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Ryan Sheckler is now a teenager

Jan 23 2003 / Thursday

Skate team manager Dave Hoang has been on the Thrasher/ Etnies East Coast Am tour leading up to the Tampa Am contest. Here are some words about the team before he left:
o Rob G spent some days up in Mammoth snowboarding with a bunch of friends and now hes off to Las Vegas to skate with friends out there and celebrate the New Year.
o Mike V is the only one to give photographer Lance Dawes a photo in the last two-and-a-half weeks. Mike and Lance are going to continue to go out and get photos since Lance has had good luck with Mike.
o Elissa Steamer is enjoying her holidays in Florida with her family and friends. SheҒs about to go on a month-long Bootleg tour to film for their upcoming video, Bootleg 3000. The Bootleg tour will start in January and they will be going everywhere under the sun in the U.S. Elissa recently had arthroscopic surgery on her knee to clean up the meniscus. She said it was minor and that shell be done with physical therapy in a few weeks. More details to come.
o Carlos DeAndrade, Fabrizio Santos and Lincoln Ueda all just got back from extended vacations in Brazil.
o Chris Lambert had a very good time at the Etnies Christmas party, where he and a hot date decided to make an appearance. Chris is still filming for a Digital Video part about to hit the stores later this month, so look out for that.
o Jesse Fritsch has been busy making and recording music. HeҒs been doing stuff for the Emerica video and also been trying to shoot photos, since hes been skating a lot.
o Zered Basset found an alternative to the Tampa Am this year. Instead of attending the same event that he has for the last three years, he went to the High Speed / Thrasher contest. Since Jake Phelps invited Zered personally, he definitely didn't pass it up! Details next week
o Josh Harmony has been up in San Francisco, skating and hanging out with his girlfriend from Chicago. HeҒs been skating so much that I'm(Team Manager, Dave Hoang) editing a Wheels of Fortune featuring him for 411 before his Toy Machine video part is out. This kids been killing it.
o Ryan Sheckler is now officially a teenager--he just turned thirteen. He celebrated by rocking third place at the Tampa Am for the World Industries team.
o Tony Silva shot an amazing sequence with Oliver Barton from Skateboarder. We were in East LA where Tony dropped in on some wood and did a frontside bluntslide shove-it out on a rail twice. HeҒs been filming for the next Foundation video due out in a year, so hes definitely on a mission.
o Billy Marks is also skating a lot--learning new tricks at the Corona skatepark and then taking them to street spots. ThatҒs how he operates.

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