was kind enough to help his girl Jen paint her house, and the two of them have been doing the whole Christmas thing, also. Sandy even shot the new Taj cover for Dig. Don't say he didn't.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in New Jersey, dreaming of warmer climates. The weather has been like a yo-yo, one minute, 55 degrees, the next minute, 10. Weather permitting, Garrett has been donning the 10 mil wetsuit and hitting the surf for a few last rides before calling it quits for the Winter. His wrist is doing way better, so hes been shredding the local parks on his bike and board before trying to migrate to the warmer destinations. Garrett is heading out to Austin in January before going to Cali and then on to Australia for a month or so.

Nate Wessel has been keeping himself busy, as usual. Chenga had some phony wrestling go down, cage match and all that jazz. Nate said it looked pretty cheesy, but some blood was shed, which mad it that much more entertaining. Nate took off snowboarding for a few days, had a blast and stayed in one piece, thank god! Nate rode Chenga quite a bit last week and will be heading down to Orlando on December 27 for Chad DegrootҒs Jam at Mission Skatepark on New Year's Eve, which is sponsored by etnies. After Florida, Nate will be heading out to Philly to help build the new and improved Little Devil warehouse at its new location.

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