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Half Of The Team Is Freezing

Feb 18 2003 / Tuesday

- Mike Escamilla just got back from a trip to the Salton Sea, where he rode some pools (not to mention some local Long Beach pools, as well). Although his ankle is still hurting him, he's been riding anyway, but taking it easy until he is all healed up. Mike recently shot photos for the Ride magazine Photo Annual, which is coming out really soon. He is still spending a lot of time with Jodi and Haley. Mike is going to Hawaii from March 1-7 for a demo, a TransWorld BMX article and to promote Samurai (his new clothing gig).

- Taj Mihelich has been riding at the Skatepark of Austin a bunch lately and got a nice surprise last week a good friend of his from England, John Taylor, was there and they got to kick it for a while. Also, Taj put on another of his weekly Thursday night shows at The Ritz last week. Other than that, he has been working hard at T1, taking care of the secret project upstairs, as well as kickinŒ it with his girl and dog. 

- Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Nate Wessel and Garrett Byrnes have been ultra busy on their world tour. Last week, they accidentally ran into the New Zealand etnies rep, Lawrence, and some skaters they met in a skate shop, who showed them around for a few days and gave them a place to camp. The guys have been riding a lot of concrete skateparks, as well as indoor parks, which are common down there--not to mention the street scene, which is also really good. The crew hung out at a local contest, where they rode some vert and dirt. Nate crashed on dirt and thinks he broke a toe on his right foot. He also bruised his thighs really good, but can still ride--it just hurts to walk. Other than that, the crew has been hanging-out on the beach, surfing and chilling.

- Nate Hanson, as always, is playing with his truck. He just got his shocks re-valved, so now things are rolling even smoother than before. He has also been working hard on ads and catalogs for TIP and Primo lately--not to mention the ramps at Primo, which are finally near completion. Hes claiminҒ about another week and a half or so, which will see them done just in time for the Props Road Fools crew to blast through town. Nate is in the process of finalizing a business plan with his brother: the project is a truck suspension and fabrication company called Speed Metal. Nate has also lately, been riding at the skatepark in Orange.

- John Heaton spent the last few weeks in Asia with MacNeil bikes. They were touring around checking out manufacturing facilities, visiting distributors, going to skateparks, and getting footage for the upcoming MacNeil bikes video, which is due out soon. John returned home on Sunday and has just been hanging out with his girl. He leaves again for a road trip through the Southwest, which begins in California, heads East through Arizona and then on to New Mexico. I'm sure John will be shooting plenty of photos and getting footage all along the way.

- Edwin Delarosa has been freezing at home in the terribly frigid New York weather. He recently bought a bunch of cheap bootleg DVDs, as well as some books, because the weather just hasnt been good enough to ride! He has, however, been spotted once or twice at a new local indoor wooden skatepark--isn't that nice? Edwin is currently in California for two weeks to escape the cold--not to mention shooting photos and filming.

- Brian Terada has been working at the Camarillo bike factory, riding the Skate Street skatepark, as well as the Camarillo concrete park. This past weekend, he even ventured up to Santa Barbara to shoot photos for an upcoming etnies ad.

- As usual, Jason Enns has been spending his time in Vancouver. Fortunately, the weather has been pretty fair up there--a little cold, but nice enough to ride. Jason has been working part-time at the Aversion BMX shop and has also been hanging with his girl.

- Josh Stricker has been freezing in Philly, going to school and riding a little here and there at a local indoor wooden park, as well as at the crappy X-Games wooden park. He would rather not ride there, but he was going a little stir crazy staying indoors all the time.

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