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Harmony kills SF

Sep 25 2002 / Wednesday

• Josh Harmony just got back from a San Francisco trip where he did some amazing tricks. He nose-grinded a sixteen stair, which is so big that barely anyone skates it. Then he 50-50 grinded the twenty stair at the Opera House (the one Tosh did a lipslide on). Over the weekend, Josh did a five-0 on this ten-stair rail out by his house. He does nothing but skate and is hungry to show the world what he has to offer. More to come, but you already knew that!

• Rob G went to London last week to work on an interview and promote his new board sponsor, Populis. He’ll be home on the 28th of this month. Before he left for London, Rob was out in Las Vegas with Joe Brook of Slap magazine and 411 filmer Anthony Clarvall to skate, film and shoot photos. Emerica rider and Las Vegas resident, Braydon took them around town to some different spots.

• Carlos DeAndrade has been riding that new skatepark in Santa Ana. He likes how it was built and now that he lives in Costa Mesa, he’s a lot closer to the things he likes to skate (Volcom, Santa Ana park and Vans). He’s also been filming with Bill Weiss and the rest of the World Industry team.

• Elissa Steamer is still on the Bootleg skateboards tour over in Europe right now. She won’t be home until October 10th since, the whole team decided to go over there after the summer contests so they could miss all the mayhem. Now all the attention is on them.

• Chris Lambert will be paying Etnies a visit on Wednesday to give his input on future shoe designs. He’s been skating around town a lot and still shooting photos with Jody Morris. Chris says his SBC magazine interview should be out by now, featuring him in a ten to twelve page spread.

• Mike V has been filming for Vallely Skateboards’ next commercial. It features Steffan Attardo, one of his new team riders. The commercial resembles the first one that Mike did, talking about what skateboarding means to him. It’s out in all the current video magazines right now. Mike also got a call from a “music television channel” regarding a project they would like to include him in.

• Ryan Sheckler is leaving for an Australian tour with World at the beginning of next month. In the meantime, he’s concentrating on school and skating the streets. It’s cool how the magazines have recently been pointing out the fact that he skates street also. Ryan currently has a sequence in TransWorld of a kickflip boardslide on a flat bar that looks really good. The caption hooks it up too—check it out.

• Tony Silva is back in Long Beach right now working on a Who’s Hot for Skateboarder Magazine. Over the weekend, Tony came close to landing a nollie 180 over a rail in Rancho Cucamonga. He wants to go back with a photographer and do it for his Etnies ad. It’s a huge gap. Also, in the new 411, Tony has a bunch of tricks in the Foundation Controlled Chaos section. He—along with the rest of the team—has been working on this part since before summer which, came out really good. Look for the New Deal tour section also, featuring Fabrizio and Rob G.

• Jesse Fritsch is super-stoked on his new board sponsor (Vallely Skateboards), especially with Mike adding new riders onto the team. Jesse feels that there is a lot of work to be done to promote this new board company, so he’s out doing it and skating so much. We’re definitely going to see a lot of him these next couple years. He’s been playing music a lot, which helps keeps him creative.

• Fabrizio Santos and the rest of the New Deal skateboard team have a tour section in the current 411. Breeze and Rob G both have really good tricks in the editorial. The kickflip that Fabrizio has in Thrasher is also featured in this 411 issue—it looks amazing. Breeze just came back from a two-week Split tour of the Mid-West and Rockies. They left from Denver (their last stop) and drove straight through to Costa Mesa—sixteen hours of grueling van-age.

• Billy Marks has bruised feet right now from jumping down big gaps and handrails lately. He’s trying to finish-up his Thrasher interview with Mike Burnett and only has one or two more photos to go. Last Thursday, Billy kickflipped a ten-stair plus a sidewalk to clear at the bottom.

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