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Meet Angel, the etnies Girl of the Month

Oct 5 2004 / Tuesday

Angel Clouthier, the third etnies Girl of the Month, calls herself a jack-of-all-trades. "Force of nature" would be an equally apt description. The 25-year-old model, stylist and jewelry designer was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, lived in the UK, and currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles—that is, when she's not jetting off to Toronto, London or Paris. We met up with Angel at the recent etnies Girl photo shoot, for which she was officially modeling and unofficially styling and creating a whirlwind of energy. Make sure to look for her in the spring 2005 etnies Girl ad campaign.

etnies Girl: So, Angel, what are your interests?
Angel: Music, human rights, relaxation, happiness, adrenaline, fashion, spirituality—but not necessarily in that order.

etnies Girl: What are your talents?
Angel: I am left-handed and a Libra.

etnies Girl: How did you get involved in board sports (skate, snow, surf)?
Angel: I started skating when I was fourteen. Didn't last too long, boys got in the way. I was afraid of people making fun of me. I felt awkward with puberty and all. I had the braces, and was very naïve and in search of acceptance. Now I couldn't care less. Then, I was a bit of a quiet one. I was very observant and studied skateboarding. I had built up a shell around me. I remember I couldn't look people in the eye and mumbled incessantly.

etnies Girl: What do you like about etnies?
Angel: I love the New York crew—the Mini Fashion Mafia. Today I showed up at the office at 9:30 a.m. and no one was there, so I left them messages. They showed up at 11 a.m. and contacted me, and then I came back at noon. Then we skated and BMX'd our way to the West Village for lunch. Craig got this ol' Vision reissue that he let me borrow. That behemoth is so much fun to ride. This city is amazing. The traffic is terrible.

etnies Girl: Why are you an etnies Girl?
Angel: Oh, I do whatever makes me happy. I listen to my heart. I experience all I can. I learn from my mistakes, and I make peace with the things I cannot change.

etnies Girl: What do you do for fun?
Angel: I am either roaming around by myself collecting things, or out with friends beating each other with those Hulk Hands. Those things are genius.

etnies Girl: Where do you find inspiration?
Angel: Exploring different cultures, love, films, history books, nature watching and everything around me. I can look at a piece of rubbish and get inspired.

etnies Girl: You're quite the "It Girl," Angel! What's it like to be a model, stylist, and jewelry designer? What are your favorite and least favorite parts about what you do?
Angel: The creative factor is what drives me; I won't last a minute at job that doesn't drive me or educate me. I suppose what I do, and my attitude while I am doing it, is garnering some attention—mainly positive. I do hear the occasional "Oh, I've heard of you" in a snide tone...but they don't know me. Never judge a book by its cover. That's very true.

etnies Girl: You've lived in Canada, the UK and the U.S., and you're constantly traveling. What's it like essentially living out of your suitcase?
Angel: I realize you cannot take all these things to heaven with you. Living out of a suitcase is fine by me. I have always moved around. I have never known stability. Some things make it easier, like candles, my housecoat, my favorite mukluks, photos and my laptop. I do obtain lots of possessions, yet they are all over the place.

etnies Girl: What's the best piece of advice you've gotten?
Angel: I cannot remember the best piece, but my friend Tony told me there are three sides to every story: my side, your side and the truth. It's made relationships with people easier and makes me more diplomatic. Recently, my friend James told me that "When you know you are right, keep silent." I agree to a point. I find a lot of people aren't in tune with their beliefs themselves, and so often times that leads to ignorance and close-mindedness. I have problems with communicating with people that are blocked like that.

etnies Girl: What's really important to you?
Angel: Having a voice, being able to speak out for justice. I stand up for what I believe in. I want to help abused children out there and let them know there are places to turn to and not to give up. Follow your heart and your intuition and you can never fail. Women are so much stronger than men; we are smarter, we can bear children. We shouldn't ever feel less than men for doing things that have been predominantly male, such as skateboarding. I was lame and listened to boys who told me not to. I quit doing something that I have always loved. No more of that. I do what makes me happy and I am not compromising anymore.

etnies Girl: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
Angel: I kick ass.
etnies Girl: We'd have to agree.

Angel's Favorite Things

Place: "R.E.M. [sleep] in dreamland, the Taj Mahal, Emerald Caves in Thailand. Any forests or beaches. I want to go to Oaxaca, Mexico, and Egypt before the year is out."
Animal: "I love elephants, octopi, parrots, and my black cats, Chat and Mogwai."
Color: Ultraviolet purple
Hangout: Santa Monica and Venice Beach in L.A.
City: "I love exploring places I've never been. I like to go everywhere, especially coastline villages and desert communities."
Song: "'Four to the Floor' by Starsailor remix. It's really euphoric and housey."
Album: "Currently, The Police's 'Zenyatta Mondatta' and David Bowie's 'Low.'"
Band: "Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Air, Zoot Woman, Sly & Robbie, Massive Attack, Scissor Sisters and Queen!!"
Book: "I like rather disturbing novels. I love a lot of Shakespeare, especially 'Titus Andronicus.'"
Movie: "I love 'Shaun of the Dead.' I just saw that for my birthday. My favorite film, though, is 'Blade Runner.'"
TV show: "I don't really watch television. The news is propaganda bollocks. I did love 'Twin Peaks' repeats and the Canadian programs 'Trailer Park Boys' and 'Kids in the Hall.' I can watch them over and over again. They're brilliant."
Sport: "Volleyball and football, which you call soccer in the U.S."
Game: "Pool, Solitaire, Bubble Bobble, Stratego, Guess Who? The Mystery Face Game, Air Hockey and Hockey. Spin the Bottle frightens me."
Food: "Spicy and exotic flavors, a mean gnocchi, curry, lots of seafood, Jamaican patties."
Candy: McVities Jaffa Cakes and Mexican spicy hot chocolate
Holiday: "Christmas, which is the only time I get to see my grandparents. I miss them so much."
Smell: Pears, chocolate, honeysuckle, lavender, coffee, bacon, fresh bread
Hobby: Making people laugh, photography, dancing, reading about philosophies
Guilty pleasure: "Sourcing out new and old music, bathing in Epsom salts and oils, using my credit card and giving hugs."
Athlete: "Michael Owen and Becks [David Beckham]...Cheesy, I know, but he's gorgeous..."
Hero: "Jesus H. Christ, Homer J. Simpson, Dalai Lama, Joan of Arc, Princess Di, Frida Kahlo, Dali, Nina Simone, Edith Piaf, Steve Biko, Mother Teresa. Anyone who does what they truly love."
etnies shoe: "Sal Barbier's pro model. It was the first skate shoe I ever had when I was a kid."

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