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Snow Team Report 11-10-04

Nov 10 2004 / Wednesday

The Snow season is here! You better start stretching those hamstrings and get your legs warmed up! Reports have been coming in positive, with a handful of areas already opened, so go out and get yourself a pair of ThirtyTwo boots and get your shred on!
John Jackson finally turned 21 on October 13. He was a little disappointed to not even get carded while partying in Reno the night of his birthday. Congratulations, John! You finally made it to the legal drinking age! Yee-haw! John's been sledding and snowboarding with his brother and friends since Mammoth accumulated roughly around 7 to 8 feet of snow--not bad for early season. In fact, this is one of the earliest snow seasons since 1994!
Markku Koski reports that his shoulder surgery was successful, and he's been focusing on healing properly. Markku has been instructed not to start any heavy physical therapy, so he's been getting his game on PlayStation 2. Markku plans to have a full recovery once he's given the green light to start extensive physical therapy, but in the meantime, he'll be chilling at home in Finland and then head out to Europe to start snowboarding.
Tyler Lepore recently spent a couple of weeks in Japan touring around Tokyo to visit his fans out there. He's back in Canada now, where he'll be busy gearing up for the season. Tyler's pretty excited to spend some downtime in his new house before he starts living out of his bags for the next several months.
Benji Ritchie is back in Quebec, where he'll be getting ready to dive into full-on snowboarding mode. He recently went on a two-week tour with his board sponsor, starting from the East to the West Coast, premiering their team video. Benji was excited to finally head home, where he'll be mapping out his schedule for the next few months. He plans to film with the White Out crew this year, so look out for more details on where he'll be.

Janna Meyen showed her support last week at local shop called Side Effect in Bend, Oregon, where they usually kick-off their season with a big party. Janna reported she's doing a lot better and concentrating on her physical therapy. She anticipates shell be getting back on track to rule the world this season! Janna will be focusing on filming with the Volcom crew and attending all the major contests like the X Games, The Session and Triple Crown.
Alexis Waite just celebrated her birthday on October 30. Happy Birthday, Lexi!. She recently got back from a three-week trip out to Europe. Here's what she had to say: ғHello, all! Well, what have I been up to, you ask? Last season was really a pretty good one for me, again. They keep getting better and better. Competition-wise, I was happy to make the finals of every event I entered (except one, the Mammoth Triple Crown). No first place finishes, but I was stoked to be consistent.

Currently, I am flying back home from Europe. I was on a month-long vacation, basically--mostly just traveling around, seeing new things, and meeting new people. I visited Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku (Finland), Zurich, Paris, Venice, Innsbruck and the Austrian Alps. It was really fun, I rode about three days at Hindertux and, surprisingly enough, it was really good. I spent most of the time in Stockholm. It is a wonderful city with a good, young vibe. Venice was beautiful and interesting, as well. I liked Finland a lot, too, and was blessed to have seen the world famous Talma resort, where all the Finnish phenomena get their start. I really enjoyed Europe. I have been way to American-centric (new word) lately, plus it was nice to escape seeing BushӒs face on TV.

I spent the second half of August and early September in Australia and New Zealand on a Roxy trip. It was Winter there and I had a lot of fun. Aussies are real go-getters who can have some serious fun. It is great to meet a country that just laughs all the time--that was awesome. The Southern Hemisphere was a great place to be. I was at ASR (for only an hour), but in SoCal nonetheless, and did a really fun two-day etnies and ThirtyTwo photo shoot while I was there. Oh yeah, and I watched my girl Leanne win Rookie of the Year at the TransWorld Snowboarding Awards. That was awesomeӅshe deserved it!

After asking me to film with them previously, Neoproto Films suddenly decided they didnӒt want to film any girls, so I just decided that I might as well concentrate on competing and shooting and filming on my own. In fact, some of my amazing fellow female riders and I have had a vision to make a REAL, legit female riding video project, and I am proud to announce that we have finally committed to it! Our film company is called Mischief Films, and our goal is to help change peoples perception on womenҒs snowboarding, send a bit of a message, and impress some of the critics on womens riding in general. Nothing about our approach is "in your face", and we have no plans for any girl-power propaganda. Our teaser is finished and has been showing before Robot Food in various premieres around North America this Fall.

ғEveryone involved in this project strongly believes in it, and even more exciting has been the incredible response we have been receiving from so many companies and fellow industry people. We are currently working on fund-raising and lining up our sponsors, so if anyone is interested, let me know. Check out our teaser at This project gets more and more exciting every day. I cant wait to start filming and moving the talk into reality. Project Mischief will not be a letdown҅it will be awesome!

I am so happy to announce that I have recently bought a house in Bend, Oregon. IӒm glad to finally avoid moving every three months. So, I will be based out of Bend for another season, for sure, and I'm really excited to be on my own program and travel wherever I need to be. Actually, I will probably hardly even be in Bend this Winter, but at least I dont have to feel guilty about throwing away cash on rent for some place I never stay. I plan on going to big contests, filming in the Northwest, Canada, Utah and Europe, and working super hard.

ғAfter spending much of my Summer coaching for High Cascade Snowboard Camp at Mt Hood, I have been riding a ton in the off-season, which doesnt really exist for me. Life in general has been really good, though. I am feeling great about going into the upcoming season and confident it is going to be really productive and fun! I am so lucky to be living this life҅it is truly amazing.--Sincerely, Alexis

Wille Yli-Luoma spent the last few weeks in Europe hanging with some of his friends and teammates from K2. They were on a catalog photo shoot, causing havoc in Mayerhofen, Austria. Wille recently renewed his visa, so he'll be heading back to the U.S. sometime later this week. He will be down in Southern California next week to go over some plans with his outerwear sponsor, Volcom, as well as stop by the ThirtyTwo office. Wille will also be finalizing which film project he'll be concentrating on during the 2004-05 season.

Check out Leanne Pelosi in the December 2004 issue of TransWorld Snowboarding as their WomenԒs Rookie of the Year. Way to go! Congrats, Leanne! Til next time...

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