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BMX Team Report 1-26-04

Jan 27 2004 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla
attended the ASR trade show in San Diego last weekend, where he was showing-off his new signature backpack from Clive, which looks awesome! He was also showing-off his Dave Osato signature golf balls to everyone. Check out BMX Online
, where he has a pretty extensive interview about the Samurai. Mike's shooting teaser ads this week for his next etnies pro shoe, the Rooftop 3 (due out in April), as well as coming up with new Spring 2005 colorways. Mikes getting ready to head down to New Zealand for their version of the X Games. HeҒll also being doing a road trip while down there. Besides all this, Mike is sick of being hurt and wants to ride. Hes been surfing, though, which has been keeping him somewhat active.

Taj Mihelich
has been consumed with work at T1 these last couple of weeks. With the New Year comes some new projects and new plans, so heҒs had that to deal with
and hopes to catch up with things by the end of the week and get back to riding. Taj is hopefully going to be working on an etnies ad pretty soon.

Ruben Alcantara
has been home in Spain for the last month-and-a-half. Hes due back in the U.S. in mid-February. Ruben has plenty of travel planned for 2004, with the etnies Backyard Jam in April, a Fly Bikes road trip in March and plenty of other fun stuff thatҒs going to take lots of time on a plane. Ruben has been working on his signature T1 frame that has some very unique and original ideas that only he and a few others know about (top secret). Ride
magazine's Jeff Zielinski is heading out to Spain on February 2 to get an interview with Ruben. Keep an eye out for it.

Joe Rich
has been cooped up in his apartment for a while now working on the T1 video. In his own words, "Ive become a hermit" scanning pictures for both the vid and a book that heҒs doing. Hes also been playing with various little effects for the vid and basically doing all-nighters getting work done. As far as riding goes, Joe has been riding more and more vert over at the Gutes ramp with etnies teammate Sandy Carson and good friend / T1 rider Paul Buchanan. Joe also went to the Texas Ramp Ranch, where he hasnҒt been for a while and enjoyed a box jump sesh (which is something else he hasnt done for a while). Joe's also been working on some new spine tricks.
The T1 ramp hosted the new Mutiny Bikes video this past weekend. With a projection screen in place, all in attendance had fun and enjoyed the vid.

John Heaton
had the pleasure of going to a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. They won, and he was stoked! John has been playing plenty of pond hockey himself with friends on a frozen lake. John rode a local skatepark near Toronto before heading down to Appleton, Wisconsin for a demo that etnies teammate Dave Freimuth was putting on at the new Area 51 Skatepark. It was sort of a grand opening demo kinda thing with the likes of Dave Osato, Chad Degroot and Brian Kachinski. John also played pond hockey in Appleton with all the same guys and some locals.

Dave Freimuth
has been busy organizing the new Area 51 demo that happened this past weekend with Chad Degroot and Dave Osato. Etnies teammate John Heaton also came to town for the festivities. All the above guys enjoyed a hockey game on Friday out on a frozen lake. At the demo, competitors in the Aspire video contest (in which amateur video producers make video parts to compete against each other) showed-off their videos. A full video will be made from some of the best entries. The new Baco video, Baco 10
, was also premiered. Etnies sponsored the demo with lots of free goodies to the kids.

Nate Wessel
just got back from about a week-and-a-half up in Vancouver working on MacNeil bikes / Jay MironҒs warehouse ramps, as well as the ramps that Dave Osato and etnies Jason Enns have been working on. Nate is back in the Cleveland, Ohio area freezing his balls off and riding at both of the Chenga skateparks. Nate got some new snowboarding boots courtesy of ThirtyTwo (etnies snowboarding boot brand) and is planning on hitting-up the slopes here pretty quick.

Jason Enns
is home in Vancouver bumming because the weather hasnt been so hot lately, which is not too conducive to an outdoor sport like BMX. Thus, it has been pretty hard to shed his beer gut. Jason has been working hard on the indoor ramps that he and good friend Dave Osato have been working on for a little while now. Etnies teammate Nate Wessel was in town to help out with some of the more intricate parts that were hard to figure out (Nate is the resident BMX park-building bad-ass). Jason has been working on his new house a bunch, and raising the height of the fence to keep his dogs in.

Edwin Delarosa
has been apartment hunting lately, looking for his own space after getting back from Puerto Rico with the Fit Bikes team. They were down there filming the new Fit Bikes vacation video. Edwin has been freezing at home in New York, so he and some friends are heading out to California to enjoy some better weather.

Garrett Byrnes
headed home to New Jersey from a week-long trip to Austin, only to be greeted by snow, thus any outdoor riding has been shut down. Garrett goes to the doctor this week to see if he is going to have to get surgery on his not-so-bad-feeling wrist.

Josh Stricker
has been stranded down in Austin for the last two-and-a-half weeks due to his ride home to New York leaving at short notice. He hasnҒt been complaining though, the weather at home in NY is crap and dumping snow, so hes been enjoying plenty of outdoor riding with all the great street, trails and ditches in Austin. Josh hasnҒt had to touch one skatepark yet in his whole time there (not even the T1 ramp). He's also getting plenty of filming done, but he does plan on doing some other types of riding, which just may include some parks, before heading home on February 3.

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