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BMX Team Report 12-01-04

Nov 30 2004 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla intended on spending a day or so up in the mountains, but due to some severe weather (namely heavy snow), he ended up getting stuck for four days with no snow chains. Later in the week, Mike rode the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest with Nora Cup award winner (World Champion and Best Ramp Rider), Gary Young. He also rode with etnies teammate Josh Stricker on Friday, hitting up some ditches and schools, and on Saturday, rode the Volume warehouse with owner Brian Castillo. Mike looped out on a flair to his ass, then went to see the movie National Treasure on Sunday. He spent Thanksgiving with friends and family. Mike's etnies pro model shoe, the Rooftop 3, is in stores now. Go buy some.
Taj Mihelich headed to France this past Thursday to attend a contest and also premiere the new Terrible One video, You Get What You Get. On his way home to the U.S., Taj will be stopping off in Ireland to hang out with some friends in a band and go see the folks at Dig BMX magazine. Taj's etnies pro model shoe, the Roscoe, will be available in January 2005.
Ruben Alcantara is home in Malaga, Spain after returning home from the Fly Bikes trip up to Barcelona. He has been riding his motorcycle a bunch, hanging with his family and riding the newly groomed trails. Sergio Layos and Ruben himself are currently wearing the final samples of Ruben's etinies pro model shoe, the Terranea, which will be available in June 2005
Jamie Bestwick is home in Pennsylvania, riding at Woodward and dialing in his moves. Hes also been shooting lots of photos. Jamie just got invited to be part of Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam for 2005, which he is pretty stoked about. He will also be a huge part of the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour in 2005, which promises to be huge!
Joe Rich just recovered from Thanksgiving over-indulgence with his family. The weather has been nice, so Joe has been cruising the streets on solo missions--just him and his earphones hitting spots and having a blast. Saturday and Sunday were spent sessioning the Banana Farm Ramp. Saturday was more of a flat tire fixing day, due to numerous flats, for some reason or another, but Dave Parrick came to the rescue.It would have been a long walk home if Dave hadnҒt showed up. Saturday night was spent in the darkroom doing enlargements of some of Joes personal favorite photos that he shot. Other than this stuff, Joe has been working hard over at T1, answering emails and preparing for Christmas.
Dave Freimuth has been riding a bunch as of late. He actually hooked up with an old skateboard buddy for day sessions at Area 51, which has proven to be quite refreshing. Dave went to see his favorite band, Fu Manchu, in Milwaukee this past weekend, and met up with Luscious Leland. He and some friends are putting on a T1 video premiere for the kids this coming weekend at Area 51. A session will follow the vid. Dave spent Thanksgiving with family in Appleton, and also finally wrapped up work on his bathroom, which heҒs been doing for quite a while. Dave then headed out with wife Pattie to see the Green Bay Packers play.
John Heaton has actually been riding quite a bit this last week, either in Ontario or across the border in Buffalo, New York. He has been getting the job done, trying to beat the cold. John also hit the streets for some good sessions. Like most Canadians, he attended a hockey game and played some hockey himself with friends. Other than that, John has been hanging with his family, his girl and their new puppy.
Josh Stricker was home in Philadelphia at the beginning of the week before heading out to Southern California to visit family for Thanksgiving. This past weekend, he rode with etnies teammate Mike Escamilla, hitting some SoCal ditches and schools. Josh also shot photos for etnies and Ride BMX magazine before heading back to Philadelphia.
Garrett Byrnes is home in New Jersey, riding with his good-as-new wrist, hitting up some trails and a couple of small cconcrete parks. The weather is getting a little nasty back East, so Garrett is making plans to head to better climates.
Sandy Carson just finished up an interview for South Africas first-ever BMX magazine called Source BMX. Knowing Sandy, it should be good. T1 had a potluck at the ramp prior to an awesome session. The now not-so-on-the-DL Banana Farm Ramp has been getting a lot of action from Sandy and friends lately over the last couple of weeks. But, rain is on the horizon, so Sandy will be riding the amazing wooden bowl at the Skatepark of Austin. He forked out some major cash and treated himself to a brand-new Nikon camera. Sandy also attended a hip-hop themed party this past weekend and won some money playing dice. Next week, there will be a country themed party and, naturally, he will be dressing up as a Scotsman. Now he just has to find a legit kilt. Dig is always in effect, which Sandy has to keep him busy if all else fails. Oh yeah, be sure to scope
Nate Wessel just recently finished up a secret $30,000 ramp in some kid's backyard and then headed out to California to hang with some friends, visit his sponsors and shoot some photos.

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