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New Seventies Warehouse Open

Mar 25 2003 / Tuesday

After giving his bike away in Hawaii, Mike Escamilla has been scrambling to get parts together for a new one. He sent out a new frame to get it powder coated and is still waiting to get it back. Who knows what color it will be? Around Thanksgiving, Mike had his 125cc dirt bike stolen from his friends house out in the high desert. He was sure that he would never see it again, but around 4:00 a.m. last week, Mike got a call from Apple Valley police telling him they had found his bike! Some kid had bought it, apparently from the thief, so Mike had to go out there and claim it. He also sat at the DMV for hours with all the rednecks because the bike's registration had expired. Mike is patiently awaiting the end of the world.

Taj Mihelich has been getting more and more involved with putting on rock shows as of late, seeing as how the big music festival South X Southwest is currently making its annual appearance in Austin. Taj has also been riding the now finished T1 ramp with the added bowl end (
), which he has been really happy about, plus the weather has been better.

Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Nathan Wessel and Garrett Byrnes spent last week in Tasmania and, believe it or not, there are actual skateparks there! Some really old school-style parks, but fun nonetheless. Nate has been trying to get some ad-worthy shots for Etnies courtesy of JoeҒs camera and Ruben has been trying to come up with some text for an Etnies ad. Besides that, the crew has been riding as much as they possibly can, as well as surfing, sightseeing, taking pictures and filming. They left for South Africa on Monday, March 17.

Dave Freimuth spent a week out here in Cali, where he rode a crap load. Whether at Cory Nastazios house or at the Vans park, Dave and good friend Chad Degroot had a great time. They also visited Sole Tech for the two-cent tour and also visited Primo. On Wednesday, the guys rode at Skate Street with Etnies teammates Brian Terada and B-team rider Sean Emery until the wee hours of the morning. Dave and Chad flew back home on Thursday, since Dave had to get home for his fiancée PattyҒs birthday this past Saturday.

Jason Enns has been working a lot at Aversion BMX store in Vancouver. Its been raining a lot, so he hasn't had much of a chance to use his blowtorch. Jason has been putting plans together to try and buy a house in the near future.

ItҒs been in the works for months, and now finally Ian Morris and the Seventies crew have finally moved into the new Seventies warehouse, which is humongous. Ramps are already in the plans and theyve already begun construction on a small vert ramp they moved in. Ian clocked the miles from the old warehouse to the new one, and even though they're only three miles apart, he has done over 120 miles worth of trips back and forth. The first Backyard Jam plans are under full steam.

Nate Hanson has been working at Tip / Primo as usual, and is pretty much up to speed there with all his work. HeҒs been spending a lot of time trying to get the Primo ramps finished. Rain is hampering progress, but its very close to completion. Nate went out to the desert for one last fling in the Blazer before the season ended this past weekend.

Brian Terada has been working at the bike store in Camarillo a bunch. When not there, heҒs been riding street and also Skate Street skatepark. On Wednesday, he was lucky enough to ride with Etnies teammate Dave Freimuth. Brian has an upcoming Etnies ad in Ride BMX and TransWorld BMX.

After a long time of waiting, Mike Griffin has finally had his surgery done. Doctors removed a small piece of bone from his hip and placed it in his wrist, where a broken navicular bone (that has little blood flow) will hopefully get rejuvenated. They were originally going to take it from the opposite wrist, which doesnt make any sense at all. Mike has also been spending as much time as possible with his son, Xavier.

John Heaton has been riding as much as the weather will let him. This past weekend, he drove down to Cleveland to go ride at Chenga Worlds 1 and 2 with some friends. He spent a couple of days down there, clocking footage the whole time for the MacNeil video. John has also been spending time with his girlfriend. He has to go back to Las Vegas at the beginning of April to go to court for a problem he had with some suits in the Hard Rock Café & Casino. While there, he will hopefully get some riding in.

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