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BMX Team Report 10-19-04

Oct 19 2004 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla placed 12th in the Triple Crown Finals a few weeks ago after qualifying 7th. He also made it out to Interbike in Las Vegas to check out all the new products and hang out at the etnies booth. This week has been a slow one for Mike, but he did go wakeboarding and shot some photos in parks and dirt for an upcoming Demolition catalog. Hes also been logging in footage for the next Samurai video and also been getting ready to head to England for the final etnies Backyard Jam of the year in Derby on October 22-24. Mike's etnies Rooftop 3 shoe is currently in stores. Check out the new colors!
Taj Mihelich has been riding double time for the last couple of weeks to catch-up on the filming for the new Terrible One video, You Get What You Get. The premiere will be at the etnies Backyard Jam in Derby, England on the weekend of October 22-24. Terrible One also had a booth at Interbike, so Taj had to be out there in Sin City to man the thing with his partner in crime and etnies teammate, Joe Rich. He also hung out at the etnies booth, where his new shoe, the Roscoe, was on display. Taj has been super-stoked hanging out in his brand new, freshly decorated studio apartment that heҒs been working on a bunch. Taj heads out to England on October 19 for the last etnies Backyard Jam of the year in Derby. Hes also currently working on shooting an etnies commercial and an ad for the release of the Roscoe, which will be available in January 2005.
The nomad, Ruben Alcantara, has been traveling a bunch. After being in Spain for a while, he headed down to Austin for a sneak peek premiere of the Terrible One video that he is featured in with etnies teammates Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Garrett Byrnes and EnglandҒs Scott Malyon. From Austin, Ruben headed out to Las Vegas to check out Interbike, where his signature bike was on display at the Terrible One booth. It will be available around the end of November. Also, Ruben's long-awaited etnies shoe, the Terranea, was on display at the etnies booth for all to see. The shoe comes with a cool little detachable ankle guard that everyone in attendance was stoked on. It will be available in Summer 2005. From Vegas, Ruben headed out on a road trip around Utah and Colorado with Joe Rich and their friends Jonathan and Tyrone from South Africa (who have been in the country for the last month or so). Ruben will be heading out to the etnies Backyard Jam on October 22-24 in Derby, England before going home to Malaga, Spain.
We just received the following email from Jamie Bestwick: Here's some news from Pennsylvania. This week, I rode my bike for the first time since my eye surgery. What a treat--no more contact lens crap! Thanks, Laurel Eye Clinic. Lately, I've been fixing up the house, and I got myself a pool table, so it's on now. ItӒs very cold at the moment, but I am going to the Backyard Jam in Derby, England this week, so there'll be something to look forward to. All the best, etnies fans.--J-Dog.

In other Jamie news, he was out in Vegas for Interbike doing some business, hanging out signing autographs, etc. In case you were unavailable to attend the show and check out the etnies booth, there was a twice larger-than-life poster hanging up of Jamie firing out a tailwhip. Jamie was also up for Nora Cup Ramp Rider of the Year. Gary Young won, but Jamie was right up there with all the heavy hitters. Much respect. Congrats, Jamie! Oh yeah, in case you didnԒt hear, Jamie won the Gravity Games a few weeks back. Hell, yeah!
Joe Rich has obviously had his plate full for the last few weeks. He pretty much stayed up three weeks straight working his ass off getting the Terrible One video, You Get What You Get, all wrapped-up. Its a done deal now and they had a sneak peek premiere in Austin a couple of weeks ago for some close friends. The real deal premiere will be in England at the etnies Backyard Jam in conjunction with the Federal Bikes premiere on October 22-24 in Derby. After almost working himself into the ground getting the video done, Joe pretty much threw some clothes in a bag and headed out to Vegas for Interbike, where Terrible One had a booth set up. Joe was also hanging out at the etnies booth. From Interbike, Joe, etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara and their friends from South Africa did a road trip traveling up from Vegas to Utah and onto Colorado before getting back to Austin.
Dave Freimuth has obviously been working hard on getting the Baco Jam at Area 51 in Appleton, Wisconsin going. Things are coming together nicely. Expect to see some crazy stuff go down, as well as some crazy Halloween outfits at the costume party. Dave was also out in Vegas for Interbike, partying until the sun came up most days and gambling his brains out. On his flight out of Appleton to Vegas, Dave ran into Mike McKenzie (exiled Green Bay Packer player) and got an autograph. Then, on his second night in Vegas, he had a quick word with Kid Rock at the Hard Rock. Supposedly, Jaimie Presley was runnin' around, too, but Freimuth missed her (that's one celebrity he would kill to see). On the last night of Interbike, they visited the same strip club as Stifler from American Pie. Once again, while waiting for the pilot to show up for his flight home from Ontario, California, Dave realized they were filming an episode of LAX at the airport and Heather Locklear was standing eight feet away (and looking amazing). Blair Underwood was there, too, but who cares?

