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Snow Team Gearing-Up For New Season

Sep 17 2003 / Wednesday

Dionne Delesalle
will be working on getting a new board sponsor for the upcoming season. He hopes to line something up by the start of the season. Be sure to check out his diary in the new Wild Cats Diary.

Markku Koski is getting ready to head out to the Swiss Alps to ride again. His part in Standard Films' White Balance
was amazing. Be sure to check it out as soon as you can.

Nicolas Droz decided to part ways with Special Blend last month. He will be looking for a new outerwear sponsor, so if anyone's interested, let him know. Nico will also be organizing his contest, scheduled for early December. He'll post news as soon as he lines-up all of the teams and sponsors.

Matt Hammer got the ending segment in Standard Films' White Balance. All of his hard work paid off as the crowd went nuts cheering for him at the premiere. Congratulations, Matt! He will also, be heading up to Mt. Hood later this week with John Jackson, Dionne Delesalle, Tyler Lepore, Janna Meyen and Roberta Rodger to test out some of the 2004 ThirtyTwo prototypes and shoot some lifestyle photos with Chris Owen in Oregon.

John Jackson also got a huge response during the White Balance premiere down in San Diego last week. He had the opening part, which was amazing. Be sure to check it out. Tyler Lepore has been pretty busy with lining up his schedule for the season. He'll be traveling to Mt. Hood later this week with the ThirtyTwo crew and then heading out to Europe with his board sponsor to do some promoting out there.

Joni Makinen spent a few weeks down in Southern California touring around shops with the Option / NFA crew. He visited a dozen shops, hung-out for the ASR trade show and then departed back to Finland last week. He'll be strengthening his ankle for the remainder of this month and then plans to head to the Swiss Alps to start snowboarding again.

Janna Meyen has been keeping things on the down-low, hanging-out at home until she gets back on her shred stick to prepare for the upcoming season. She'll be joining the rest of the ThirtyTwo crew in Oregon later this week for the R&D testing / photo shoot.

Chad Otterstrom will be on the road to a handful of premieres across the nation and then head to Europe later this month.

Roberta Rodger has been spending some time in Southern California, soaking up the rays and getting her surf on. She'll be heading to Mt. Hood with the rest of the ThirtyTwo crew later this week.

Kevin Sansalone recently sold his house in Whistler and upscaled, purchasing a 2,000+ square foot one just down the road. Congratulations, Sans! Good luck with home improving. On another note, Kevin's film project turned out to be a huge success. His first premiere drew a huge crowd in Whistler and he expects a really positive turnout for the rest of the premieres. Be sure to check out the ThirtyTwo web site for more details at

Wille Yli-Luoma just got back from a little vacation with his family. He'll be sorting out his schedule for the season, then head out to the Swiss Alps to start the season. Make sure you check out Wille in Robot Food's Lame
video coming out to a shop near you.

Later this week, the ThirtyTwo crew will be heading to Mt. Hood to test new 2004 prototypes with Matt Hammer, Dionne Delesalle, Tyler Lepore, John Jackson, Janna Meyen and Roberta Rodger.

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