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Etnies European Open 2003--Stavanger, Norway

Jun 10 2003 / Tuesday

June 6-8, 2003
Vert, Street, Mini-Ramp & Juniors

Rune Gilfberg won vert and etnies youngster Fredrik Austbo grabbed 1st in mini-ramp at the the etnies European Open in beautiful Stavanger, Norway. More than thirty juniors competed in the Under 14 division with an excellent line-up of tricks like boardslides on the rail, kickflips over the pyramid and frontside airs for 1st prize on Friday, the juniors day.

Due to inclement weather on Saturday, street, vert and mini-ramp all took place on a cloudy Sunday. Hundreds of spectators watched local hero Frederik Austbo win the mini-ramp competition doing huge frontside lien transfers from one mini-ramp to the other. Mickey Igesias from Switzerland claimed 2nd place with big one-foot ollies to fakie and switch crooked grinds. Michael Jensen, who competed in all three disciplines, received 3rd for his efforts.

The crҨme de la crme of European vert riders gathered for the vert finals on Sunday, including Finland's Jussi Krohonen, who pulled 540 indy grabs for 3rd place. Terrence Bougdour from France spinned McTwists and rodeo flips and landed in 2nd, but nothing could beat the smooth style of Rune Glifberg from Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks to frontside heelflip Indys, fakie backside flip Indys and switch kickflips, 1st place easily fell into Rune's lap.

Eight entrants skated into the street finals. France's Yann Garin qualified first for the semi-finals and finals with his unique style, featuring nollie backside heelflip 270s. etnies rider Chris Astrom picked out 2nd place (from a box full of twenty places) with a kickflip frontside boardslide on the rail, and, again, local etnies rider Fredrik Austbo from Stavanger pleased the crowd with his backside lipslide on the biggest rail for 3rd.

Street Seniors

1. Yann Garin
2. Chris Astrom (etnies)
3. Fredrik Austbo (etnies)
4. Michael Jensen
5. Peter Sorbo
6. Mathias Skard
7. Yves Marchon (etnies)
8. Tom Erik Ryen
9. Julian Dykmans
10. Raul Fernandes
11. Henning Braaten
12. Micky Iglesias
13. Hugo Liard
14. Leif Kristian Thorvik
15. Kristian Bomholt
16. Stian Sannerud
17. Rodney Clarke (etnies)
18. Stephane Larance
19. Oyvind Nissen
20. Troels Jorgensen

Mini-Ramp Seniors
1. Fredrik Austbo (etnies)
2. Micky Iglesias
3. Michel Jensen
4. Oli Burgin (etnies)
5. Leif Kristian Thorvik
6. Daniel Cardone
7. Kjetil Aasen
8. Jess Andersen
9. Kristian Bomholt
10. Kim Stokke
11. Troels Jorgensen
12. Mathias Skard


1. Rune Glifberg
2. Terence Bougdour
3. Jussi Korhonen
4. Adil Dyani
5. Nicky Dean Guerrero
6. Jess Andersen
7. Thomas Kring
8. Mikael Jensen
9. Mathias Skard
10. Jan Thore Nilsen
11. Morten Fornes

Street Juniors

1. Karsten Kleppan
2. Fredrik Stangeland
3. Johakim Bjelland
4. Mikkel Bang
5. Anders Nilsen
6. Christoffer Nilsen
7. Mads Hauge
8. Ole Laget
9. Karl Fredrik Panthe
10. Knut Henry Rosseid
11. Mikkel Wennesland
12. Ulrik Vab

Mini-Ramp Juniors
1. Ola Segadal
2. Christoffer Nilsen
3. Johakim Bjelland
4. Per Olav Tjota
5. Mads Hauge
6. Markus Nevland
7. Hans Jakob Vik

More to follow on
For further information, please contact Monika @ Radar Berlin
Phone: +49 30 265 570 11
Fax: +49 30 265 570 13
Photos by David Luther and Monika Bocian

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