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BMX Team All Over The Globe

Feb 7 2003 / Friday

Mike Escamilla went to Point X Camp twice last week and relearned truck drivers. He also attended ASR the whole three days and seemed to be getting healthier until he hurt his ankle. Mike was also spotted at the Emerica This Is Skateboarding video premiere up in LA last Saturday night.

Օ Taj Mihelich has, as usual, been working hard at T1 making sure things flow well over there and getting the T1 tour updates up on the web at He's been riding the T1 ramp, as well as the indoor skatepark of Austin with that awesome bowl and bad-ass street course, plus getting some street sessions in. Thursday was the T1 rock show at The Ritz, a biker-friendly bar in downtown Austin where Taj and company put on a rock show upstairs every second week. Taj is still working on a top-secret project.

The T1 World Tour featuring Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Nate Wessel and Garrett Byrnes. The crew were surfing in the Northwest area of New Zealand last week in a place called Kataia. Everywhere they go, they find random little skateparks or bowls or ramps almost by accident. There's pretty much something in every town--whether it be new or twenty-five years old, itՒs been fun. Some were good and others were real crap. Joe's been working on a Ruben interview for Ride BMX magazine, as well as compiling pictures for an etnies ad with Ruben for the upcoming release of his pro model shoe. Joe also has the other guys shooting himself for a Ride BMX interview that's scheduled to happen when the crew returns from their World Tour. The whole crew has been riding with locals in New Zealand wherever they go. All the guys are planning on going to a local contest down there in the first week of February.

Dave Freimuth went to Florida for a week to hang out with his good friend Chad Degroot, who owns Mission Skatepark. Dave spent a couple of days on the beach until he realized it was way too cold, so he went to check out the remains of Stone Edge Skatepark in Daytona (R.I.P.). He rode at Mission Skatepark a bunch, where he filmed some clips for the MacNeil Video coming out soon. Dave also went to a BBQ and then to Monday night fights at the Roxy, a bar near ChadՒs house where they have amateur boxing matches. Chad kicked some ass, but Dave was too much of a pussy to get up there and fight. Dave has been drinking a lot, got a bad haircut and also rode some outdoor concrete skateparks locally with Chad and shot photos for the hell of it. Then he flew home, where it snowed for four days straight.

It's been super cold in Philly--too cold to ride outdoors, in fact--so Josh Stricker has been attempting to ride indoors at either the Little Devil warehouse or a couple of hours away at Hackettstown with etnies teammate Edwin Delarosa. Josh also rode an abandoned warehouse with a bunch of makeshift ramps inside--tables, planks of wood leaned against pallets or crates and all kinds of junk to have fun on.

Օ John Heaton is in Asia for three weeks with the big boss / owner of MacNeil Bikes, Jay Miron. They are over there checking out manufacturing facilities, as well as doing some touring around. They are planning on going to Kuala Lumpur and Guam. They both showed up at the Asian X-Games, but did not enter. They just hung out and watched, much to the dismay of all the people who wanted them to ride.

Nate Hanson has a full plate, as usual, working at Tip / Primo. Nate has been working on his own truck, as well as his brother's. On Saturday they went to check out a desert race by Glamas. Nate has been a little sick lately, so he has been trying to kick the bug. Most of the time over the last couple of weeks, Nate's been spending countless hours slaving over a screw gun to get the Primo ramps up to snuff in time for the Props Road Fools trip that's scheduled to pass through soon.

Օ Sandy Carson has been down in Australia for the last couple of weeks and will probably extend his stay for a few more. He's been shooting photos the whole time for a DIG magazine scene report and hanging out with a few of the Federal Bikes crew (one of whom is etnies team mate Ian Morris, who cut his trip short to go home). Sandy's been riding trails a lot and tail-whipped his first double in a long time, which he was really excited about. Sandy did hurt his back a little from riding dirt, but he's feeling better. Sandy's in Melbourne right now riding random parks and bodyboarding a bunch. The architecture down there is very BMX-friendly according to him. Sandy visited etnies Australia, where he hung out with etnies Australia team manager Mike Daley.

Ian Morris spent the last couple of weeks in Australia riding and shooting stuff for an upcoming Federal Bikes video. He went home last week to England because of a hurt knee. He was kinda worried about it, but it turns out it isnՒt as bad as he thought. Ian' been preparing to move into the new Seventies Distribution warehouse.

Edwin Delarosa has been freezing his balls off in the East Coast cold, which has really put a damper on the outdoor riding sessions. Edwin has been riding some not-so-local indoor ramp parks. Last week, he rode with etnies teammate Josh Stricker at Hackettstown indoor park a couple of hours away. Edwin put together a custom FIT bike with no brake mounts or cable guides to keep it a little lighter.

Օ Brian Terada has been working a bunch at the bike store in Camarillo. Now that he quit riding for We The People bikes, he' now riding Federal. Brian has a swollen elbow as of late, due to repeated abuse from slams. He's also been riding street a lot, as well as riding at Skate Street.

Mike Griffin has been waiting to hook-up some medical coverage so he can get his wrist fixed. Seems there is a small bone cracked that needs to be worked on. He's been having trouble with it for a while. It still functions, but gives him constant discomfort. Mike finally qualified for the insurance, so he'll probably be going under the knife sometime in February.

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