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Mike Griffin Scheduled For Wrist Surgery

Feb 27 2003 / Thursday

Mike Escamilla had a mellow week. He rode at the beginning of the week at Ontario Vans and left on Thursday for a vacation to Tavarua (Fiji).
It's been raining in Austin, so any outdoor riding has been a no-no. Taj Mihelich has been riding the bowl at the Skatepark of Austin. The new Garrett Byrnes signature frames came in to T1 with the one piece seat post and grind plates on the chainstays. Taj also helped good friend Jen Hardison move in to her new place. She quit her job at Transworld in Cali to live in Austin, take pictures and enjoy life. For the most part, Taj has been relaxing.

Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Nate Wessel and Garrett Byrnes have finally made it to Australia after leaving New Zealand, where they rode in an X-Games contest. Ruben got 2nd in Park (but a lot of people thought that he should have got 1st) and Joe slept through the vert finals, which he qualified for! From what they were saying, people were really stoked to see and hang out with the crew. The crew has also been surfing a whole lot (including one spot where they swam with dolphins) and hanging out with all the pretty hotties. The crew is slowly moving up the Coast, but they can't go too far though, Ruben has to be back at the airport on February 27 so he can fly out to Toronto for the Metro Jam and then back to Australia again.

Sandy Carson just got back from his month-long visit to Australia, which he enjoyed very much. Hes recuperating for a few days from his travels and the time difference, just hanging with his girl. Sandy rode the Skatepark of Austin bowl at the tail end of last week with etnies team mate Taj Mihelich. He also worked on getting ready for an art show featuring his work at The Boulder Creek Café, which all the bike riders in Austin frequent. Sandy is planning on going to Mexico for a vacation this coming Monday for two weeks with his girl (but without his bike).

The weather has been surprisingly good up in Vancouver. Jason Enns managed to get some riding outdoors in a T-shirt a couple of days. In the morning, he would bust out with the flame thrower to dry the dew off of the concrete and session before the kids showed up. He also found some new street spots about an hour away from his house and wrote them all down in his little black book. Jason played hockey with some bike-riding friends over the weekend and according to him, heҒs super out of shape and would have got his ass kicked if it were a real game. Other than riding, Jasons been chillinҒ with his girlfriend and hanging with the dogs, as well as working at Aversion BMX store.

Josh Stricker has been freezing his balls off. Besides school, hes been riding the Little Devil warehouse with his friends.

Edwin Delarosa has been staying at his good friend Mike Ardelean's house, as well as hanging with Rooftop and getting as much riding in as possible between rain showers out in Cali, whether it be at the Vans parks (both Ontario and Orange) or street riding in Long Beach. He also rode Skate Street on Saturday night during the bike session there. Edwin is here for one more week (two weeks total). He always enjoys coming to California, which is surprising, since a lot of people in the bike-riding scene don't like it here because they think there is too much drama.

Ian Morris has been working hard at Seventies Distribution getting ready for the big move into the new warehouse at the beginning of March, where there will be new ramps and way more room. Overall, it should be much better. IanҒs been riding at their current warehouse as well, which has been good for his morale. He has a crazy schedule coming up and in a few weeks, he has to fly from England to Oklahoma City, then on to Taiwan and then Toronto for the Metro Jam being put on by Jay Miron.

Nate Hanson has been working on new catalogs and ads at Tip Plus distribution, as well as re-building the Primo ramps after work. The rain has had an effect and been balling things up a bit, though. Nate has had school also, which makes it really tough to get any riding in, although he did get a Vans session in last week. Nate also went out to Glamis this past weekend to drive the Blazer, which was a lot of fun, as usual.

Brian Terada spent last week working at the bike store, riding street and riding at Skate Street. He also did a photo session to get some lifestyle and riding shots with etnies staff photographer Jared Souney for a possible upcoming ad. Brian has also been rinding some pools out by his house in Camarillo.

Mike Griffin has finally been scheduled for wrist surgery in March. In preparation, he has had some blood work done (he hates needles), as well as a physical. Mike has also, been hanging out with his son, Xavier.

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