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BMX Team Report 11-11-04

Nov 10 2004 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been home for a couple of weeks and has been enjoying some quality rest time. He put together a new bike after selling his previous one at the etnies Backyard Jam to some lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) guy for a few quid (thats British for ғbucks). The new one, in usual Rooftop style, is very color coordinated. Mike has been riding some and getting plenty of practice in for next yearԒs contest season. Hes promising to kill it! Go buy MikeҒs etnies Rooftop 3 pro shoe NOW!
Taj Mihelich has been fighting off illness since returning home form the etnies Backyard Jam. He contracted something form the person he sat next to on the plane ride home to Austin. One of the downfalls of being spleenless is getting sick pretty easily, I guess? Taj has been working on some stuff over at T1 and trying to get himself healthy to shoot another ad for his etnies Roscoe pro shoe that will be available in January 2005.
Ruben Alcantara has been enjoying time home in Malaga, Spain. He says this time of year is perfect, because it rains just enough to keep the dirt nice and moist so he can ride his motorcycle. It also makes it good for building trails to ride BMX. As the old saying goes, The rain in Spain falls mainly on the trails.Ӕ The weather has also brought some good waves to the beaches in Malaga, so Rubens been stoked being able to surf. The Fly Bikes crew rolls into town this week, and Ruben and the crew are going to be doing an East Coast of Spain tour, heading all the way up to Barcelona and enjoying every minute of it. RubenҒs etnies Terranea pro model shoe will be available in June 2005.
Jamie Bestwick has been back in State College, Pennsylvania since visiting his hometown of Derby, England, where he competed and placed 3rd in the etnies Backyard Jam. He came home to a very nice surprise: He and his wife Kerry are going to be parents! Jamie has been resuming his usual daily routine of working out, staying healthy, riding at camp Woodward, playing some golf and shooting photos. Congrats on impending parenthood, Jamie and Kerry!
Joe Rich has been drinking more coffee than should be healthy, but whatever helps keep him on his bike and happy is good, I guess. Joe has been riding quite bit around town since completing the first-ever Terrible One video. It should be available for consumption sometime near the end of November or maybe early December--just in time for you to get your grubby little hands on it for Christmas. Joe has been riding with all the locals in Austin, working hard at T1 and covering for the sick Taj Mihelich.
Dave Freimuth just got done with another Halloween Baco-a-Go-Go Jam and has been relaxing at home before heading down to Florida, where he is going to be chilling with his good buddy Chad Degroot and hopefully making a quick jaunt down to the Florida Keys to get away from it all.

John Heaton has been enjoying some time off of his bike and playing golf. He also had the chance to play some hockey. Johns good friend Dustin Guenther was in town, and on the way home from a bar, they somehow go in an accident because of a deer on the road (or so they claim). Everyone made it out unscathed, but they think Dustin's rental van is totaled after a five or six-foot acid drop into a field. (In case you were wondering, Dustin was the designated driver for the evening.) As John puts it, ғWere stupid, but not that stupid!Ҕ Following all that excitement, John rode a concrete park by his house after dropping Dustin off at the airport. After dealing with the rental van crap, he played some more golf and also went to dinner with his parents and hung out with his brand new and never-seen-before niece, Kyla.
Josh Stricker spent a little more time in England after competing in the etnies Backyard Jam in Derby, England. He hung out with his friend Brian Wizmerski and they actually extended their stay, since they were having such a good time over there. Josh got back home to start working with Red Bull on a three-team tri-city competition that they are going to put on in May. There are no real details yet, but Red Bull did something very similar in skateboarding, and it looked pretty bad-ass! Josh has also been working on his own clothing company called Happy Hour, which, if you know Josh at all, is quite appropriately named. Its going to be distributed through his bike sponsor, S&M Bikes. WinterҒs coming fast, so Josh is going to find nicer weather. There are no real plans yet, but he might be showing up in your town.
Sandy Carson has been riding way more lately, seeing as how Dig magazine has gone bi-monthly for the Winter. This gives him plenty of time for himself and other activities. Rather than busting his ass and spending all his time on the mag, hes been shredding with all the locals (and some slasher skater kids) at some Austin ditches. Sandy also had a couple of front teeth removed while waiting for the new ones to be made, so he has been cruising around looking like a white trash hillbilly. (The teeth got cracked on a tailwhip gone bad a while back, but he just never got the time to get them fixed.) Sandy has also been working on some riding for the Empire video, so heҒs been out shooting for that. While filming outside a church, he crashed pretty bad and almost got arrested. He also had to help a friend who got a concussion and a broken collarbone while shooting for the same video. As Sandy put it: Sunday Bloody Sunday.Ӕ Sandy has also been testing samples of the etnies Taj 3 Roscoe pro shoe. He has nothing but good things to say about it, so when it comes out in January 2005, go buy a pair!
Garrett Byrnes has had his cast off for about two weeks now and has been stoked to be able to ride. He has been digging at the trails before the bad weather sets in, which should be around late December / early January. Garrett also rode some concrete with the Blue Falcon this week. He had a great Sunday at the trails with a bunch of friends and hopes for many more, now that hes back on the horse, so to speak.
Nate Wessel has finally got over the jet lag from his China and Korea trip, and has been settling back into a life of riding. HeҒs heading up to Woodward for a few days, then its off to build a mega mini-ramp bowl thing in some kidҒs backyard, followed by Erie, Pennsylvania to build a skatepark, then Houston, Texas to build a moto-x foam pit and a freestyle moto-x track. Other than that, Nate has been trying to chill and hang with his family and friends until his next worldwide adventure.

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