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BMX Team Report 11-24-04

Nov 24 2004 / Wednesday

(Above) In mid-flight, Jamie Bestwick notices a crack in his crank and quickly welds it shut with his patented Laser Vision. Disaster averted!

Mike Escamilla spent the majority of last week up at Woodward West riding with friends Gary Young and Adam Banton. Mike was honing his skills and learning all kinds of new stuff, including consistent tailwhip nosepicks--a trick that has haunted him for years. On Friday night, Mike and Gary auditioned for a Macintosh computers promotion at Skatelab in Simi Valley. After that, Mike headed up to the mountains for some well-deserved rest, where he ended up getting stuck with no chains in an overnight storm that dumped two-and-a-half feet of snow. Will Mike ever make it home? Maybeمif you go buy a pair of his etnies Rooftop 3 shoes, available in stores now.
Taj Mihelich has had family in town to entertain, and they are all in disbelief the amount of unending rain Austin is currently experiencing. Depending on the weather, T1 may have a big pot luck Thanksgiving dinner out back on the ramp with T1 family members. Taj leaves this Thursday to attend a contest and T1 video premiere in France, then hes going to visit his friends in a band in Ireland on the way home. Besides all of this, Taj has been tying up loose ends before leaving, as well as working on some new T1 products and working at the office, as usual. Check TajҒs upcoming Dig magazine cover. His etnies pro shoe, the Roscoe, will be available in January 2005. Put your orders in now!
Ruben Alcantara just got home from an awesome Fly Bikes road trip up the East Coast of Spain to Barcelona. He is hanging out at home, doing what he does best: relaxing in Malaga, hanging with his family and riding with friends. Check out Ruben's current Dig magazine cover. His etnies pro model shoe, the Terranea, will be available in June 2005, so save your money and go buy some when theyre available.
Jamie Bestwick has been enjoying time at home with his newly-pregnant wife, Kerry (Congrats again, guys!) He is working on an article with Ride BMX UK about wild stories or events that have happened to him and other riders. Jamie returned home last week from South Carolina, where he did demos at a promotional event for the new five-stop NBC Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour happening in 2005. He got to meet a bunch of redneck NASCAR drivers and fans, and reports that there were mullets-a-plenty. JamieҒs been also putting a new bike together with the new Spanish bottom bracket (plus all the new fashionably light parts) to give him that much more air time. (Like he needs to go any higher.) Besides all of this, Jamie has been riding a crapload, playing around on street, dialing in a bunch of new tricks and playing with some old favorites.
Joe Rich has been on the hunt for something to shoot for his next etnies ad, and trying to get as much riding in as possible, but rain in Austin has been balling things up. Joe did manage to get a couple of sessions in on the T1 ramp with his friends Chase and Leigh from Tasmania. Some advance copies of the new T1 video, You Get What You Get, has gone out to select people who are having premieres. Allistair Whitton and John Jennings stopped by the T1 office and rode the ramp with Joe and all the other locals. Joe, Sandy Carson and Leigh and Chase from Tasmania also rode the crazy-but-private Banana Farm Ramp. etnies video magician Mike Manzoori, who was in town for some etnies team signings, also showed up and skated with everyone. Joe's Sunday was spent hanging out with his folks and relaxing.
John Heaton rode a brand new skatepark that was just built about an hour from his house. He also went to a Hamilton Bulldogs hockey game, where the Dogs got their asses served back to them on a platter by the opposing team, as John would put it. John himself actually got to play some hockey and had a crapload of fun. He also rode an indoor park not too far from home called Xtreme Wheels over in Buffalo, New York. John thinks he will be riding there quite a bit now that the crappy weather is setting in.
Josh Stricker has been home in Philadelphia, chilling, hanging out and making plans to blow town for better weather. It isnt that bad right now, but it will be pretty soon. Josh also found out that although he didnҒt go on the S&M trip to Baltimore and DC a few months back, he did put the van on his credit card and just now found out now that someone on the trip got a parking ticket and didnt tell him. He found out who it was, but now the price has gone up and he has to deal with it personally, which sucks! Josh has also been working on Happy Hour, his own clothing company set to launch in 2005 through S&M Bikes distribution. Josh is heading out to Southern California this Thursday and will be filming for an upcoming etnies commercial for Props and also do some work on Happy Hour.
Sandy Carson has been dealing with a huge amount of rain in Austin--he even got about two inches inside his car. He must have left the window down or something. Sandy definitely has his work cut out for him, for sure. He and company took refuge from the downpours in the Skatepark of Austin, where they rode the awesome bowl there a few nights in a row. It was pretty nice out one day, though, so Sandy, etnies teammate Joe Rich and the Tasmanians rode the Banana Farm Ramp. Sandy has also been working on his Web site, Or should I say his girl, Jen, has been working on it? Other than that, Sandy has been working hard on the next issue of Dig, playing music and working on prints to enter into an art contest next month.

Nate Wessel recently completed a two-week mission building an insane $30,000 backyard ramp at a secret location in Maryland that probably won't be secret for too long. He celebrated by seeing Slayer in DC, then un-celebrated by getting stitches in his hand after a hard slam at a skatepark two days ago. Now Nate is coming out to California for a week, where he will film, shoot some photos, and then head to Houston to build a moto-x foam pit.

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