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BMX Team Report 11-05-04

Nov 5 2004 / Friday

Mike Escamilla returned from his second phenomenal 2nd place finish at the etnies Backyard Jam two weeks ago in Derby, England (check the story here on the etnies site), where he flaired the crap out of the whole course, much to the crowds enjoyment. He also entered Best Trick and pulled one of the moves of the weekend with a peg grind atop of the eight-foot wall ride, which he consequently had to transfer up to--making it that much gnarlier. After getting home, Mike went straight back into shooting photos for Demolition for their upcoming catalog. He has also been hanging with his wife Jodie and daughter Haley.
Taj Mihelich returned from his 7th place finish at the final etnies Backyard Jam of the year in Derby, England, where he wowed the crowd with a fufanu atop the eight-foot wall. He also premiered the long-awaited Terrible One video to rave reviews. After returning home, Taj got pretty sick and was laid up for a few days before returning to work at T1 and riding some trails. Taj is also putting a new bike together with the new Spanish bottom bracket set-up. TajҒs new etnies Roscoe pro shoe will be available in January 2005.
Ruben Alcantara is back home in Malaga, Spain after competing at the final etnies Backyard Jam of the year in Derby, England, where he placed 18th with some smooth, flowing, innovative lines on one of the funnest Backyard courses to date. Rubens going to chill for a while and see where life takes him. His etnies Terranea pro shoe is tentatively scheduled for release in June 2005.
Jamie Bestwick returned to his English roots, competing in the final etnies Backyard Jam in his hometown of Derby, England. He wasnҒt really going to enter the comp, but after some riding that put a smile on his face and the encouragement of his peers and the crowd, Jamie pulled off an amazing 3rd place finish. This proves that his skills do not lie in just one area and that he is a master of all terrain. Jamie returned home to State College, Pennsylvania to get back into his usual routine of riding, shooting photos, playing golf and riding his crotch rocket--only to find out that he is going to be a dad. Congrats, Jamie and Kerry on impending parenthood!
Joe Rich has been home in Austin after his little road trip back from Interbike, where he manned the T1 booth and showed a select few people the newly-finished T1 video. He has also been doing some more final editing to clean-up some short areas in the video that he wasnt happy with, as well as making sure he has clearance for music. Besides the editing portion of JoeҒs life, he has actually been riding quite a bit. Whether it be trails, ditches, pools, street or the ramps out in back of the T1 warehouse, Joe has been one happy camper lately. Oh yeah, hes been drinking plenty of coffee, as well.
Dave Freimuth returned from the etnies Backyard Jam in Derby, England and went straight to work finalizing plans for the Baco a-Go-Go Jam in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Jam happened this past weekend, and Dave placed 2nd just in front of his etnies / MacNeil teammate, John Heaton. Dave attended a couple of Halloween parties in town and enjoyed having all his friends around to celebrate with him.
Josh Stricker was over in England for about 10 or 11 days to attend the etnies Backyard Jam and also to hang out with friends before heading home to Philly, where he has been chilling for the last couple of days. Josh claims that Halloween tried to kill him last weekend, and he didnҒt really want to talk about it too much.
Sandy Carson has been a busy camper, as usual, what with working on the next issue of Dig before it goes bi-monthly for the Winter. Sandy has been getting some riding in, whether it be at the skatepark of Austin, the T1 ramp, the trails, or a little flatland at the local parking garage. Sandy is stoked to be on his bike. He and some friends also went down to San Antonio to sesh, where they rode a couple of pools and an amazing 72 foot wide bowled-in mini-ramp with multiple levels. Taj needed some shots for an upcoming etnies ad, so Sandy shot some. Other than that, Sandy has been hanging with his girl and carving pumpkins for Halloween.
John Heaton gave it his all and rode amazingly well at the final etnies Backyard Jam of the year in Derby, England, where he placed a well-respected 4th right behind etnies teammate Jamie Bestwick. He pulled one of the tricks of the comp with a flip to tire tap on top of a slanted sub box. John went home and basically jumped in his car and drove the 12 hours down to Appleton, Wisconsin to hang out with etnies / MacNeil teammate Dave Freimuth and to ride the Baco a-Go-Go jam at Area 51 Skatepark, where he placed 3rd. John enjoyed Halloween in Appleton, tormenting the locals with all his friends.
Nate Wessel is in Korea. His trip has been so insane and so much stuff has happened, Ill let him explain what he's been up to. ғWhen we left China the other day, I got a last-minute ticket to Gounzo. Dave Duncan and I went to fix some vert ramp for a demo that LG was putting on in front of a mall. Every possible thing that could go wrong, did, like not having the right tools and then getting them, but having them all burn out, etc.

"Things were screwed in general, and the mall pulled the power on us because LG hadnt signed some contract. The government is super corrupt, and they were demanding all this money. Finally, when I thought nothing else could happen (by the way, this was the worst ramp I have ever touched in my life), the communist army marched in, surrounded the ramp and made us stop working. It was pretty tense for a bit, but we left and came back at 2:00 a.m. to finish.

"The next thing you know, we were surrounded again. This time, we were told if we didnҒt stop, we were going to prison and the embassy could work on trying to get us out. The army was demanding money and all kinds of BS, so LG had some meetings and offered them some sketchy envelopes full of money. Finally, we were working again at 8:00 a.m. We got no sleep for two days. We just worked on the ramp all the way up until the demo. We had to countersink and drill holes in every sheet through the metal in the ramp, and use self-tapping screws that were too short.

"After all that was done, a bunch of kids came up and asked me to go street riding, so I went for a couple of hours and they took me to some really sick spots. There are some really good riders in China. I was amazed. Later, I did a video interview with them, and now I am in Korea seeing the sights and loving life. The rest of my trip has been insane. Ive been seeing a lot of stuff and getting some riding and filming in.Ҕ-Nate Wessel
Garrett Byrnes has been itching to ride, so he's really stoked to finally have the cast off of his wrist. He has been working on some local trails that were a little run-down, which is also giving his wrist a nice workout. The riding part is definitely the reward for building, so thats exactly what Garrett did--sessioning the trails until the sun went down. He says that although riding makes his wrist sore, it is feeling stronger and stronger every day. Besides all of this, Garrett has been surfing some before the weather gets too crappy in New Jersey. He has also been hanging with his girl, Crystal, who is stoked that Garrett has stopped whining about not being able to ride.

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