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N.E.R.D. on bikes

Sep 25 2002 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been taking it really easy this week since he had his knee drained by world-famous sports therapist, Dr Chow, from San Diego. On Thursday, Mike went with some friends to get head shots taken for a video he is doing with the band N.E.R.D.

Taj Mihelich has been trying to relax a little after helping organize the Safety In Numbers Art show in Austin last week that was attended by numerous BMXers. He’s been riding the T1 ramp out in back of the warehouse and hitting the streets. Taj & Co are putting on another rock show at the Ritz this Thursday since the one last week was so successful—just some local bands and friends.

Joe Rich went up to San Antonio on Wednesday to get the pin taken out of his thumb and start therapy. He has to do exercises three to four times a day to mobilize his thumb enough to open and hold his grips—which is his main concern. It’s going to take a while, but Joe is real optimistic that he will eventually make a full recovery so , he has to wear a plastic brace / cast thing. Besides that, Joe has been working at T1 and has actually been skating the small mini out back a little just to get mobile and to at least have some fun.

Going off of second hand information, I understand that Ruben Alcantara has been riding quite a bit while in Austin. He apparently got to session a new pool that Etnies team mate Sandy Carson and friends discovered, plus riding Ninth Street trails and the T1 ramp.

Dave Freimuth has been relaxing after returning from the MacNeil tour. He does have to finish some filming for the MacNeil video before Interbike, so he’s been having some mellow sessions at local concrete skateparks in Appleton, Wisconsin and at Area 51 Skatepark.

Nate Wessel spent the beginning of the week in Austin, just having fun with the T1 guys, riding the ramp and loving the bowl at the new Austin park, where he hurt his ankle once again. Nate also rode that newly-discovered pool with Etnies team mates Sandy Carson and Ruben Alcantara. While in Austin, he was filming with Joe Rich and on Wednesday, Nate flew to Florida to hang out with his girl, where they went to see Cirque de Soleil.

As with all the Austin riders, Sandy had to spend a good few days recovering from the Austin art show weekend. When the fog cleared, Sandy was having fun with everyone who hung around to ride in Austin, sessioning the newly discovered pool, T1 and the new skatepark in town, plus just riding street, as usual. On Friday, Sandy flew to Vancouver for ten days where the Federal guys rented a house to hang for the whole month of September to shoot their new video that should be out mid-2003.

Garrett Byrnes is, as usual, taking advantage of the great weather they’re having in New Jersey by going surfing. He bought a new surfboard this week—kind of a treat to himself after riding so well at the FBM ghetto street contest. Garrett is spending plenty of time out doors, riding street, skating some and basically enjoying his time at home.

Edwin DeLaRosa has also just been enjoying some time at home riding with his friends in the city (NYC). He gave superstar vert rider Jamie Bestwick a tour of the city’s street riding spots—seeing as how Jamie is now a Zoo York team mate of Edwin’s. Edwin learned some new moves this week that have really been haunting him for a while. The first is the tailwhip. He learned it off of flat banks, which is twice as hard. Whips have definitely taken their toll on Edwin. The next trick he learned was a 270 truckdriver over a wedge hip. Edwin is planning on going to Woodward next week sometime.

Jason Enns shot photos last week up in Vancouver with Jeff Zelinski for a Ride magazine scene report. He also shot with DIG magazine’s Ed Dougertey for a future issue. Jason has been working at Vancouver’s premier BMX store Aversion and riding with the Federal guys—which include Etnies team mate Sandy Carson and will soon include Ian Morris.

John Heaton went to Ottawa last week and placed 2nd to We The People’s Dave Osato in the Snow Jam contest, which actually puts him in 1st overall this year for the series. After getting his nice, new VW Jetta a couple of weeks ago, John somehow managed to already get into a fender bender—his buddy rear-ended him while driving to the movies.

Mike Griffin has been hanging-out with his son a bunch. Now that his son can ride a bike, Mike is all proud. Mike went and saw a skate demo at a local skate store this past week with some friends and has also been riding the local Bethlehem Township skatepark that he and his friends helped get up and running.

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