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Catch Mary Osborne at the Redbull 5x Malibu

Oct 11 2004 / Monday

Red Bull 5X takes its revolutionary format to Malibu for a night surf session with the world's best women longboarders.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004, from 7 to 9 p.m., five of the world's best women longboarders will light up First Point at Malibu's Surfrider Beach in the latest Red Bull 5X surf event. Instead of a normal daytime surf contest, however, this event is taking place at night. But how will the girls see, you might ask? Not a problem: The break will be lit up with 180,000 watts of power making it look like a bright summer day on a July weekend. Think full-moon-surf-session experience with a flashy twist.

Malibu is reputable for its long, right peeling waves, its influence on surf culture and, of course, its notorious crowds. By lighting the break at night, the Red Bull 5X will retain Malibu's good qualities, but drop the bad one: the congested lineup. The five female longboarders who will be competing—etnies Girl's Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Kim Hamrock, Daize Shayne and Schuyler McFerran—will have First Point all to themselves as they utilize the Red Bull 5X format to express the beauty and grace inherent to women's surfing.

Here's how the Red Bull 5X works: Round up five surfers and head to your favorite break. Throw in $5 each, paddle out, and surf for 90 minutes straight. Then, judge each other on these five criteria: torque, boost, push, mojo and combo. The winner gets the cash. But more importantly, the winner gets the respect.

Red Bull 5X Judging Criteria

Torque: Best turn. Complete the most impressive maneuver performed on a wave.
Boost: Think "boost" your toes to the nose.
Push: Most creative. Demonstrate the most innovative or imaginative maneuver performed on a wave or in the air. Attempts count.
Mojo: Most connected. Demonstrate masterful wave judgment and utilization for example, the deepest tube).
Combo: Smooth linkage. Complete the most impressive combination of two or more of the above on a single wave with a clean transition.

The girls will be empowered to adapt the Red Bull 5X criteria the way the see fit. The key is the five girls judge each other and deem the winner themselves with a format that rewards creativity and innovation.

Visit RB5X for more information.

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