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The Busiest Bees In BMX

Sep 17 2003 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been on the Sprite tour (a hip-hop tour) for the last four weeks. The shows have been going off and getting great responses from everyone. He is also riding samples of his third signature etnies shoe (coming soon). Mike arrived home Monday, September 15.

Taj Mihelich has been working on a retrospect issue of Props video magazine, which means sitting through years of issues. Hes also been drawing-up some new shirt designs. Taj has been home rehabbing a little after returning home from the Vancouver Metro Jam, where he drove himself into a wall pretty hard and gave himself a good hipper--not to mention his previously injured wrist. He's been going to the gym to work on the portions of his body that are actually functioning. Taj has also been riding the 9th Street trails some and the T1 ramp now that it's cooled down a little in Austin. Taj wants to get as healthy as possible, because heҒs going to start filming his own section in the T1 video thats in production as we speak. With fingers crossed, the vid should be out by the end of the year or maybe Spring 2004. Taj turned thirty years old on August 31. The Rock shows continue at the Ritz.

Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes all attended the Vancouver Metro Jam, but none of them entered for one reason or another. Following the comp, all the guys left on a West Coast road trip heading South from Vancouver down through Washington, Oregon and then into California (check out the upcoming story in Ride and my version here on the etnies web site soon) before finishing up in the LA area, where they did some photo shoots for etnies ads, web, catalogs, etc. for five days. Joe took off back home to Austin to take on some of the work burden that Taj has had for the last eight or so months and also to start work on the first-ever T1 video.

Ruben headed straight out to hang with friends in the Dominican Republic for ten days, checking out the scene down there and having a good time. His signature shoe on etnies is near completion. Ruben's birthday was on September 13. Garrett went home to New Jersey to take care of some insurance issues and then he's heading down to hang-out with Ruben in the Dominican Republic.

Sandy Carson has been hanging out in the Northwest with friends and doing the couch tour thing, hitting all the awesome spots that Vancouver, Washington and the area has to offer. Sandy entered the Vancouver Metro Jam, as well as covering the comp for Dig. He has also been working super hard on getting the next issue done.

Josh Stricker is just a hop, skip and a jump away from being done with school. He will probably be the first college grad on the etnies BMX team. With some time off, Josh did a ghetto tour with the guys from Faction magazine around the Philly area. The weather finally cleared-up enough for everyone to ride out doors (the weather has sucked all summer, according to Josh). HeҒs been riding with street legend Van Homan and shot some photos with BMX Plus's Adam Booth.

Jason Enns finished-up his part on the new Ride -magazine video, Digital Interface. He also got the cover (with his dog) of Dig magazine this month. Jason has been on Props Road Fools #12 for the last week-and-a-half with the likes of Cory Martinez (who has been rocking etnies lately), Ryan Nyquist and Gary Young. Check it out soon. Jason has been home enjoying some rest and relaxation. He also got approved on the house that he and his girl Portia put in a bid on, so they will be moving in at the end of October.

Before going to Vancouver's Metro Jam, John Heaton attended the Woodstock Ontario Beach Festival, where he got pretty sunburned doing shows with some friends who have a stunt show team called The Crazy Crew. John was also at his boss, Jay Miron's, contest in Vancouver, the Metro Jam, where he did pretty darn well. John is home chilling enjoying some decent weather. His birthday is on September 20.

Nate Wessel is still nursing a healing ankle / broken leg (he's at about seventy-five percent right now) at Woodward camp out in Pennsylvania, while hanging with the kids and working on some new ramps out there. Nate has been riding a bit, but just taking it easy until the doc gives the green light for him to go full-bore.

Dave Freimuth has been helping build the new Area 51 skatepark across town in Appleton, Wisconsin after the old one had to go away. Dave has an upcoming etnies ad, so check it out. He also attended the Metro Jam in Vancouver put on by Jay Miron and the Ten Pack crew. Dave shredded and made the finals with his original tech style, teaching some of the new blood on the scene that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Edwin Delarosa is home in New York right now and has been taking care of his broken wrist, trying to get in good enough shape so that he can go to the last Backyard Jam of the year in Derby, England. He is still praying he doesn't need surgery. Edwin went out to Cleveland, Ohio to hang-out at the Gravity Games. Although he claims that he didn't, I bet he did hang with Vanilla Ice at an after-party.

Brian Terada has been riding locally around Camarillo and also spent a couple of days at Woodward West. He has a hipper right now, which he is nursing and trying not to fall on again. Besides that, he has been working at the Camarillo Bike Factory and hanging with his girlfriend.

Nate Hanson time has been consumed with getting his business up to speed. What with all the inspections by the city, insurance and product liability, etc. it's been a real headache, but Nate seems to be weathering the storm quite well. Besides that, Nate has been working part-time at Tip / Primo on their new catalogs. In between his busy work schedule, hes been able to get some sessions in on the Primo ramps and hang with his wife, Michelle.

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