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Suffering Some Injuries

Mar 10 2003 / Monday

Carlos De Andrade is still out with a hurt ankle that he rolled pretty badly a week and a half ago. He should be back on his board sometime soon, but who knows when he'll be 100%? He's planning on going to the Tampa Pro, but doesn't know if he can skate hard.

Elissa Steamer is everywhere under the sun once again. Right when she got back from Australia, she left for San Francisco for a couple of days, then flew to Miami to skate and film last Thursday. Elissa will be returning to Ft. Myers later on this week.

Mike V is still on the prowl for a Vallely Skateboards team manager. Mike and Jesse Fritsch had a show in Downey, California (near LA) last Wednesday, where both of their bands played for an all-ages crowd. Sounds fun--good to hear Mike's still into his music.

Rob G is now a week-and-a-half deep in Argentina on a Slap and 411 trip. While in South America, Rob will be shooting photos with Anthony Claravall and Joe Brook. In another week, the tour goes to Brazil, where they will continue to skate until March 24.

Fabrizio Santos has a bruised heel right now, but continues to skate on it. He decided to stay a week longer in Australia after we left the World Cup contest. Skating and filming with Bill Weiss, Fabrizio is now done with his Digital video part. He plans on attending the Tampa Pro and going to Brazil in April for the X-Games.

Chris Lambert is officially done filming for his Digital video part, which he's super stoked on.

Lincoln Ueda has a slightly hurt back right now. He and Jesse Fritsch just returned from a demo they did with Tony Hawk in Indiana last weekend. Lincoln was nice enough to show up to the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest groundbreaking ceremony and mini ramp demo that we put on. He and a few of our other riders (Jesse Fritsch, Breeze, Mike Manzoori, Brian Patch, Tony Silva and Zered Basset) showed up to sign autographs and skate.

Jesse Fritsch continues to play a lot of music. He's been skating Volcom with his roommate Matt Dove and filming with Mike Manzoori, as well as playing shows with Mike V and trying to hook up with Lance Dawes to shoot photos.

Billy Marks has been tossing his carcass down big rails and gaps for Mike Burnett from Thrasher. Billy leaves this week for Spain to officially start filming for his Toy Machine part (even though he actually started a long time ago). Be afraid.

Josh Harmony will also be joining Billy in Spain to film for his Toy Machine video part.

Ryan Sheckler has been enjoying his time at home, handling school responsibilities and hanging out with friends. At the end of last week, he and his family decided to go camping for a couple of days just to spend some quality time together and to get away from it all. Hopefully, the camping was a good time / escape for him.

Tony Silva stayed at my house with Zered Bassett this week. Together, they skated all day and all night with Lance Dawes and myself. The two got a lot of work done with a lot of footage and photos. Tony did a frontisde salad backside 180 out on this rail we skated in East LA in the middle of the night, which was definitely the highlight of his week. He pulled it three times for me and also got a sequence with Dawes.

Zered Basset came through town last week and terrorized everything that he skated. I'd list out the tricks he did, but you will just have to wait and see them when they all come out. Lance Dawes has photographic proof and I have footage. In fact, Z managed to get something on film or photos every day he was here. We skated each day until he couldn't skate anymore. Zered is killing it!

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