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BMX Team Report--Dec 1 - Dec 8, 2003

Dec 9 2003 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla
has been spending a lot of time playing golf lately, as well as attending the LG Action Sports event in Pomona, California, where he placed a phenomenal 26th. Mike did one of the moves of the comp, though, with a 270 onto the banked wall ride to opposite drop-in. He also shot photos with other guys from the etnies team for catalogs, ads, posters, etc. After the LG thing, then it was off to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with his wife Jodies family, where he enjoyed some fishing and shooting guns. Mike returned home at the beginning of the weekend and spent Sunday building shelves in his garage. The up coming Samurai video will be available through TIP Distribution for Christmas.

Taj Mihelich
came out to California to enter the LG Action Sports event out in Pomona, where he placed 19th out of thirty-two riders. He spent time out in Cali shooting photos for etnies, as well as a feature about his bike for Transworld BMX shot by Keith Mulligan at the Ride BMX office in Tustin. Taj rode Skate Street in Ventura last Sunday with a bunch of other etnies riders in a not-so-private session. He then left for Austin on Tuesday, Novem
ber 25 to get some work done, but his day ended-up being a nightmare, as his connecting flight into Phoenix was cancelled due to the President of the United States flying in there (they donҒt want any other planes in the air when he's flying in the vicinity). This was just one more reason for Taj to dislike the man. If things couldnt be bad enough, TajҒs computer came up positive for some kind of chemical when it was tested. His day ended-up twice as long as it should have been, but he still kept his calm, miraculously. Taj has been back at work at T1 and riding with everyone.

Joe Rich
is in Austin working at T1, riding the ramp and the Skatepark of Austin, as well as riding the 9th street trails with etnies teammate Sandy Carson. Joe went motorcycle riding on November 30 with etnies / Terrible One teammate /
employee Ruben Alcantara and Spains other BMX phenomenon, Sergio Layos (who placed 9th at the LG Action Sports event in Pomona). Joe finally got his new Apple G5 computer to edit the Terrible One video.

Ruben Alcantara
was out in California to enter the LG Action Sports event in Pomona, where he placed a 29th. Following that, Ruben shot pictures with the rest of the etnies team in various obscure spots around So Cal with etnies skate photographer Lance Dawes. Ruben also started shooting with Jeff Zielinski for an interview that has been long overdue in Ride BMX magazine. Ruben rode Skate Street skatepark out in Ventura on Sunday, November
23 with the rest of the etnies crew at the not-so-down-low session. He flew out to Austin on Thanksgiving day with good friend Sergio Layos to hang-out with his new bosses at T1, Joe and Taj, as well as Sandy Carson. Ruben went motorcycle riding Sunday with etnies teammate Joe Rich. Ruben plans to fly home to Malaga, Spain on December 14 after doing the etnies skatepark Grand Opening in Lake Forest California on Saturday, December 13.

John Heaton
was in town for the LG Action Sports event in Pomona, where he placed 25th. He was just glad to get out of the horrid Toronto weather. John stayed out in Cali to shoot photos with the rest
of the etnies team, as well as with Jeff Zielinski for upcoming issues of Ride magazine, He was out in Cali during Thanksgiving (not that he would have celebrated it anyway), enjoying plenty of nice weather. He flew home on Sunday, November 30.

After getting back from the Baco 10 promo tour, Dave Freimuth
dove head-first into building the new Area 51 skatepark that he and the rest of the crew plan on getting completed by the beginning of 2004. Check out DaveҒs version of how the Baco 10 tour went down right here on the etnies site with a story
that he wrote himself. Besides that, it has been getting pretty cold in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Dave has been spending quality time with his wife, Pattie.

Nate Wessel
is back from England (where he built the Seventies warehouse skatepark) for a few days for Thanksgiving. He says its been kind hard riding because of the long days building and lack of riding while over there. Nate also spent some quality time with his grandma, who turned 80 this last week. He and good friend Tom Stober are working on getting some custom pads made that hopefully people will like. If Nate's ramps are anything to go by, you know heҒs going to put some serious thought into them, so they should be good.

Jason Enns
finally moved into his new house with his girl Portia on November 29, 2003. He had new carpet put in, and has been doing some decorating to get it how he wants it. Jason has been on a solo mission working on the house, due to his girl's serious work schedule. He has been getting some riding in here and there--it just depends on how the weather has been.

Brian Terada
has been without his driving license for a while now (due to his lead foot), so he has been getting his girl and other friends to run him around like a limo driver. He gets his license back in January. Brian rode at the LG Action Sports event in Pomona, where he placed a wonderful 31st. He has also been shooting photos for etnies ads, posters, catalogs, etc., and also shot photos with Jeff Zielinski for Ride magazine at Skate Street skatepark in Ventura.

Edwin Delarosa
was invited out to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to attend a teen appreciation event (I guess Edwin is some kind of role model?). He had the opportunity to go rock climbing, as well as drive in some serious off-road vehicles, doing 100-plus mph in some dune buggies (Nate Hanson would have been jealous). Edwin has also been working on getting his part finished for the Animal video out in the Midwest and East Coast. Currently, he's in Ohio with some good friends to get some riding done before the bad weather sets in.

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