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etnies Presents Carhartt European Skateboard Championships--3rd Edition

Sep 2 2003 / Tuesday

August 22-24, 2003
Kunsteisbahn Margarethen / Mnsterplatz
Basel , Switzerland
Street, Vert, Mini-Ramp-Bowl, Girls' Jam

For the third year running, Basel, Switzerland was home to the Carhartt European Skateboard Championships presented by etnies. The streets were packed with hundreds of talented skateboarders from all over Europe , all of whom were eager to compete and find a place in the finals in the Kunsteisbahn Margarethen. Three hundred and one competitors of twenty different nationalities battled it out on the Street, Vert and Mini-Ramp / Bowl contests, which attracted over 15,000 spectators. With 200 tons of material used to construct the course and 140 volunteers to help out, the arena took just one week to build, with a four-day breakdown after all was said and done.

Oli Buergin from Switzerland retained the title of European Mini-Ramp / Bowl Champion, with huge transfers from the mini-ramp to the bowl, switch stalefish transfers, frontside airs and solid technical lines both regular and switch. Closely behind him, the much talked-about fifteen-year old Fredrik Austbo from Norway took 2nd place. Fredrik made huge frontside airs, Caballerial transfers and frontside airs all a part of his smooth lines. Pulling off a backside 360 nose bone transfers, backside tailslide reverts and frontside nose grind reverts, Harri Puupponen from Finland found himself in third place thanks in large part to his unique style.

The Vert event happened downtown at the Mnsterplatz. Never before had this historical part of town hosted a vert skateboarding contest, attracting thousands of spectators. A Vertical Kingsize II ramp was built for the top European Skateboarders to strut their stuff on. Terence Bougdour from France battled it out with faultless runs to remain the European Vert champion, while etnies rider Juergen Horwarth from Germany pulled all kinds of cats out of his bag in his last run to beat Jussi Korhonen from Finland for 2nd place. Terence got a double crown and made France proud by also winning the award for Overall Best Vert Skateboarder of the Year.

Dominik Dietrich from Austria once again found himself at the top of the Street heap, winning the Street finals with an amazing run featuring Smith grinds on the hubba ledge, crooked grinds on the big, long ledge, 360 flip transfers on the pyramid and kickflip
frontside boardslides on the rail, as well as huge frontside and backside airs. Just points behind, Fredrik Austbo from Norway showed us once again what he is capable of with big frontside airs, frontside bluntsides on the flat rail, crooked grinds to backside lipslides on the flat rail and backside kick flip transfers on the pyramid.

Following closely in third place was the consistant Chris Astrom from Sweden , who performed frontside nosegrinds on the hubba ledge, frontside bluntslides on the flat rail and kickflips over the pyramid. But, this was simply not enough for Chris, as he went on to win the prestigious title of Street Skateboarder of the Year award. Once again, proving that he has years ahead of him, the young and talented Fredrik Austbo won the Overall 2003 Skateboarder of the Year award.

Ten g irls also got chance to show what they know. Taking 1st place with frontside kickflips on the bank, kickflip transfers on the pyramid, frontside airs and backside ollie transfers from transition to transition was Ianire Elorriaga from Bilbao , Spain . Close behind in 2nd place, Lisa Schairer from Germany did backside 180 transfers on the pyramid, fakie big spin Caballerials and transfers on the pyramid. Just points behind in 3rd p lace was Louisa Menke from Holland , with frontside ollies from bank to flat, kickflip to fakies on the bank and ollies over the gap to 50-50 grinds. Proving that Steffi Weiss is the most consistent female skateboarder for 2003, she took home the award for Best Female Skateboarder of the Year.

The Best Trick contests brought the crowds to the edges of their seats and made photographers elbow for space to get the key shots. Giorgio Zattoni from Italy won the Best Trick on vert with a switch flip Indy over the channel. On the street, Andy Welther from Germany won with a backside nose blunt slide on the hubba ledge.

After the contests, the official European Skateboard Championships partied on into the night with a concert at Theatherplatz in the centre of Basel, creating beats for the feet and some crowd surfing with the local band Tempo al Tempo and Reel Big Fish from the United States.

1. Dominik Dietrich AUT
2. Frederik Austbo NOR Etnies
3. Chris Astrom SWE Etnies
4. Chris Pfanner AUT
5. Danny Wainwright UK
6. Akim Cherif FRA
7. Jo Lorenz GER
8. Michael Mackrodt GER
9. Stefan Lehnert GER
10. Stefan Bircher CH
11. Tomas Vintr CZ
12. Karim Cherif FRA

Street Best Trick
1. Andy Welther GER (backside nose blunt slide on the hubba)

1. Terrence Bougdour FRA
2. Juergen Horwarth GER Etnies
3. Jussi Korhonen FIN
4. Jean Postec FRA
5. Jocke Olson SWE
6. Thomas Kring DK
7. Nicky Guerrero DK
8. Thomas Madsen DK

Vert Best Trick
1. Giorgio Zattoni ITA Etnies (switch flip Indy over the channel)

2. Terrence Bougdour FRA (nollie double heelflip)
3. Juergen Horwarth GER Etnies (blunt on the roll-in, fakie Smith fakie)

Mini-Ramp / Bowl
1. Oli Buergin CH Etnies
2. Frederik Austbo NOR Etnie
3. Harri Puupponen FIN
4. Jurgen Horwarth GER Etnies
5. Micky Iglesias CH
6. Michael Jensen DK
7. Roman Hackl AUT
8. Thilo Nawrocki GER
9. Marc Haziza FRA Etnies
10. Dominik Dietrich AUT
11. Thomas Madsen DK
12. David Martelleur BE

Girls' Jam
1. Ianire Elorriaga ESP
2. Lisa Schairer GER Etnies
3. Louisa Menke HOL Etnies
4. Steffi Weiss GER
5. Juliana Marinho GER
6. Sabrina Goggel GER
7. Rowd Munzel GER Etnies
8. Sonia Khenfech FRA
9. Delphine Gaillard CH
10. Urska Dalmatin SLO

Street--Chris Astrom SWE Etnies
Vert--Terrence Bougdour FRA
Mini-Ramp / Bowl--Frederik Austbo NOR Etnies
Girls--Steffi Weiss GER

Full Results and pictures are available at:

Phone: +41 61 401 3701

Press info:

Phone: +49 30 265 570 11

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