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Team Report 12-15-04

Dec 15 2004 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been chilling at home in Long Beach, riding some and shooting photos with Jeff Zeilinski for an upcoming etnies ad in Ride. On Tuesday, He rode with Gary Young at the Pala Pool and went to check out Tony Hawk's new concrete backyard skatepark. Mike rode with Gary again at Primo on Tuesday and met up with Jay Miron. He was also around for the taping of Cary Hart's new TV show called Inked, and rode with etnies teammate Nate Wessel at Volume Bikes and shot some amazing photos. Go buy Mike's Rooftop 3 shoe in stores now.
Taj Mihelich just got back from France, where he attended a premiere of the new Terrible One video, You Get What You Get. He also visited some friends in a band in Ireland before heading back to Austin to get some work done at T1. Taj's third etnies shoe, the Roscoe, will be unleashed in just a few weeks, in January 2005.
Ruben Alcantara is home in Malaga, Spain where he has been riding a crap load, surfing and shredding on his motorcycle, which he is stoked to have learned table tops on. Hen has been enjoying time with his family and is getting set to do a scene report in Malaga for Crme magazine. Check out Ruben's current Dig BMX magazine cover. Ruben is currently running the final samples of his upcoming etnies signature shoe called the Terranea, which is due in stores in June 2005.
Jamie Bestwick went home to England with his wife Kerry to visit family and friends and get a taste of what hes not missing. Following that, he will return to Pennsylvania to get back to his regular schedule of shredding Woodward, where he will be preparing for the 2005 comp season. Jamie also has been invited on Tony Hawk's upcoming Boom Boom Huck Jam.
Joe Rich is home in Austin, working on getting all the clearance for the Terrible One video music. It's turning out to be somewhat of a pain on a couple of songs, but he蒒s getting there. Joe has been riding a bunch with everyone in Austin and has also had some out of towners visiting to shred all that Austin has to offer. Last week, Joe and Paul Buchanan installed some lights on the T1 ramp for the dark Winter nights that are coming. Banana Ramp sessions have been going off on a regular basis, and Joe has been shooting photos there for an upcoming etnies ad. Joe also recently went on a fast and a strict liquid diet for five days straight to cleanse his body.
Dave Freimuth helped put on a Terrible One video premiere at Area 51 last week. It went off with a pretty good turnout of kids. Following the vid was an all-night session at the park, as well as some good games of PIG. This week, Dave has been riding with John Heaton, Nate Wessel and Chad Degroot at Chenga World in Ohio.
Apparently, John Heaton has been eating a little too much candy, because he just found out that hes going to have to fork out $2500 to get his choppers fixed (much to his dismay).John and Max Vincent headed down to Chenga to meet up with Freimuth, Wessel and Chad Degroot to shred and party in Cleveland. Thanks go out to Scott Powell for dealing with Heaton and the crew.
Josh Stricker was out in Cali for Thanksgiving before heading over to England, where he has been hanging out with the Seventies crew and shredding Hastings, Romford, Brixton and all the other spots that England has to offer.

Sandy Carson is home in Austin and working hard on upcoming issues of Dig BMX. He has been shredding with all the locals and shooting pics of Joe Rich for an upcoming etnies ad and working on an art show. Check it out at
Garrett Byrnes has been riding trails and is chomping at the bit to get out of New Jersey and head down to Austin to hang with everyone. From there, he will be heading over to Australia with his girl, Crystal. His newly fixed wrist has been feeling good, but the doc said that it still looks broken. Doc also said that if itҒs not bothering Garrett, he should just keep riding on it, because its not going to get any worse.
Nate Wessel just got done building one of the most amazing ramps ever seen, for a kid in Maryland. Following that, Nate headed out to St. Louis for his good friend Steve SwopeҒs wedding, then to Cleveland to get in some chill time and ride with Freimuth, Heaton and Chad Degroot at Chenga.

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