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Lauren Perkins' Girlie Skate Camp Journal

Dec 3 2004 / Friday

Lauren Perkins, Luciana Ellington, Julia Bauer and Brooke Pedersen (left to right) take a breather while at Girlie Skate Camp. Photo courtesy of Susanne Kindt

etnies Girl skate team rider Lauren Perkins and our very first etnies Girl of the Month, etnies' own Brooke Pedersen, kept this journal while they were in Barcelona, Spain, for the last Girlie Skate Camps of the year. Get the other side of the story by reading Lucy Adams' Girlie Skate Camps Diary.

FRIDAY, OCT. 1, 2004

Today was the first day of camp. The etnies Girl crew (which consisted of us—Brooke and Lauren—Luciana Ellington from Check It Out Girls Magazine and Elissa Steamer) met up with the 20 excited campers in the morning and headed to Sitges Park. We took two metros and a train, but it was worth it once we saw the beautiful ocean in the background. As soon we got to the park, Elissa and Lauren couldn't wait to jump on their boards and skate as the campers watched. The campers were divided into two groups, beginner and intermediate skaters. The beginners got practice going down a slant and the intermediates learned how to kickturn and do stalls. After getting to know the campers and giving them some pro advice, Lauren, Elissa and Luciana (camera in tow) decided to break out and skate some ledges and benches they spotted on the way to the park since the park was mostly bowls, while Brooke stayed behind to chat it up with the Nikita crew and campers. So far, the best trick of the day has been Elissa ollieing a HUGE gap, as etnies Girl UK skate team rider Lucy Adams snapped away. Lauren would like to add that the day is still young and she has every intention of getting best dance move of the day later on. Just because she was born in '88 doesn't mean she doesn't know about the worm. Once they were done skating, Lauren, Elissa and Luciana decided to get on the train back to the city and meet up with the Girlie Camps crew later on. In the meantime, Brooke and Julia "Juwels" Bauer from Nikita were busy getting lost from the group and making fun new "friends" to help them get back to the city. At first, the new friend thought that he was just being nice, but an hour of having two American chicks less than two steps behind him got a little stalkeresque.

The good news is that at the end of the day, we all got back to our hotels in one piece. After some rest and dinner, all of us camp girls went to the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art), one of the most famous street spots in Barcelona. The spot had good vibes with kids skating and playing soccer barefoot while campers practiced ollies. I (Lauren) recognized a ledge I saw in a skate video before and decided to do a backside 50-50 off it. When Lauren told me (Brooke) and Luciana she wanted to do it, we looked up at the six foot drop and said, "Do it." All the skaters at the park (including some hot Spanish boys) were watching and after three tries, she landed it, but we weren't sure we got the shot so she had to do it once more. On our way back, we saw some cool graffiti and took some cute pics of the etnies Girls in front of it. People don't even go out until midnight in Spain, so we met up with Elissa and a local friend and hung out in the city until late. We went on a croissant mission and Lauren polished off three, some covered in chocolate (that one was nasty and ended up in el trasho). Finally, we headed back to the hotel to sleep.

SATURDAY, OCT. 2, 2004

LESS WRITING, MORE SKATING! (And looking for cute Euro boys who hopefully wear deodorant.)

SUNDAY, OCT. 3, 2004

Lauren and Brooke here again, reporting live from our hotel lobby in Barcelona. I (Lauren) love Barcelona and am working on an etnies Girl house here. Today we finally got to sleep in. (YES!) Once we woke up, Lucy and I (Brooke) had breakfast, then came back to the room to watch "Sex and the City" in the room, while Lauren sneaked out of the hotel on a mission to feed an addiction that she's developed since we've been here to Café con Leche, a Spanish coffee drink that's half espresso and half milk. It started out innocently enough with one a day, but has since grown into a full-fledged addiction and the last couple of days she can't pass a coffee shop without running in and pounding one or two at a time. It's really fun right after because she's very hyper and tries bizarre circus-like skateboard stunts, but when she crashes from the high: LOOKOUT.

In the afternoon, we hopped on a train went back to Sitges Park for the big Girlie Camp demo. We had no idea what to expect at the demo, but to our surprise there was a big crowd of kids waiting at the park to watch the pros skate. Since Jill Viggiani was a victim of the Nikita curse (they were all injured!), she was the MC for the event. To name a few, the kids got to watch Nikita riders Mimi Knoop, Tina Neff and Juwels Bauer and our crew, Elissa, Lauren and Lucy, rip up the bowl, ledge and rail. The kids were stoked and even mobbed Elissa for autographs when she left the park to do an interview. The girls skated for about a half hour, and then hung out for awhile to do magazine interviews. Once we were done, we walked to the beach and had the best meal we've had so far. The restaurant had a huge menu with everything from Japanese to Mexican food, so everyone got what they wanted. After we ate, we went to the train station and saw a bunch of girls from the camp. It was nice to talk to the girls on the way home about where they're from (all over the globe!) and what spots they liked the best at camp. Now we're headed up to our rooms to get ready for the Girlie Camps closing party!

Xoxo from your favorite dynamic etnies Girl duo,
Lauren & Brooke

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