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Meet Alex, the etnies Girl of the Month

Dec 17 2004 / Friday

Alex with her dog, Captain Jack

Alex, the current etnies Girl of the Month, has such a big personality (in a good way) that we couldn't quite believe it when we found out she's not even 5 feet tall. (She's 4-foot-11-and-three-quarters-inches, to be exact). We happen to think she's proof that good things come in small packages. The 25-year-old resident of Costa Mesa, Calif., graduated from UCLA and now does marketing for Urban Decay and Hard Candy Cosmetics. In her free time, she surfs, skates and snowboards—that is, when she's not sewing, cooking and hanging out with her dog, Captain Jack. We chatted with Alex about running a marathon, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and her talent for fake tap dancing.

etnies Girl: What are your interests?
Alex: I just got a new guitar, so I'm really into that right now. Other than that, I love running, traveling and reading. I like little D.I.Y. projects and I have a sewing machine for when I'm feeling creative or just bored with my clothes.

etnies Girl: What are your talents?
Alex: I'm really good at fake tap dancing, I do a mean moonwalk and I can sleep just about anywhere. I'm also very bendy. Does that count?

etnies Girl: How did you get involved in surfing, skating and snowboarding?
Alex: How much time do we have? There's a separate story for how I got into each of those. I started surfing because of a 7'8" tri-fin that I fell in love with. I started skating because my classes were too far apart on campus and too close together time-wise. I started snowboarding because my friends wanted me to join the UCLA snowboarding team so we could go to Mammoth together for competitions. Snowboarding's my favorite board sport for sure. I hope I don't ever stop.

etnies Girl: What do you like about etnies Girl?
Alex: I like that etnies Girl totally supports the active girl's lifestyle. It's important to be into things, especially when you're young and have way too many bad options for wasting time. It really seems like etnies Girl fosters individuality and creativity. Girls need to be able to express themselves and figure out who they really are.

etnies Girl: Why are you an etnies Girl?
Alex: I just do what I want to do and I'm lucky that the things I like are good for me. I run and I ride because it's fun and feels good. Other than normal stuff like that, I guess I've done things differently than a lot of other people would have. But sometimes you get the chance to do something and you have to try it out. I graduated from UCLA with a psychology degree, but wanted to work in the music industry. I had the chance to do it so I did. It was a totally entry level, no-higher-education-required kind of job, but I took it. It made some people mad, mostly those who are still paying for my college education. I left after a year but I'm glad I did it. You just learn so much by trying things out.

etnies Girl: What do you do for fun?
Alex: I spend time with my friends. It's always a good time. We listen to music, go out and eat good food. Cooking with friends is pretty fun too. I love snowboarding with my girlfriends—we totally push each other to ride better. There have been so many jumps that I never would have tried without friends just telling me to go for it.

etnies Girl: Where do you find inspiration?
Alex: My little niece, Burrito. (Her name's actually Brie.) She's 7 years old, and inspires me to make everything fun and to appreciate little things. She's the best. It means so much to her when I make time to watch "Spongebob" or "Fairly Oddparents" with her. Sometimes it helps to remember that your time is worth a lot. Burrito reminds me that being happy everyday is what it's all about: quality of life.

etnies Girl: What's it like working for Urban Decay and Hard Candy?
Alex: It's great. There's no dress code, I bring my dog to work with me everyday, the girls are cool and we totally hangout outside of work too. I've been learning so much. The office is all girls and it's the funnest job I've ever had. Plus, I don't get hassled for using words like "funnest." All my jobs since college have been casual, being in the music and action sports industries, but this is definitely the most laid back work environment, and I like it that way. It's cosmetics and it has everything to do with how you look, but we're about expressing yourself, being creative and wearing what you like; even if it's not what mainstream fashion is pushing. Urban Decay and Hard Candy are about girls and women finding their own style. It's nice to work for a company that stands for something, and I agree with the company's principles. It's rad. Beauty with an edge, no animal testing. What's not to like, right?

etnies Girl: What was it like running your marathon? Is that your biggest personal accomplishment so far?
Alex: Well, people are always surprised and act super impressed when they find out I ran a marathon, so that makes it feel like a bigger accomplishment. It was a cool thing to do, and it was for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so it felt good to do it for a cause. That actually helped make the marathon seem easier. But actually, last year I took a trip to Peru and hiked what's called the "Inca Trail" to Machu Picchu. That was a grueling camping trip and it's amazing how four days of exhaustion in the Andes can clear your head. I'm proud of that. It was hard. I'm also very proud of a scar on my left elbow that I got from eating it in the half pipe at Bear!

etnies Girl: What's the best piece of advice you've gotten?
Alex: Oh gosh, I've gotten so much good advice. My mom told me always to be myself and be honest with everyone. I think that's gotten me through a lot. As long as I'm true to my feelings, it's really hard to come out of anything with too many regrets, whether it's a relationship or just an experience. Even when things go bad, I know it must not have been the right fit for me.

etnies Girl: What's really important to you?
Alex: My family's really important to me. We've been through a lot and we really need to be there for each other. There have been so many times when all we had was each other. Friends and boyfriends are great, but no one is affected by my life as much as anyone in my family, and vice versa. My little sister Vic (Victoria) is super important to me. There's so much I want her to get out of life.

etnies Girl: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
Alex: I love Double Decker tacos at Taco Bell, Sourdough Jacks always hit the spot and my favorite ice cream flavors are pistachio and vanilla. And pork is my favorite meat.

Alex's Favorite Things

Place: "A beach in the Philippines called Dingalan. My family has a house there."
Animal: "My dog, Captain Jack. El Capitan! And baby hippos."
Color: Red
Hangout: My bed
City: Isla Vista, Calif.
Song: "That's a hard one. My favorite song to play on the guitar is Jack Johnson's cover of Jimmy Buffet's 'A Pirate Looks at 40.'"
Album: Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy"
Band: Pennywise
Book: "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster
Movie: "Dumb & Dumber"
TV show: "I like Discovery Channel shows, especially about bears, sloths and octopuses."
Sport: Snowboarding and running
Game: Halo on Xbox and Cranium
Food: "Mexican, carnitas mostly. And Gushi beef bowls in Westwood, Calif."
Candy: Kit Kats and Twix Bars
Holiday: Christmas
Smell: "Early morning after it rains."
Hobby: Guitar
Guilty pleasure: "'Saved by the Bell' reruns. Not the college years, though."
Athlete: "My niece, Burrito, star goalie of the Silver Bullets soccer team!"
Hero: Wonder Woman
etnies shoe: "My first pair of etnies from an ex-boyfriend (sigh)...and the Lo-Qwan-Do."

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  1. If you're a female skater, consider rolling with the nonprofit Skateboard Moms. You don't have to be a "mom" to join!

    Our group is all about fun and camaraderie. We have all experience levels and typically rendezvous several times a week at skateparks around the country (though mostly in OC). And our annual event, the Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama, is a blast!


    Posted: 7 years ago,

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