Finally, three days ago, Dave heard that Senator John Kerry (hopefully, our next President) was having a rally seven blocks away in Dave's hometown of Appleton. At the last minute, Dave decided to go. He somehow managed to work his way all the way up to Kerry's bus, knowing that Kerry would have to walk by on his way out. Sure enough, as he walked by, he shook everyone's hand--including Freimuth's. Dave really wanted to say something important and thoughtful to him as he went by, but all that came out of his stutter was, "Good job!" Dave is really hoping that his streak hasn't ended. He's lookin' to either run into Brett Farve at Taco John's or possibly Paris Hilton at Home Depot. Keep your fingers crossed. Dave also recently wrapped-up photos for his Ride UK interview.

Josh Stricker and the whole S&M team are stoked to finally be done with the new video that was premiered just recently in Vegas during Interbike at a shady bar called Famous John's. He also helped on the cover art for the DVD. Prior to that, Josh was out in New York hanging at the Animal Bikes Brooklyn Banks Jam with Wiz and Scerbo. Josh heads out to England for the final etnies Backyard Jam on October 22-24 with those two.
Sandy Carson, as always, is working on Dig magazine and trying to stay home for a while after being gone for the whole Summer on his world travels. While home in Austin, he has had plenty of time to ride and hang with his girl, Jen. More recently, Sandy has been working on getting some shots of Taj Mihelich for his new Roscoe signature shoe ad coming soon to magazines near you. The Federal video is finally done, and I must say that SandyҒs part is one of the best, well-rounded video parts I have ever seen. Check it out. While shooting a sequence on the railroad gap (featured in the Federal video) with Dig magazine's Ed Docherty, Sandy crashed pretty hard and had to go to the hospital for a nice-sized hole he put in his knee. It got all filled with crap and crud, and Sandy was worried about infection. Better safe than sorry.
John Heaton has had a chill few weeks after the Memorial Jam he put on for good friend Ian Carmichael, who recently passed away. He had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, because its Thanksgiving up in Canada. John also watched Napoleon Dynamite, bought a cute little dog, played hockey on Thursday (it sucked, but enjoyed a couple goals anyway), and rode a bunch of street in Hamilton. John just got back from riding in Rochester, too, and bought some new golf clubs on eBay. HeҒs been getting some final street riding in before the weather goes South, so to speak. John says he hasnt really been feeling like park riding. (I think he will change his mind once the weather gets worse, though.) John has been rocking some Taj 3 Roscoe samples and claims they are the best shoe to ride in, ever! Go buy some in January!

Garrett Byrnes has obviously been chilling quite a bit since his hand is still in a cast from wrist surgery a couple of months ago. The doctor says he has about four more weeks to go--much to GarrettҒs relief. He has been keeping himself busy by working out and trying to stay in shape. Garrett has also been hanging out with his girl, Crystal.He was out in Austin a couple of weeks ago for the sneak peek, top-secret, friends-only premiere of the Terrible One video that hes featured in, and believe me, Garrett has some amazing runs! Check it out when it is finally available at the end of November.
Nate Wessel has been riding a bunch recently and hanging with a friend who was visiting from Tasmania, because he knows that he is going to be super-busy with some building jobs coming up, and sometimes building is not conducive with riding, because it can be very time-consuming. Nate headed out to England just recently to help do a little design and building for the final etnies Backyard Jam in Derby on October 22-24. He will only be there to build and will not be able to attend the Jam, because he will be heading off to China and Korea to judge some contests and also tour around riding, clocking footage and taking photos in some amazing places. Lucky bastard.

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