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GvR: Regular Takes It All!

Oct 10 2004 / Sunday

Sunday, October 10, 2004
etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest
Lake Forest, California

etnies Footwear's own Bastien Salabanzi leads the left-foot-forward crew straight to victory!

After months of debate, discussion, deliberation and downright veiled threats, Regular emerged victorious at the etnies Goofy vs. Regular contest, which wrapped-up on Sunday evening at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. etnies powerhouse Bastien Salabanzi blew everyone out of the water, keeping the crowd of hundreds on its tiptoes with his powerful and consistent tech approach to skateboarding.

While many others tend to turn into piles of quivering Jell-O when put in the competitive spotlight, Bastien seems to thrive on the attention of huge audiences and cameras--stomping trick after tough trick. And with high caliber teammates like Kurtis Colamonica, Leo Romero, Johnny Layton and Chris Senn backing Bastien up, there was just no stopping Team Regular.

Team Goofy was not slouching by any means. Claiming such esteemed members as Eric Koston, P-Rod, Nilton Neves and Colt Cannon, the Goofs gave it their best and put on an amazing show of skateboarding prowess, but ended-up just a few points shy of the Regs. Maybe next year, Goofies.

Down on the street in front of the skatepark, hundreds of kids and parents milled about all day, enjoying food vendors, a Michelin Man-like wrestling pit, booths full of skate gear, street ramps, a (really) big screen TV displaying the contest action close-up, and plenty of live music.

All in all, it was a terrific turnout for a long day of the world's best skateboarding. A huge thanks goes out to all the pro skateboarders and spectators who showed up, and especially to everyone who worked so hard to make this groundbreaking skateboarding event happen: The staffs of etnies, World Cup Skateboarding, SoBe, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder, Fuel TV, Epitaph, Fender, the City of Lake Forest, Hometown Heroes Skatepark Tour, Freshpark, Indie 103.1 and Rock 105.3. See you next year!

GvR Final Results

First Half: Individual Runs
Regular Heat 1391.25 (Highest individual score: Billy Marks 81.00)
Goofy Heat 2ח357.75 (Highest individual score: Nilton Neves 76.50)
Regular Heat 3385.75 (Highest individual score: Johnny Layton 86.75)
Goofy Heat 4ח373.75 (Highest individual score: Eric Koston 84.25)
Regular Heat 5384.00 (Highest individual score: Bastien Salabanzi 92.00)
Goofy Heat 6ח388.00 (Highest individual score: Paul Rodriguez 89.25)

Regular Total: 1161.00
Goofy Total: 1119.50

Second Half: Jam Sessions
Regular Heat 1443.50 (Highest individual score: Bastien Salabanzi 98.25)
Goofy Heat 1ח395.25 (Highest individual score: Paul Rodriguez 88.75)
Regular Heat 2416.00 (Highest individual score: Bastien Salabanzi 94.25)
Goofy Heat 2ח401.75 (Highest individual score: Colt Cannon 89.00)

Regular Total: 859.50
Goofy Total: 797.00

Grand Total Points
Regular: 2020.50
Goofy: 1916.50

Winning Team's (Regular)
Highest Scoring Runs of the Day
Bastien Salabanzi 98.25 ($10,000)
Kurtis Colamonica 93.75 ($5,000)
Leo Romero 90.75 ($2,500)
Johnny Layton 86.75 ($2,000)
Chris Senn 86.75 ($1,500)
Remainder of Regular Team ($1,000 each)

All of Goofy Team ($500 each)

MVPs of GvR
Regular: Bastien Salabanzi ($1,000)
Goofy: Colt Cannon ($1,000)

Words + Photos: Garry Davis

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