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Weekly BMX Team Report 12-29-03

Jan 3 2004 / Saturday

Mike Escamilla
did a show for a brand-new bike/skate/surf/snow store called Nine Star in west Los Angeles on Saturday, December 18 with a few good friends, Mike Ardelean, Rich Hirsch and Mike Saavedra. Rooftop laid it down for the crowd and concluded the show with an ass-breaking crash that left him on the floor for the next hour or so. He gave out the new Samurai video to the crowd and also had two commercials
that he recorded, which are airing on LAs KROQ. Mike spent Christmas at home with his wife and daughter Haley and had a party on Christmas day with some close friends. Mike is currently laid-up with a broken ass.

Taj Mihelich
has been taking it as easy as he can during the holiday season (which is not very easy by most peoples' standards). T1 has been closed for business until January 2, so Taj has been riding quite a bit at the 9th street trails, as well as the T1 ramp. He had good friends Steve-O and Kevin Porter to ride with this past week. Taj also scored one side of a two-sided poster in the new March Issue of Ride BMX.

Ruben Alcantara
has been back in Spain for the last couple of weeks and will stay there until mid-February. HeҒs been enjoying family time as well as spending time with the friends he doesnt get to see while traveling. Ruben just recently purchased a motorcycle and says that "itҒs not too hard to ride." He claims to already be jumping thirty-foot double sets and says that its giving him the balls to try bigger stuff on his BMX bike.

Joe Rich
has been riding a bunch prior to the holiday season and has also been riding his motorcycle with friends
(etnies teammate Sandy Carson tried riding it for his first time). Joe went back to Pennsylvania to spend the holidays with his family, as well as to see friends. He also has one side of a two-sided poster in the new March issue of Ride BMX.

John Heaton
played hockey a couple of times this week. He also watched golf on TV and soooo badly wanted to actually be playing. John went to St. Thomas near London Ontario to ride the skatepark a few times to get his fill of riding for the week. He got his Christmas shopping done with time to spare for the holidays and managed to fit
some partying in his hefty schedule. John also got one more speeding ticket to add to his collection that is going to cost him $300 (Canadian).

Sandy Carson
spent the holiday season on a road trip with his girl out here in So Cal and spent time with her family for Christmas down in Oceanside. Along the way, they made stops at some riding and scenic hot-spots in San Francisco and then onto Lake Tahoe to get some snowboarding in. From there, they headed back home to Austin. As always, Sandy has been working on Dig magazine, as well.

Jason Enns
has been in his new house with his girl Portia for a few weeks now and itҒs finally feeling like home. He spent Christmas there enjoying the fruits of his labor. Jason has also been working on some ramps at a new warehouse that his good buddy Dave Osato rented so they have a place to session during the crappier weather times in the year.

Dave Freimuth
spent the holiday season wrapping-up construction on the new Area 51 Skatepark in Appleton, Wisconsin that is now open (check out pics of the park on
). Dave has also been staying home in Appleton with his wife Pattie and both of their families (because they both live right there). Also, check out a readers interview with Dave at

Josh Stricker
spent the last couple of weeks on a road trip out to California with his friend Sal to spend Christmas with his family. On the way out, the guys made stops in Louisville, Austin, Albuquerque, LA and San Diego to get some riding in. Josh claims the bad weather followed him all the way form the East Coast.

Nate Wessel
spent Christmas down in Florida with his girl Rhonda. They went down to the Florida Keys for a couple of days just to get away. HeҒs also been healing from a swellbow he got at Chenga, which hurt even with an elbow pad on. Nate has a mini-interview coming up in Ride UK about the building of the Seventies warehouse ramps.

You would think that Edwin Delarosa
would have learned his lesson. Just days after paying off a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk while coming back from the laundromat, Edwin managed to get another one in the exact same place by the exact same cop. Another $95 down the drain! Shitty! Edwin spent Christmas with his good friend Bob Scerbo down in New Jersey.

Garrett Byrnes
has been riding his bike against doctor's orders. He just recently did a road trip down to Alabama with Cory Martinez and Brian Wizmerski in which they also stopped in Atlanta. Garrett spent Christmas with his family in New Jersey and has quietly been planning a possible train trip for himself down to Austin to hang-out with etnies teammates Taj, Joe and Sandy to escape the crappy weather in Jersey.

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