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From Interbike To Derby

Oct 21 2003 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla has been in town for a while, shooting photos for catalogs. He was in Vegas for Interbike, hanging-out at the etnies booth meeting kids and industry types. Mike was one of five riders nominated for a NORA CUP award for street. He left from Vegas to Utah to get some filming in for the Samurai video, which is due out around Christmas or the beginning of 2004. Mike is at home right now working on editing said video.

Taj Mihelich and T1 co-owner / etnies teammate Joe Rich just recently got back from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they were ironing out some small details with the manufacturing process of their bikes. Taj is at home right now hanging with Joe and Ruben and getting some riding in on the trails, the T1 ramp, as well as some street. Taj was one of five riders nominated for Ramp Rider of the Year in the NORA CUP awards.

Joe Rich was back in Austin for a bit after getting back from Baton Rouge before heading out to Las Vegas for Interbike. He did a road trip out there with a couple of friends and stopped off in Albuquerque to ride the concrete park. Joe also rode in Vegas a little while at Interbike, then headed out back toward Austin via Albuquerque again to meet-up with etnies teammate Sandy Carson. Next, they were off to the Abilene Skatepark in Texas. Joe has been home in Austin this past week riding the T1 ramp, a little street, getting work done in the office and riding his motorcycle.

Before heading out to Interbike, Ruben Alcantara was on the East Coast, hanging-out and riding with etnies teammate Garrett Byrnes. Ruben also went out to Pennsylvania, where he rode the famous / underground Posh trails, which he claimed were the best ever! In Vegas, Ruben hung-out, had fun with his friends and was at the etnies booth quite a bit letting select people check out his shoe sample (when he wasnt sleeping in, that is). Ruben was up for Street Rider of the Year in the NORA CUP (but didnҒt win). He flew out of Vegas to hang in Austin until he leaves for England for the etnies Backyard Jam.

Josh Stricker has been out in California for the last couple of weeks since completing college. He has been enjoying plenty of free time, which he has been exploiting to the max, riding all of the not-so-bike-friendly concrete parks in So Cal, hanging with his friends and family and getting in plenty of rest and relaxation. Josh was in Vegas hanging at the etnies booth, where there was a larger-than-life shot of him hanging up (which he was stoked about). Josh is still in Cali and will head out to England for the etnies Backyard Jam this week.

Sandy Carson has been on the road for I donӒt know how long, but it sure has been a while! He was up in Oregon with some friends, living off the land and camping out. Sandy has been filming for the Federal Bikes video up in the great Northwest and hitting the parks in Oregon. He says that at every park he rode, he would pull out his skateboard first and everyone was cool, but the moment he pulled out his bike, all the skaters became dicks! He got hassled from the skaters as well as the cops everywhere, but did get to ride some good trails in Oregon. Sandy then headed down to San Francisco, where he rode plenty of street. After leaving SF, he headed down to Albuquerque, where he met-up with etnies teammate Joe Rich. They rode the park there and then headed out to Abilene, Texas before moseying on home to Austin. Sandy has both the Ride UK
and Movement magazine covers this month.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in Jersey for the last month or so, where he has been riding and getting some last-minute surf sessions in before it gets too cold. He has been riding the seven-foot hip that he and etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara built while he was out there, and he also rode the Posh trails with Ruben. This last week, Garrett went to his cousin's wedding, and also went to see a doctor (finally) to check out the wrist that has been bugging him for the last year or so. It turns out that the navicular bone in his wrist is broken.

Edwin Delarosa has been back on the East Coast, getting ready for the cold weather that is ready to set in any day now. While there, he has been getting random footage for etnies commercials, etc. His wrist is still healing, but he has been riding on it anyway against doctor's orders. Edwin is currently in Columbus, Ohio shooting video stuff. The new Animal video, which heԒs been working on, is finally done. Edwin is getting ready to go to England for the etnies Backyard Jam.

Nate Wessel has been on the road between Woodward East and various other places, either riding or building ramps. He hopes to get up to Appleton, Wisconsin to work on Area 51 with Dave Freimuth. Nate was in Las Vegas hanging-out at Interbike and will be going on the Square One road trip coming up instead of the etnies Backyard Jam in Derby.

Before heading out to Las Vegas for Interbike, Dave Freimuth was riding at home in Appleton, Wisconsin while doing some final editing on the next Baco video, Baco 10. In Vegas, Dave hung out, partied and got some riding in at the bike-friendly concrete parks out there. Dave is also, getting ready for the etnies Backyard Jam in England.

John Heaton has been home riding in Toronto with friends, hanging-out with his girlfriend Andrea and playing some rounds of golf. He's getting ready to head to England for the final etnies Backyard Jam this year in Derby as well. Hopefully, he can continue his winning ways after getting 1st place at the La Revolution in Rochester a month ago.

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