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T1 Team Starts Off World Tour

Jan 23 2003 / Thursday

o As well as spending quality time with his family, Mike Escamilla has been attempting to ride, but figured out pretty quickly that it is just too soon to be on his bike again, so he is going to give it another week or two.

o Taj Mihelich has been riding a little more this last week, hitting the Skatepark of Austin and riding the T1 ramp to the max. A lot of the regulars are on trips right now, so this gives Taj a lot of time to himself, which he likes. Taj finally filmed a Day In The Life segment for 411. He actually did do it all in one day, unlike so many others who cheat by taking a few days. Taj said they got into some deep shit going into K-Mart with a camera where he was trying to buy a tube. He said the employees freaked out wondering what they were doing filming in the store.

o Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Nate Wessel, Garrett Byrnes: This rowdy crew are away on a World Tour that will keep them away from the U.S. for at least six-and-a-half months. Right now, they are in Hawaii and leave on the evening of Monday, January 13 to go to New Zealand. While in Hawaii, they got up nice and early to get the early morning skatepark sessions in, seeing as how even in laidback Hawaii they are dicks about bikes in parks. All the guys have been surfing, Garrett and Ruben actually bought surfboards to take with them in their travels. They figured it would be cheaper than to keep renting them. All the guys went to the big island of Hawaii for a few days to check out the sights over there, where Garrett got sunburn sickness. Then it was back to Oahu, where they visited some bike-friendly parks, one being The House of Ramps, where Joe put his pegs back on his bike (they've been off due to his thumb injury, since he didnt want to jar his hand and hurt his thumb again), So, he has been really busy sliding all over the place with no pain to his thumb. It seems Joe is back to almost 100 percent health-wise. They also rode some trails this past week with some of the local kids, and have been camping and hiking, checking out the sights, waterfalls, etc. On Sunday, all the guys attended a BBQ at a local's mini-ramp put on by The Big HouseҒs owner, Mike Castillo. Etnies provided plenty of giveaways with over one hundred bodies in attendance, and good times were had by all.

o Dave Freimuth spent the beginning of the week freezing his balls off in Wisconsin. Luckily, he has Area 51 Skatepark to ride. Dave also spent a lot of the week hanging with his fianc. He flew down to Florida on Friday with riding buddy Brian Kachinski, where he is going to clock some footage for his own section in the upcoming MacNeil bikes video. He is also going to try to get some photos done for Etnies ads and the web site. Dave attended the Surf Expo going on this past weekend in Florida.

o Sandy Carson has done a great job of helping out with getting Etnies ads put together by getting plenty of photos. He did the recent Joe Rich ad and also got shots together for an upcoming Garrett Byrnes ad, which should be awesome. As well as helping Etnies, Sandy has had plenty of work for himself getting articles for Dig magazine, as well as doing his own interview for Canadas Chase BMX. Sandy left on Thursday for Australia to meet up with the rest of the Federal Bikes team, which includes Etnies teammate Ian Morris. They will spend a month filming and clocking footage for a Federal Bikes video due out at the end of the year. While down there, they will also meet up with the T1 World Tour crew and cruise around the outback.

o Ian Morris spent the week just taking care of business at Seventies Distribution, getting ready for his trip to Australia, which he left for on Thursday. Before leaving, he had one last session on the warehouse mini spine ramp, where he crashed and may have possibly cracked a few ribs. He says it钒s really hard to breathe and hurts like hell when he coughs, but he was stoked to be going to some nice weather. While down in Australia, Ian will be filming for the Federal video and hooking up with the T1 World Tour.

o Nate Hanson spent the beginning of last week working at Tip Plus distribution and getting some riding in at the skatepark in Orange. The tail end of the week was spent out in the desert blazing in the Blazer. In fact, Nate even got some good footage of the Blazer performing. On Sunday, he rode at Skate Street in Ventura, spent the night there and took a trek up to Sacramento on Monday with a small crew of guys, including Ride BMX photographer Jeff Zelinski. They stopped at the Visalia park on the way, where Nate had a good time. They also visited the brand-new and awesome Fresno park, but couldnt ride there due to a huge fence and a "no bikes allowed" sign. For the next couple of days, Nate hung out with the Solid Bikes crew, checking out their warehouse and manufacturing facility and riding some local spots. They have some awesome concrete parks in Sacramento.

o John Heaton got sick of the horrible Toronto weather, so he and his friend Mike Judge left on Thursday for a road trip down to Austin, where the weather is not so bad, making sure they hit plenty of spots along the way. They are playing it by ear as to how long they are staying.

o Jason Enns has been working at Aversion BMX store in Vancouver, getting some riding in at the Ten Pack warehouse, as well as some outdoor sessions when the weather permits. He is also working on getting his own indoor ramp facility built with good friend Dave Osato. They are looking for buildings right now. When not riding, Jason has been trying to stop his dogs from chewing things up at home and has also been hanging with his girl, Portia.

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